New Lottery?!

That Spear of Duftach seems imbalanced. I want that +20% to fire~ Maybe I should focus more on elements now? I've been doing more weapon-affinity; my slash is really good now. But maybe I should be a fire-based melee. Compliment Rho and her fire-based mage ways. I don't know. >_>

I want incenses of strength! But 4 for 300AP seems a little much. I should have stocked up on more when they came in stacks of 10ish (I think?). I ended that lottery round with 50+ I think. But I used them so much... For some reason, I'm kind of biased against the small ones. They're no good! lolz

I've been thinking about how much I want my chaos coat. It looked nice when I first got it and the stat boost is nice, but maybe I'm a little weary of it now. But Rho likes it, so... I'm so whipped. o.o

~Aaro off

OMG new lotto today!~

La~la la

Charms charms charms charms~
Must have the sprite one!

~*+ Rho

Aaro is 71 For Those That Care

I like killing those tiny blue elephants, for some reason. I realized this when I had half an hour yesterday of nothing to do, so I popped a speed pill and went hunting. I don't even need eggshells anymore - in fact, I lost count of what I had, and just dumped it all off on an alt. It's more the killing Ganeshas that's making me happy. I'm sure this is blasphemous in some way or the other. (For those that don't know: Ganesha is a Hindu god. Here.)

I've been levelling Rho2 lately - the synthesizer of the clan. Well, that's not really fair; Phrym (Pearz's alt) is also a synthesizer. Anyway. Pearz was super sneaky and made Phrym the sub during that boss hunting event; that character went from 50-something to 60-something I think. I felt the need to catch up with Rho2. She's 61+ now, I think. Not 100% sure. Now that I seem to have amassed two alts full of eggs, I guess it's time to go on a levelling spree again. Rho2 needs to be an amazing synthesizer by the time I'm through with her. >_>

In other news, I just found out that making a Fenrir into a Nimble Fenrir drops its level down from 57 to 40. I don't know how much I want it anymore. I was actually trying to (kind of) be a Pokemon breeder and give it some semi-acceptable skills. But that was mostly dependent on it being lv57; that was a pretty high number. I guess I could just not make it "nimble" - but then what am I supposed to ride?! Ah, I give up. I'll just go make those Fenrir crystals for Rho and leave my own Fenrir plans alone for now. (Anyone notice that, for some reason, I'm always the one making Rho's crystals? I wonder if I get compensated for this...)

~Aaro off

Boss Hunt Event, part Pearz

So pew pew, Pearz here, forced to write about our crazy boss hunt adventure.

To start off: when I first saw this event, my first thought was, "Like stealing candy from a baby." Our entire clan, day in and day out, would just hunt bosses, regardless of whether there was an event or not. Little did we know tat we would end up with a gruelling fight to win.

We started off just taking it easy; 20-30 eggs in the first 2 days. But then we realized that the Desire team had the intention of trying to beat us. Even then, though, we didn't take them that seriously, since they had never boss hunted before. By the 3-4th day, we realized that if we didn't pick up our pace, we might not be able to win. At this point was when Rho and I started to buy out all the eggs to compete with the other team (that had been doing the same thing since Day 1). It was nearing the weekend and that was when the two teams would have most time to do eggs. Since we were still neck-and-neck, the final 2-day weekend would determine who would win this event.

Buying eggs was going great; we had amassed a large sum of eggs from buying them out. At the end of Saturday, both teams had held out screenshots of the Giri kills to throw each other off for that last day.

On that fateful last day, Jin popped on us that he had held back 130ish eggs on us. With the 130+ that we collected (half were mine from trades that night before), we had more then enough to seal our win.

So long story, we ended up killing 871 bosses, 2 being succubus, 20 Hecate and the rest Giri. By the end, Rho was averaging 50-54 eggs per hour - almost an egg per minute, including bunching up for screenshots to slow us down. D:

When I decided to buy out eggs, I thought I would lose money from doing this event, but I was astounded when I found out that even totally ignoring the prize, I made a huge chunk of money from making synthesis items to sell from all the bosses we killed. Just the crafting left me hugely in the pluses and then prize added more money. I was really very happy.

So in the end, I had a lot of fun with this event. The Desire group gave us a real challenge. That just turned out to make it much more fun, but I don't think I want to see/kill Giri for a long, long time. /bleh

Aaro edit~ : This is what happens when you force Pearz to do something; it turns into something resembling a middle school essay by the end. "What I did in my Summer Vacation!"

That Boss Hunting Event

So we're coming right off the boss hunting event of last week. (Here!) It was Pearz that "first" saw the GM's announcement in the forums - I saw it first, really, and Rho and I talked about it, but it only materialized after Pearz got onboard. Wakaba was our support (she was really needed!) and JinOrJun was our other melee (3rd; for a boss that reflects melee, we really had a majority of them).

Our reasons for doing it were all different. Pearz and Rho really wanted the hourglass; I wanted the mags (because I knew that Rho would just steal my hourglass, anyway - she did); JinOrJun wanted the extreme exp (and extreme it was; we went from lv63 to lv70+); I don't know what Wakaba wanted, but I hope she attained it~

We had a choice of 4 bosses, but I think everyone knew it would just be about the Girimekhala. It's the most accessible; Kali and Succubus aren't spawn-controlled by players, and the statues for Hecate are harder to come by than the eggs for the Girimekhala.

We did about 25 eggs the first day, because that's how many we had in "reserves". (We, as a clan, do around 200-400 eggs a week, in order to level. It's dropped to 0 now because we're all really sick of that big cyclophant.) When Desire Group #1 (numbered for registration order; I'm not saying they're better than the other Desire group that did it too) joined, we got a taste of competition.

JinOrJun and I are veteran egg hunters. Pearz keeps saying that she gets 12-ish eggs per hour; I guess I'm super lucky because I'm more used to 18+ eggs an hour. Either way, we had two people that farmed on a regular basis and didn't mind farming a little more for the competition. (It really helped that JinOrJun and I are on a 5-hour time difference; we pretty much tag-teamed the hunting.) Pearz tried to farm, but then she resorted to just trying to buy them (and she's really good at this). Apparently, farming is so mindless that she can only allow herself to do it when she's already half-asleep.

We also got eggs through sheer coersion. Or, at least, Wakaba did. If you don't want to die, indeed. ^__^

Like I just said, Pearz and Rho got into the market two or three days before the end of the competition. The two of them wanted to match Xay (Desire Group #1 member responsible for getting eggs, as far as I know) at his trades, so they put up the same trades (and sometimes really blatantly). Because we have two synthesizers in our clan, they were also able to sell wind gods and flame blades. Getting eggs became our raison d'etre; we needed them. Nothing else mattered.

By the final day, we were pretty much tied. The Desire group had gotten a few big sales (as in, most likely in bulk of 50+ at a time) and the market was pretty much cleared out. Hunting for eggs takes practice; it was a hindrance sometimes to have part-time farmers taking spawn, but overall being a veteran still just meant that my gain dropped from 18+/hour to about 12+/hour. Still not bad; I just caught up to Pearz. We assumed that Desire would do about 100-150 on the final day; that was about the norm for both groups. I think, with the market dried out and farming having only garnered us about 70-ish on previous days (the only times we did more than that were when Rho+Pearz were buying eggs, and the market was pretty dry at this point), Desire was absolutely sure that that many eggs on their part would be enough (maybe even more than). Overall, it seemed like we would marginally lose, actually.

But then something magical happened. Rho and I had both forgotten, but this was generally our weekly schedule: 20 eggs a day with JinOrJun, and then about 100-ish on Saturday, during the double exp event. In the heat of the competition, and constantly thinking up ways to get more eggs, more numbers, we both forgot about this. But JinOrJun didn't - he had 125 eggs as back-up. In his words, he had been saving them in case we needed them. I can't thank you enough, Jun; I'm still really impressed.

We won by 154.

The only downside now is that maybe Rho and I have grown apart. Without the eggs, what do we have any more?! We're both lv71 now, and levelling off the eggs is tedious and hard. Plus, we're kind of sick of the boss for a while, so we don't really want to do a marathon session for some time yet. She's been randomly doing runs here and there, whenever she feels like it, and I've been doing some of her dirty work (like levelling things to crystallize for her to sell; am I being abused...?).

So yeah. That was the story of the competition. I may tend to ramble a little; expect a shorter post from Pearz about this. "A blurb about my thoughts and stuff" is what she said some time ago. She's lazy and procrastinates too much.

Oh. By the way, 30-second kill right here~ If you see the times, it's 22:54:07 and 22:54:48. That's 41 seconds, and then you take into account time to take the screenshot and them time to spawn. Rho, you are so strong~ /swoon

~Aaro off

About: Pearz

Well, here's where I write a bit about myself, I guess. I would label myself as the head writer/administrator of this blog. I make up the majority of the blog posts, since it is something to pass the time. I have a tendency to make long-winded rants about nothing in particular. This is probably why I kept this blog alive even after we had already quit Megaten.

I'm from Hong Kong, but currently live in Canada (Toronto). I make lots of references to knowing Cantonese, since it is one of my main languages (the other one obviously being English).

I always had random mentions of anime (since I watched them while playing) in my posts so, when I noticed that anime blogs were a real thing, I decided, "Why not?" I try not to read any blog posts before I watch the episode so that I don't get swayed by them or have a pre-emptive judgement about the episode. It's kind of hard at times, but at least I try. Also, I am not actually the one that watches the most anime - Aaro is - but I am the one making all these anime posts. Maybe, in the future, he might start posting more.

One large identifying attribute about me is my ego. My need to be the best at everything I do has pushed me far up the ladder, which only serves to inflate my ego more. Of the games I've been hopping around with the alias of Pearz:

DOMO: known as one of the best PVPers for quite some time (that was the best link I could find... D:)
Megaten: known as undisputed best PVPer (with only one exception for a short period) and the top player (since this blog was dedicated to Megaten originally, you can easily check out the Megaten tag and find tons of references to me destroying in PVP)
Cloud 9: known as the top PVPer for the short time we played
Allods: known as the best PVP mage on the server, though class limitations left me on the short end of the stick against some of the other classes later
Dragon Nest: One of my shorter games like Cloud 9. I was on the second most active server, Argenta, known for being 1/3 of the best ele players on the server. I was also consistently top 10 (siting on Rank 3 spot a few times). You can find a bunch of PVP videos on my youtube channel. Ultimately quitting due to lag, strong core game if Nexon wasn't so trash at hosting.

In most of these games, you can probably still mention my name and it might be recognized, since I caused such a huge ripple within the community. These things just serve to over-inflate my ego even more. D: I highly value PVP in the games I play, if that wasn't obvious. XD

Contrary to my handle, I don't particularly like or hate pears. It is more a handle I picked up quite some time ago (with super secret origins!!!).

My random page!
My twitter account

Here is a list of stuff that I keep up with; I'll try and keep it up-to-date.

Current Anime:
I think I am too lazy to update this list. I watch usually half the anime airing every season...

Current Games: (Nothing steady atm)
Madoka Online

Anticipated Games of 2012 2013:
Tera, Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2,Blade and Soul

Current Manga:
Bleach, Claymore, Deadman Wonderland, Judge, Liar Game, Naruto, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, The World God Only Knows, Angel Beats! - Heaven's Door, Sankarea, Billionaire Girl, Maoyu Maou Yuusha, Big Order,
(There might be some more; I forget.)

Ever-growing List of Anime I Will Watch/Finish One Day:
Zetsubou Sensei (all of it), Kurenai, Kara No Kyoukai, Serial Experiments Lain, Index Season 2, K-ON Season 2, Shigofumi, Bokurano, Star Driver, Tiger and Bunny, Blood C, Panty and Stocking, Jinrui, Da Capo, Sasami-san@Ganbaranai, Little Busters, Magi, Vivred Operation
(Once again, there might be more; I forget.)

Current backlog of Posts I will 1 day (probably never) make:
Final anime review posts: Penguindrum, Mashiro, Fate/Zero, Ben-To
Game review posts: Mass Effect 3, Kamidori, Katawa Shoujo, Recettear, Devil Survivor 2, Guild Wars 2

Character of the Month (July 2012): Chieri Sono (AKB0048)

Character of the Month (May 2012): Eucliwood Hellscythe (Koreha)
Character of the Month (April 2012): Yamano Remon (Ano Natsu de Matteru)
Character of the Month (March 2012): Chris Yukine (Symphogear)
Character of the Month (February 2012): Misaki Mei (Another)
Character of the Month (January 2012): Lancer (Fate/Zero)
Character of the Month (December 2011): Rider (Fate/Zero)
Character of the Month (November 2011): Gasai Yuno (Mirai Nikki)
Character of the Month (October 2011): Suzutsuki Kanade (Mayo Chiki)
Character of the Month (September 2011): Ringo (Mawaru Penguindrum)
Character of the Month (August 2011): Himari (Mawaru Penguindrum)
Character of the Month (July 2011): Makise Kurisu (Steins;Gate)
Character of the Month (June 2011): Tsuruko (AnoHana)
Charcter of the Month (May 2011): Leo-Sama (Dog Days)
Character of the Month (April 2011): Homura-chan (Madoka Magica)

Here is my anime-watched list. If you've got a recommendation because you genuinely think I'll like it, I will be willing to give it a try. Although, as a warning, I usually don't like anything that is too old. I mean, Tetris is a classic but compared to games today, it just doesn't compare. I see this in the same way. I'm still open to suggestions, though.


About: Rain

The word "Rain" is used to describe the three of us - Aaro, Pearz and Rho - because it's been the name of the guild/clan/gathering that we've created in MMOs for the last few years. It's easier to refer to us with a single term rather than try to come up with some portmanteau.

This blog was originally created for a contest held by Aeria Games for the MMO Shin Megami Tensei (or Megaten), hence the name (where it was originally called "Days of Our Megaten Lives"). The contest was mainly to promote Aeria Games, not particularly only Megaten, and the prize was that the Top 10 blogs would receive $200USD worth in the Item Mall. One of the contest rules was that there was a minimum of 20 posts a month, which at the time was a lot, so Aaro, Pearz and Rho decided to work together.

Eventually, the contest was swept under the rug and (most likely) no one won, causing great rage and some general distaste towards Aeria. At that point, posts began to shift towards focusing on Megaten and all the flaws in both the game's and Aeria's system. (Even now, Aeria is actually still very filled with lots of drama.)

Like with any other game, not necessarily MMOs, players tend to get bored and move to other games. In the order that we three moved:
Aeria's Megaten
NetGame's Cloud 9
GPotato's Allods
(You'll find lots of talk about these games, since it's all appropriately tagged due to Aaro being a little OCD.)

Between these games, we tried lots of other MMOs, mostly in Closed Beta (since it's usually easier to start at the beginning rather than find a well-established MMO to play), but the ones listed above are the only ones that we stuck to for any longer than a week. The three of us generally game-hop together and use the same 3 aliases (unless they're taken, which is rare but has happened before): Aaro, Pearz and Rho.

After the Aeria contest ended, it was Pearz who kept posting (mostly about random things that she wanted to talk about), with cameos by Aaro and Rho (who, in the end, probably have less to constantly say in comparison to Pearz).

These days, the focus of the blog has turned to anime, due to Pearz' new aspirations. Background work continues, with Rho taking over most graphics-related work for the blog and Aaro handling editing- and HTML-related work.

With these new anime-related goals in mind, Bern joined to round out the picks of each season. With this new addition, almost all different types of anime were being watched between Pearz, Aaro and Bern (although, more often than expected, there's something that none of the three will watch...).

After reading the blog for some time and wanting to contribute, Djr7 was brought onboard, primarily to add to the gaming reviews, although he hopes to evolve and contribute more and more as time goes on.

The best way to contact us, other than commenting on a post, would be to use the chatbox at the very bottom of the page. During the days when we were in Megaten, the chatbox was added due to a clan-member (Cody) having been banned by Aeria and needing a means of communication. Once the Weekly Maintenance occurred, the chatbox would generally become flooded with players. These days, it's just random messages and short chats. Feel free to leave a message for us there~

If you need to contact us about anything, email us at: contact[at]clanrain[dot]com


About: Rho

If you've gotten this far, it has to be assumed that you are interested in the entity known as Rho. Hopefully, I'll not have you leave disappointed.

I adopted the alias Adrienne in the game of Real Life, my class is Artist & Animator. During character creation, I decided on Asian: Chinese, but then misclicked and came out a little short; the mistake shall forever haunt me. I'm Level Twenty-Four and climbing steadily, despite my many attempts to sabotage it. Pearz has been my best friend for a decade, Aaro is my fiance. For the most part, the game is good!

The languages I call my own are English and Mandarin but if forced to rank them, then my English is superior. My favourite activity is the exercising of my brain, be it with riddles, games, literature or heated debates and hypotheticals. I enjoy anything that requires me to think strategically.

Despite the direction of the blog, I actually have little to no interest in anime. I house deep-seated angst against much of the anime culture that, if confronted, may leave many readers in tears. That being said, I am a fan of manga and keep up with many a series.

I am a believer in the lost art of language, a once powerful tool that is now reduced to little more than stitchings and glue before the masses, enslaved by the imagination of others.


What you will find me on:

Heroes of Newerth
ign: RhoRho

PSN: ak-Rho

Manga I keep up with:


"build defensively, play aggressively."

~*+ Rho

About: Aaro

Some people seem to say I'm the Tyrannical Ruler of the Shadows, so let's stick with that; I'll do an "About What Aaro Does" page instead.

I've been the (self-proclaimed) editor of this blog since the very beginning. Some days are good, others are bad; sometimes titles of anime are misspelled (how?) and sometimes there's nothing but a few commas missing.

I'm also in charge of the HTML work on the blog, based on the things that Pearz desires and the concepts that Rho comes up with. I doubt I'm particularly very good at this language, but I do try. I suppose if there's anything wrong with the blog's coding, I'd be the one to talk to. But...I don't think I take criticism too well, so...

Since this blog turned towards anime so much, I've decided to see if I can pick up any of the series that Pearz won't touch. When it comes to anime, my standards are very different - I'm generally open to any genre although some turn me immediately off more than others (i.e. ecchi harem). I have a hard time rating things due to some issues creating proper scales, so I focus more on sharing thoughts, though I'm kind of trying to learn how to rate things.

(Just to clarify: yes, I'm okay with super-shoujo and shounen-ai. The reason is because, back in the days of the playground, I was late when we started assigning best friends and so I ended up with a girl. Despite my protests and desperation, the assignment stuck and here we are, many years later.)

I don't know if Pearz' claim that I watch more anime than her is true or not. In case you're interested, here is a list of things I've seen.


Current Anime

Summer 2011

[here's what I'm blogging about]

Fall 2011

[here's what I'm blogging about]
- Kimi to Boku
- Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi S2

[here's what I'm interested in/keeping up with]
- Morita-san wa Mukuchi S2
- Shinryaku!? Ika Musume
- Tamayura: Hitotose
- Working'!!
- Un-Go

In General

[here's a Top Three of what I'm watching right now]
[there's multiple drives' worth of anime I need to get through]
- House of Five Leaves
- Otome Youkai Zakuro
- Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

~Lucky Star
     [I watch it from time-to-time]

The end.

History of Rain? Kind Of History Of Aeria Megaten Too

First post~

Or so I wanted it to be. See: Rho told me about the blog. Then she told me that I "had" to write in it. Then she told me to come up with a "good" introductory post or so. What she didn't do is give me the link until a number of days later. Thank you, Rho; somehow, I haven't become accustomed to your deceptions yet. >_>

Yes, yes, Rain has another member. o.O I know, zomg, right? For those that don't know, Rain is a clan of 3 people (so exclusive!). There's surely a reason for this. Rho and I played Closed Beta as of December 19-ish. I was bored, she was semi-playing DOMO, I found Megaten, she got stolen from DOMO, and thus began our Megaten addiction.

In the early days, all she complained about was how she failed to keep herself alive (I was melee; she was gunner), and also how girls seemed somehow naturally imba (I got about 2 bonus points every level or every other level; she didn't know what "bonus points" were until she accidentally levelled on my account one day). So, yes, I had to sit through her rants from back then, until one day she got bonus points! ...and the rants kind of continued, but I'd learned to tune her out by then.

(This is actually the day we made Rain. She was bored and stood in an empty Shinjuku Babel Channel 1 looking cool and taking screenshots.)

She picked up a clan permit one day, for Home III, and she decided to make a clan. And, naturally, she was master, I was sub, all was well. We didn't really know when CB was going to end; I remember we geniunely considered skipping our Christmas plans because there was a rumour that CB was to end on the 26th. (We didn't skip our plans, Rho made me turkey dinner, CB actually ended December 31st.)

So here's Open Beta. We started back up again the day the servers came online. Our first goal was to make money through plasmas - early game, that's where you want to be (until the Item Mall came out, of course; now you have a choice between plasmas and AP). I'm still melee, and she's a mage now (also a Demo Dasher capable of accomplishing great feats that make me shudder and shake in awe). Somehow or the other, Pearz the Melee ended up in our clan. I want her gone. Ah, no, I really don't. She's from DOMO too~ Rho stole her! ^^ And here you have this 3-people clan. We're exclusive, I guess, somehow or the other. Ha ha...

We're somehow a Level 5 Clan, although I'm not too sure how that happened. We made mules for random things only to delete them later; while one of us was on a mule, it was hard to talk, so we invited the mules to the clan as well. We have our alts (the synthesizers Phrym and Rho2, the main money mule Aari, and so on). Once Rho was told that she should disband Rain, and the three of us should join this other clan (poacher!). The reason: "You should play with friends; it's a social game."

And here in is my (obligatory) Megaten information session. I figure I probably should. Here's the Wikipedia link - but, more importantly, here's the Aeria link. ^^ It's not a hard game to pick up; the controls and objectives are relatively simple. The storyline acts do exponentially get harder, but they're hardly impossible. The advent of the demon system (like pets!) is really amazing to play around with; higher levels mean higher-levelled demons that you can get, too. Like all MMOs, end game and elitism are subjective. We've personally devoted ourselves to getting good gear (I don't wear mass-produced, store-bought, un-modded stuff; people just don't see my gear because I hide in corners =D), making good gear, etc, etc - it's very social.

So there's Rain~ Kind of following the history of Aeria Megaten, right? We've been with the game since halfway through CB, and we've been with it through the ups and downs. You're absolutely welcome to say hi if you see us in-game - with the exception of Pearz's (sometimes) indecipherable bad English, we're really friendly.

~Aaro off

Rho's First


i hi~
I guess it's time for my intro =9

I'm level 70 fire mage, that's right, in a game all about exploiting weakness and countering, I focused on one affinity. =) I assure you I'm not crazy though. If you watched the video, you can tell it works! lolz

I don't have super flashy gear to show off like Pearz, but I do have some pretty stuff I'd like to share. =p


Thank you JinOrJun for the Dust of Death =D You're awesome.
I have three Phantom stars; still looking for one more ._.

Not showing you stats and mods on them. xP

Good ol' Rho2. I think if it wasn't for Rho2 and her synthesis, I wouldn't be where I am now. Training synthesis was brutal at the beginning - here's a glimpse!


t's my sea of broken promises! ._. I'm a terrible person.

Afterwards, the biggest thing in our Megaten lives is boss hunting.


Aaro vs Giri
The score thus far is probably Aaro:1000+ Giri:7 (lolz)


laying gods!

I wonder what the future of Megaten has in store for us. =) But we'll keep you updated!

Ichi Gold Run!

Our Ichi Gold run. Me and Rho, to give you guys something to watch. Enjoy~

We're still pretty nub; my demon isn't made for Ichi Gold and Rho's demon is only half-baked.
Hopefully, we can improve our time more in the future.
Oh ya - music wasn't intentional. It was actually what I was listening to, and forgot to turn off frap for music.


~Edit by Aaro: Pearz is trying to drive home the entire "Mandopop ftw!" point.

Pearz intro? :O

So hi: Pearz here, pew pew. Starting off with small intro: I'm a level 72 (atm) pure melee. Just some showoff-ness: here's links as to how I look and what my gears are if you've never seen me before.

Kali = +2 Strength, +10 crit
Azumi = +2 Strength, +2 Luck, +5 Ice resistance
Soul Stone Boar = +20% Electric damage, +10 Electric resistance
Tanki = Perm super armour (I can't be knocked back, it's gonna be nerfed in a later patch)
Cerberus + Orthus = +50 Fire damage, and all stat debuffs don't work
Yakinshi = +1 Strength for team, +20 crit
Soul Stone Water bearer = +20% Ice damage, +10 Ice resistance
Lilam = Nulls Sleep
Soul Stone Scorpian = 20% penetrate damage, +10 penetrate resistance (purely for my Gae Bolg skill*; what a waste, huh? ^_^)
Quetzalcoatl = +10 resistance to Fire/Ice/Electric/Force
Nozuchi = +10% spin damage

Legion = +20% damage to Ariels (basically any mob that flies)
Surt = +20% damage to Gods, +10% Fire damage
Aquan = 2% Ice damage, Soul fuse turns blade into ice-based weapon
Earthies = 2% thunder damage
Flamies = 2% fire damage
Aeroes = 2% wind damage
Soul Stone Bull = 20% charge damage, 10 resist to charge
Loki = gain a life-leach attack, and +15% to magic base attack

*Gae bolg gives a skill that lets you use a penetrate-type long-range skill that's very strong.

So enough about my gear; just short intro. Also got a synthesizer who's an alt that gets no love. And my armors and stuff are all low max dura since I'm too lazy to repair. I do it all at once when I feel it's low enough. D: (Like my hawt 4/5 dura drill comp XD.)
For now, my favourite item is my new Mistilteinn. Cost me a fortune to buy and then an even larger fortune to upgrade it to what it is now. I'll get over it soon when I find a new toy to play with. XD /short attention span.

All I do now is hunt for the rare Emperor Sword: attempts today = 20. So far I'm at over 300+ attempts. I either fail at luck or this thing is hellishly rare T_T. I'll get it one day. It's not even that useful; just want it 'cause it's flashy XD. Got nothing much more. /sleepy - will post more random stuff later.

Nice long stretched post with small intro; more to come. ^_^


The start of something beautiful~


This is the official blog of clan Rain of megaten brought to us by aeriagames!

es I realize I just linked you to aeria twice in one sentence, I'm learning html as I go along and maybe I'm brown-nosing some too, so bite me ; )

Photobucket ~*+ Rho