Dominion LoL Review:

First post in a while, and since I don't plan on doing any regular updates with LoL, (mainly due to expected death threats and whispers of my untimely end from the HON players here) I will be taking a look at the new game mode Dominion that RIOT Games has released for League of Legends.

Dominion is a brand new game mode that mirrors similar mini games such as WoW's Arathi Basin PvP. Players take their favorite champ and capture the 5 locations on the map in an attempt to dwindle the other teams Nexus points to 0. Players can also do this by killing the enemy team and completing "quests" by defending and capturing a specific location .
This game mode has you starting at level 3 with increased gold per second and faster leveling with shorter death times. Overall its a fast action game that requires quick thinking and good team-play, no single player can "carry" a team on this map.

After trying out the Beta and playing a few games since official release, the game mode has made no changes to individual champions. This means I can rock my Karthus in any game and easily reach #1 rank for each game. While new items have been added specifically for this game mode, (with others removed) some champions attain an edge over others and it will take some time before anything is done about it, assuming RIOT does indeed plan to balance champions for this game mode since champions are designed for the classic game mode and not Dominion. However it comes down to more skill than anything unlike hte Classic mode which is nice since its at a much faster pace and personal skill weighs heavily on this game mode over Classic mode.

I personally find the game fun with friends and for when I feel the need to play something faster that requires more skill over Classic mode.

Heres a video of an epic close game comeback win, with myself rank #1 for my team.

Still fiddling with Export options in Adobe Premier and it looks very blurry so just pretend you've had a couple of drinks and it will seem normal.