Mayo Chiki 03-04 - When Butlers Strike Back

I think I didn't actually need to bunch both episodes up in one post, but I got lazy. Maybe I'll try writing this weekly since I've stopped doing Baka to Test, though no promises because I'm lazy and have been pretty busy lately. A more flowing plot does making blogging easier. I'm really liking how this anime is going so far.

Nichijou Ep17

Why do I keep forgetting to post about this anime? It's not like I don't watch the episode as soon as I get my hands on it...

Simple image that conveys a clear message. Classic?

This episode was a gentle departure from the usual style of the show, utilizing less short segments and also not even happening an OP. While the second thing is probably just for this episode, the story seems to have "picked up" enough for more and more long segments to be used. However, the random jokes are still there, making this feel very different from School Rumble underneath the surface. (Of course, the story hasn't picked up that much...)

Tiger & Bunny 18 - Confabulation

As expected, Kotetsu finds it difficult to tell his co-workers that he's deciding to hang up the cape. This episode reinforces the darker themes that we've seen lately, as we hop back onto the Ouroboros track. I felt that this episode was weaker compared to others, but seeing Barnaby flipping out is pretty cool. Being Barnaby is suffering.


I'm proud to say that I knew the names of all the idols shown in this episode without having to look it up. Even with such a large cast, it didn't take me too long to remember everyone. After Ookami Kakushi, though, I really didn't need such a sad and disjointed episode...

Why is everyone in this anime good at slicing?

This episode, as I had predicted, was not about Takane and instead was about Chihaya. With the entire episode taking place in one specific event - a TV appearance by Chihaya, Takane, Hibiki and Haruka - it was the first to end on a sad note instead of an upbeat one. Memorably, Chihaya did not end the episode by showing some kind of affection to Producer; instead, she went went home alone, and the ED continued the theme. I'm pleased to see an episode that's not happy-go-lucky - the entertainment industry is not easy, and being an idol in Japan is not always perfect and great.

Mawaru Penguindrum 04 - DESTINY!

You gotta love the penguins...

SEIZON SENRYAKU!! Actually, it didn't happen this episode and that made me sad. No screentime for the sister... There was too much Ringo on-screen; she's too stalkerish to be fun to watch. The penguins were the highlight of this episode, with all their wacky antics.

Usagi Drop Ep04

I was almost delighted to remember that this episode came out today; after getting a true first impression of all the anime of this season, this one remains pretty high up for me. Rin's brand of mature cuteness is too good to pass up.

Like a doll.

This episode occurred with about 3 months having passed since Daikichi began taking care of Rin (or, at least, it had been by mid-episode). It wrapped up the matter of his "demotion", mentioned the last episode, and also showed Rin at her new nursery (also mentioned last episode). There was no time to waste as new plot points were quickly added in: Rin's new friend at the nursery (Kouki) and his mother will obviously be an integral part of Daikichi and Rin's life, and there seems a higher possibility of Rin's mother showing up some time soon. In the end, though, it was a really heartwarming moment to see that Daikichi thought that his sacrifices were not only the best for Rin, but were also making him into a better person.

Kamisama no Memochou Ep03

I actually completely forgot about this anime this week, which really goes to show how uninterested I am. Starting from the next episode, I'll only do batch posts when an arc is over. There's just nothing except questions otherwise.

That bear is especially well-loved.

This episode continued the arc of Meo and her father, finishing it off. It started abruptly, had a lot of emotional talks in between and important rituals, and then finished abruptly. I still don't really understand what the point was. Moreover, information was thrown out without some kind of understanding of where it came from. I guess I'm supposed to assume that Alice was working hard the entire time and came up with everything. However, without seeing that happen, the unravelling of the "mystery" was pretty shallow.

Baka to Test - Updatez

I gave it  3 episodes to stop being so non-sequential, but the problem persisted. As such, this will be another show dropped from blogging episodically, as I don't like ruining the jokes by over-analysing them. It also maybe be partially because I decided to smurf a bit in HON again. The difference between this smurf is that the point isn't to win the match, but instead it is to nurse my KDA while losing the match. It is actually pretty difficult to get a good score and yet still lose, but I am working hard at it.

I also start playing the Dragon Nest OB. I'm playing under Pearz on the US East server that starts with an "A" (forgot name), if you wanna find me on it. I am on very infrequently, but you can try.

I'll still be watching this anime every week and there will probably be an end-of-series review, but nothing episodic due the the nature of how the episodes have been panning out.


Shiki Ep21.5 - That Old Bastard

With this episode, Shiki is officially done. Maybe it's because of the length of time since I watched, or the fact that one of my most favourite anime (Natsume Yuujinchou) has a slot this season, but I think I'm finally ready to move on passed Shiki.

Pastel usually denotes happy times.

This episode was entirely about the human aspect of the shiki invasion that occurred, focusing on mainly one character: Maeda Motoko, a local villager with two children, Shigeki and Shihori. Halfway through the episode, when Motoko's saga took a rather gruesome and deranged turn, and hit a standstill, the story shifted to her employer, Yano Kanami, who has been seen before in some prominent scenes (for one thing, she was the one who was woken up in the middle of the night when the Kirishima family first moved in). The episode quickly shifted back to Motoko as soon as she was up and about again, ending on a drastic revelation: the fire in the hills that engulfed the village began with her.

Natsume Yuujinchou San Eps02-04

Despite this being my favourite anime of this season, I've decided to do batch posts about it in order to be able to fully enjoy the episodes. (Otherwise, I'd constantly be looking at the screens for caps and thinking about what to say.) Besides, the story-telling is a little slower and sometimes repeated, anyway.

Even demons like playing with catnips, hm...

This set of episodes provided more insight to Natsume's past and less about Reiko's - in particular, it contrasted how Reiko never really "grew up", since similar events happened with Natsume but he was able to move on and find happiness. Ep02 catalogued his current fidgety friendship with Tanuma, and how both sides worried about becoming a burden to the other, while showing a little bit about Reiko's past days. The real information came from the next two episodes, however, which showed that Natsume had the ability to move passed his similar awful childhood memories and begin seeing each human and spirit individually, instead of as collectives.

Steins;Gate 17 - Feyris-Nyan!

So, this episode was dedicated to the Feyris ending for the game, from what I read. I couldn't help but get a bit emotional for her by the end of this episode. This was an amazing episode that left me watching it without break, even though I am sleep-deprived and usually can't finish an episode in this state. The full Feyris ending can be found here, in case you wanted to know the alternate ending.


After another HTML-related hiatus (I can't wait until the site is revamped and I can relax again), I finally got around to watching ep03 of The Idolmaster. This episode being about Yukiho (a character I realize that I dislike), I wasn't really that entertained.

Wild tears and erratic running. The start of a terrible episode.

The background story of this episode was that the girls had landed that role of performing a concert at a Summer Festival in a certain area (which turned out to be pretty village-like), while the foreground story was Yukiho attempting to get over her fear of men (and dogs, as it turned out). While she didn't really do either by the end of the episode, she did seem to understand how to work around them instead of freaking out, and also perhaps fell in love with Producer. I now think this might be some kind of harem-game.

Hanasaku Iroha 17 - Scammed!

This movie looked awesome.

Wow, this arc turned out much better than expected. I didn't see the scam coming, It made for an enjoyable episode with the twist and turns, watching all the characters cope with learning that they'd gotten scammed. It's interesting how calmly most people took it, though; it was almost too calm.

Usagi Drop Ep03

I just noticed today that, after watching the episode yesterday, I actually didn't finish the last 3min of it. That's not to say anything about the series, though; I pretty much re-watched the entire thing while getting screenshots.

Ah, the days of making faces at random animals...

This episode moved right along, with Daikichi thinking more about the lifestyle he and Rin had, as well as thinking about finding out more about her mother. It was obvious to him that he couldn't handle his current job and Rin at the same time and, astonishingly, he decided to give up his current job instead of giving up his charge. Rin, for her part, fit into the "extended" family a lot more, visiting Daikichi's parents. There was nothing much revealed about Rin's mother, although the little that was raised a lot of questions. The pacing of the episode made me quite happy; it was presented slowly but, in actuality, a lot had happened.

Persona 4 In Review [8/10]

So, after a good 3 months of slowly trudging through this game, I have finally beaten it! Actually, I lied: I haven't beaten it; I just gave up on the final dungeon. My need to create the perfect persona but lack of money to do so made me sad. I did the next thing to actually beating it; I YouTubed the ending that was coming. XD

Nichijou Ep16

Lots and lots of HTML work meant that I didn't even get the chance to watch Nichijou ep16 until today...when it's already time for ep17 to be out. Sigh~ My only solace is that the blog will hopefully look better soon.

...and this little piggy cried all the way home...

I hope it's not just me, but ep16 felt a lot less "random". This was a very Yukko-focused episode, with her appearing in most of the scenes, and there were a lot less shorts. Instead, this episode was populated by mid-length scenes and a few longer ones. With the introduction of Professor and Sakamoto to Yukko, it's clear that the "two worlds" are becoming further joined. Since most of the characters belong to the same environment to begin with (the school), I do kind of hope that this series ends with perhaps a very outlandish plotline incorporating all the characters (or as much as possible).

Cyberbully - Another Form of Natural Selection

Look, Mommy, they are saying bad things about me on the interwebz.

So, I rarely talk about "live action" movies, but I found this so mind-blowing that it needed a post. It actually just aired as a TV movie on ABC on Sunday; you can find it here. Now, I was expecting it to be pretty bad, since I've seen a lot of these bullying movies back in the day. I was actually pleasantly surprised - or, at least, at the start.

Tiger & Bunny 17 - To Be A Hero

In this installment of Tiger & Bunny, we get a break from the hustle and bustle of Sternbild as Kotetsu gets a paid vacation and visits his hometown. There's not much plot going on, but it serves nicely for character development for Kotetsu; he is coming to terms with his power loss.

Mawaru Penguindrum 03 - Curry Overload

This was an episode heavily dedicated on how amazing curry is and all the magic that goes into it. I think they are trying for some kind of fate-based theme... I'm not too sure, though; maybe if they say the word "fate" a few more times every episode, it might actually sink in.

Uta no Prince-sama Eps02-03

I can't believe I'm still watching this anime. It gets harder to do so with every passing week. I'll trudge on, though! I need the satisfaction of her ending up with Tokiya. (It's so obvious that that's what'll happen... I hope.)

Touching to share confidence.

The anime has turned into a reverse harem where the males get almost no real character development and are instantly in love with the lead. I didn't see that coming. Each episode is dedicated to a different male, although that's a strong word to be using since they generally just show up at the end of the episode to internally declare their love. Ep02 was about Otoya and Haruka getting paired together for an assignment, with him singing his feelings in the insert song at the end. Ep03 was about Haruka being unable to play due to having the jitters and Masato showing up at the end to help her work through it (and then singing the insert song to reminisce about his feelings for her). Even down to the random cameos of the grumbling Tokiya, it's become quite predictable. The only surprising thing was that the first episode actually swapped the OP and the ED, startling me when it was in its original order starting from ep02. Sneaky~

First Look at Appleseed

I guess being a web anime really shows the huge difference in budget. The good news was that they did have some dialogue to explain the setting of the anime for people like me that totally forgot what it was about. I mean, all I remember was a girl kicking ass and a giant robot that followed her around. At least a group finally decided to pick up subbing this show; it's been way too long since that first episode aired.

Ikoku Meiro no Croisee Eps02-03

Seeing as how this is by the same mangaka of Gosick, it's pretty clear that I prefer Yune to a fault...and so this post is really just an excuse to plaster images of her everywhere. On a serious level, I just didn't have enough to say to do an episodic post.

Good bread makes me sparkle, too.

I'm losing some interest in this anime, which is difficult since it's still in its initial episodes. I just don't find Yune endearing beyond her appearance, and Claude isn't a strong character either. Ep02 focused on Yune adjusting to Paris a little bit more, and then ep03 was Claude learning about Japan. With a new character set to be introduced in the upcoming episodes, I worry about the turn that this anime might take. This seems like it'll be a feel-good anime about how Yune's innocence changes the thought processes of the hard and stubborn Parisians around her; it wouldn't be so bad if I actually liked Yune's character more, I think.

Dantalian no Shoka 01, 02 - First Impressions

I noticed that we didn't have a Dantalian no Shoka first impressions, so I decided to do one even though it's a week late. Since the second episode aired already, I'll just use screenshots from the second. What initially attracted me to the show was that it's seemed quite similar to Gosick. However, I would argue that there aren't many similarities at all.

Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3DS

Samurai Warriors Chronicles gets a 6.5/10 from myself. I feel like I really need to post a review of this game, since it seems to have a bad review everywhere I look.

Samurai Warrior Chronicles (let's call it "SWC" for short) is a strategic role-playing 3rd person hack n' slash that will surely quench your hunger for cutting down foes at every given opportunity. Now, IGN and several others have given this game a mediocre score of 5/10, but they really don't dig deep and discuss all the positives this game has to offer, which is quite sad since I have about 30hrs put into play-time and have enjoyed it.

3DS Review

Nintendo has come out with the very first instalment of true 3D graphics without the need for glasses, and on a portable game console.

The 3DS has a promising future ahead of it, with a solid list of interesting games to come out, including Zelda Orcarina of Time 3D. The 3DS is an amazing little device that allows players to play some amazing games in 3D. If you haven't looked into how it works, let me fill you in.

Kamisama no Memochou Ep02

After a brief hiatus, I'm back~ There's a backlog of posts to do, though, since it's one of those weeks when I have enough to say about every anime I'm watching. And I wanted to just lounge around, too... Sadface.

The universe, eh?

Ep02 of Kamisama no Memochou seemed to have fallen into the pace that I assume the rest of the anime will take; it's very reminiscent of Gosick (although I hope it doesn't fall apart at the end, similarly...). I can't even really remember what ep01 was about, but no matter. This episode began a new mystery, no longer introducing the dynamic of the group. The pace was quick, although the mystery of the missing yakuza dad was not solved by the end, leading right into the next episode. I was super confused about the going-ons of the episode, most likely because it's in the middle of a mystery and they're not really giving me enough information to solve it myself.

Steins;Gate 16 - A Part-Time Warrior

So, it was an episode dedicated pretty heavily to the part-time warrior, which I feel was well done. This is how you are supposed to build up a character before changing the tone dramatically, unlike whatever Blood-C is attempting to do, but that is a rant for another time. So, we finally had another time jump to throw the story back into a cliffhanger spiral.

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Hanasaku Iroha 16 - A Chance to Prove His Worth

So, the new arc began with Yuina looking pretty bored; I would be bored if my time in the spotlight was over, too. At least she was rightfully bored with a new plot that has come rolling in. Maybe if the movie being filmed turns out to be some interesting story, although I highly doubt that...

Tiger & Bunny 16 - Sunrise Turns Off the Lights

Well, things certainly took a dark turn during this week's installment of Tiger & Bunny. If you thought last week was depressing, this one definitely tops it. The series seemed to be a light-hearted action comedy centered on a likable cast of characters; with less than half the series remaining, I think it is appropriate to address more serious issues. I don't think this dark turn should come as a surprise at all; there were hints sprinkled throughout the earlier parts of the show for those of us watching closely.

Pearz' HON Woes

I wish I could play Silhouette better. D:

It has been a while since I talked about the only game I still play: HON. So, yesterday, I played a few matches and lost all of them. It was mainly one match where I was the lowest (1700 MMR) in the game with all 1800 MMR players. The difference in skill was quite obvious, which wasn't horrible as I was only playing slightly under the average level. The problem lies in the fact that I am a solo mid/carry player; if I was playing a support, I would have been fine. It is implied that the one going mid and carrying is generally the best player. If I am not the best player in the game, then most of the time the game is lost. The skill difference between me and the carries of the game were black and white. As I go up in MMR, it's getting harder and harder to carry, which proves that I am almost at my limit for MMR, until I improve drastically.

Just that realization that I am pretty much hard capped at around 1750 MMR at this point (and even reaching that level would still need some luck) sucks. I just can't cut it as a carry in those high-tier games. I guess I'm stuck as a low 1700 player forever; at least I will always be the best in the team in this range. XD

Just my random woes that I will never be able to break out of this ceiling of my skill level. QQ


Mayo Chiki 02 - Reverse Trapping at its Finest

He should've picked this choice.

Well, it was a toss-up whether I should make a post about this or Baka to Test to get them alternating for two episodes, and I picked this one first because I liked this episode more. It helps that these characters seemed new and reverse traps are awesome - especially successful ones.


I still have to look at a list of the characters' names to know how to refer to them. I kind of hope that I eventually learn their names, since this anime isn't taking a bad turn and I intend to keep watching...

Group photo! Although the OP shows that Ritsuko also has an outfit...

This episode's main focus seemed to be Iori, who showed up in the most scenes (at times with the rest of the mini-group formed for this episode, consisting of Iori, Ami and Mami, and Yayoi). The story was that the girls needed to have new (re: better) promo shots done in order to properly secure jobs, and it was Producer's initial on-screen interaction with the girls. I think the four shown most in this episode are the youngest, which is why they struggled the most with their self-images (it's a little cliche, but whatever). I hope Iori isn't actually a super main character, and that the other girls are also focused on in the coming episodes.

Mawaru Penguindrum 02 - Stalkerfest

What a try-hard. She wishes she could emanate that glow...

So, this was an episode consisting of the brothers stalking another stalker. We finally got a clue to start on the search for the penguin drum. I guess it was a nice introductory episode as to the story that's coming, although I kind of already saw her introduction coming since there was a picture floating around with all the character relationships before the second episode aired. (I don't have the pic 'cause I saw it at work.)

Usagi Drop Ep02

After relegating Ikoku Meiro no Croisee to batch status (there's just not enough to talk about...), and with Kamisama no Memochou not airing this week (since the first episode was double-sized), I seem to have a lot of time this week. But that just means next week will be terrible.

A triangular smile!

With this episode marking the beginning of Daikichi and Rin's new life together, there was a constant feeling of Aishiteruze Baby but with a twist, since it was literally just the two of them (and Daikichi has lots of adults worries, which Kippei didn't have to deal with). There wasn't a lot of growth this episode, except for the two getting used to each other (although Rin seemed pretty taken with her new caretaker from the very beginning of the episode anyway). There were lots of hints as to changes that may occur very quickly; at the end of the episode, Daikichi seemed to have resolved to give up smoking, and it became pretty obvious that his current style of working was not going to cut it.

Kamisama Dolls - Dropped

Simple reason: I decided to just pick up the manga. I always prefer the original medium when possible. The pacing seems actually pretty fast in comparison, but still I prefer manga. I guess another main reason is that it airs with Steins;Gate and it just pales in comparison. I might do a final review of this when it finishes if I keep up with it that long. That is all; the manga seems better any way. D:


Steins;Gate 15 - Mad Scientist! SOOO KOOL!!

I thought that after I returned home from my vacation, I would at least be able to keep up with the release of anime like I used to. I was wrong. With the pile-up of work and a bit of jet-lag, I end up sleeping for much longer periods of time these days. But, anyway, enough about my excuses; on to "Mad scientist! SOOO KOOL!!" At least he displays his awesomeness even when speaking in a different language.

Kaiji S2 15 - The Manicure

Well, I had not planned to make another post on Kaiji until the end of the season, but I think this episode warrants at least a little reaction. Anyway, here's a super short post.

Nichijou Ep15

I wonder about the amount of anime I chose to blog about this season. It's a much larger number than last season, but it should be okay because I'm on vacation until September. We'll see.

Passion usually leads to danger.

This episode of Nichijou was actually my favourite of the season (thus far). With this second half, the story had suddenly picked up a lot, with all the characters tying in together. The shorts always occurred within the same continuity, more or less, except it would feature things like Annaka being at a fair while Mio and Yukko spent the day at an amusement park. In this episode, the stark difference of all the shorts occurring within the same storyline was prevalent. Annaka's scene, for example, had to do with what occurred to Nakanojo and consisted of telling Takasaki-sensei as he was watching the Sakurai siblings. Such complex story-telling is so reminiscent of School Rumble that it forces me to raise this anime's rating.

Uta no Prince-sama Ep01

After much arguing with the in-laws, it paid off and Rho and I, the spoiled brats that we are, managed to take a flight straight to Beijing instead of strange 29-hour train rides to some other part of China. It's never felt so good to be "home"~ I hate that I commemorated it by watching this instead of Croisee; my soul feels nothing any more.

Shounen-ai aspect?

This anime is quite clearly a shoujo story, wherein the main character (Nanami Haruka) is attending a vocational school, Saotome Academy, for some typical shoujo-esque reasons. The description was probably spoiler-filled without warning, since I'm well aware that she will be paired up with 5 idols (being a song-writer) instead of the typical one. That was not covered in the first episode. What was covered was various introductions and a "story" set-up. I felt pretty dead by the end of it. This is so typical (re: bad) shoujo that I don't know how I'm even going to do batch posts about it.

Hansaku Iroha 15 - Yuina's Revelation

This arc was so obviously dedicated to her character growth that she even got a final monologue at the end of this episode. She was my favourite character for being pretty cool-headed and having an answer to everything. It was nice, though, to see her finally lose her composure for the first time. In the end, though, this anime is still feeling pretty boring.

Sacred Seven 02 - I Ain't Gotta Explain Shit

There is always time for a parachute when skydiving!

Well, attempting to do episodic posts of a shounen-esque story ended pretty abruptly. I may or may not continue to cover this, depending on my mood, but this episode was so full of fail that I can't take this anime seriously any more. I guess I prefer logic over some flashy fights that are just supposed to make sense 'cause they told me so.

No. 6 01 - Initial Impressions

Sorry for the post delay; I wasn't really paying attention during my first watch, so here it is. For me, it's pretty much obligatory to try any anime that's in the Noitamina timeslot. Although I honestly wasn't very interested in this title prior to its airing, the first episode left me wanting to know more.

First Look at R-15

It's been a while since I had a guilty pleasure anime; this will be one of them. Everything about this anime just screams "guilty pleasure", so they'll probably have an uncensored version released as BD. I admit that it isn't particularly amazing in any way; I just find random lulz while watching it.


I waited a few days to watch this, despite having it almost the moment that Doki released it, because I disliked the OVA and worried that the anime would be more of the same. Luckily, there's quite a difference between the two, so I'm pretty pleased.

Bonding is a group effort.

The OVA was been about a certain outrageous event that occurred with 3 of the idols, and I disliked most of it due to its forced nature in presenting cute girls. Ep01 of this anime, however, took a completely different approach. It followed the idols of 765 Productions around as a documentary, with the cameraman's questions showing up on the bottom of the screen. This way, it felt like this show will actually be about the various hardships of becoming an idol, following 12 different girls around, which is exactly what I had hoped for.

First Look at Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni 01

After a long wait, the second season is finally here! I am reminded as to why I love this series, which I kind of forgot after I was bombarded with the other amazing new series airing on Thursday. This will be the final anime that I'll be picking up from the new season. Knowing the nature of this anime, it might be hard for weekly posts, and so it might end up being biweekly. Either way, I loved both the first season and the OVAs, and the second season started off strongly.

Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi 01 - Initial Impressions

What lured me into this series is that the novels were written by the same author as Legend of the Legendary Heroes. I enjoyed watching LOLH, but I was a bit skeptical coming into this one. When you put vampires, fanservice, and a high school setting together, the expectations aren't really high.

Tiger & Bunny 15 - Heartbreak Keith

So, we finally get our Sky High-centric episode this week. I'm pleased to say that it didn't disappoint. With Tiger and Barnaby on the rise, I thought that this was the proper time for the former King of Heroes to get his spotlight. This episode is largely about Keith, with a little more dabbing into Kotetsu's power change.

First Look at Mawaru Penguindrum 01

My mind was blown after watching this anime. I had no clue what to expect going into this, as it was added to the summer line-up much later and I also didn't do any research into it. This will probably be the second series I pick up for Thursdays; there's just too many good anime airing that day, I want to pick up Baka to Test, too, but it might be hard to do three different anime in one day. I will try.

Usagi Drop Ep01

I struggled so much in figuring out which subs to use for this anime. HorribleSubs was the first to release, but I hate how Crunchyroll subs (or, tries to), so I kept looking. I watched the Commie version, but a Doki release came out when I wasn't looking and because there's a high chance I'll be archiving this anime, I'll probably go with that.

A personalized arrangement.

Just from the description, I knew that there was a good chance I would like this anime. However, I thought that I would like AnoHana after seeing the description, too, so I was a little wary going into this. I was not mistaken, though; the first episode was actually pretty great. The pastel-influenced animation added to the heart-wrenching feelings created, and I know that this anime will probably make me very sad. It has tones of Aishiteruze Baby, except the family here doesn't seem nearly as caring. Either way, I'm definitely watching this and probably blogging episodically.