First Look at Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni 01

After a long wait, the second season is finally here! I am reminded as to why I love this series, which I kind of forgot after I was bombarded with the other amazing new series airing on Thursday. This will be the final anime that I'll be picking up from the new season. Knowing the nature of this anime, it might be hard for weekly posts, and so it might end up being biweekly. Either way, I loved both the first season and the OVAs, and the second season started off strongly.

I think this episode was more to semi-introduce the characters again in order to give new viewers a chance to jump right into it without watching the first season. It was a nice beach episode, good even for people that had the anime fresh in their minds. I didn't watch the first season during its original airing, and blazed through it some time around December last year.

It must suck to be a nameless character...

My favourite character holds true to be the yandere Shoko. There really aren't enough yandere characters in anime; we need more! Side note to this: Mirai Nikki anime coming in the fall. :O Anyway, we watched them go around trying to "mack" (god, they need to have a different translator... D:) on girls, which would have gone better if they just had better pick-up lines. Nothing like cheesy pick-up lines; they work wonders when both sides realize how cheesy it is. XD

It seems rare that each girl didn't get a close-up of their swimsuit. I guess I have come to expect it from beach episodes. Surprisingly, they didn't focus on this factor at all. It still made for an enjoyable episode at the beach. In the end, it is hard to do weekly posts for a humour-based anime without ruining all the punchlines, so I'll leave the post at this. This is definitely one of my favourite anime; there are just way too many good anime this season. Hopefully, they won't all turn to crap near the end, like with the last season. D: