First look at Tera Online

So I didn't make it very far in JP Tera but enough to get a good feel for it. I might put some more hours into the game this weekend but I don't think so. Currently I reached level 10 where you need level 11 to leave the nubby area (or so I think) and I hit a point where I need to grind out that last level. Here is the guide to playing JP Tera online, only a few days remaining to try it out. So here are my thoughts so far.

Very grindy. This could be because I can't read any quest that isn't kill xx mob quest. Then again, their is only 2-3 left over quests for my level that wouldn't take me to 11. It  took around 4 hours to hit level 10 which seems pretty long for the nubby area. I can only imagine it gets worse.

Limited skills. At level 10, I have a total of 1 skill I wouldn't even consider much of a skill. All I do is auto attack and I can hold down mouse to charge my shot as of level 6. I have a bunch of passives I don't know what it does. I always frown heavily on games without any skill tree to diversify.

Stunning graphics. Though these screen shots aren't mine, they are in game graphics My laptop can not play under top settings, I use 2/6 for the slider for overall graphics. The graphics still look good even at my settings. For the best quality graphics I can run though, Blade and Soul seems to look better run on same computer. That engine probably a bit more efficient.

Easy learning curve. Considering I can't read Japanese, I could understand generally what was going on just by the simple interface and very intuitive design.

Stable. With non-target action based MMOs, the latency of  the server is a big deal. Considering I am not even close to Japan yet had to lag issues bolds well for good coding to keep the servers lag free. Though much could change here when NA decides to use a 486 computer to run as a server.

Obviously I can't comment on things like items, pvp or much else as I didn't make it that far. I will give it another shot if I get accepted in CB for English versions just so I know what I missed. I know their are racial skills, I just didn't know what they did. Things don't look promising though. It feels like the traditional Korean MMO grindfests with better graphics and a non-target engine. I literally held down the back button and mouse click for 15-20 seconds until mob died, rinse and repeat. It gets quite boring after 4 hours.

I guess I'll see as CBs invites for the English versions should begin soon!