Last Exile: Fam 03 - The Loli Puppet Ruler

A rather slow episode considering the nice pacing they been having in the last two episodes. I still have high hopes for this anime, maybe it is because they are adding a new female loli to the cast. Hopefully things will pick up next episode with Slyvius (wasn't it Slyvana?) which is where more of the old cast will probably reappear again.

Un-Go - 03 - Paper Bag Family Part I

I was pleased with a two-part episode for Un-Go in hopes of a more interesting mystery with more detective work, instead of the quick deduction and relatively fast case-solving methods. This episode's case looks promising and was delivered very well, but I cant help but think it could turn out to be a let-down. It was a good episode nonetheless with a solid pace and enough screen time for everyone.

The first 5 minutes of the episode introduces us to the mystery, of what seems to be a curse on a mute member of the Sasa family, following a few strange occurrences in the house. I was very pleased with the way the mystery was introduced. They did a good job using devices such as eerie music, random blackouts, instant creeper messages from Kazamori, crazy paper bag masks to cover the identity of two characters, and a somewhat secretive intro to Kazamori and the doctor.

Flashback time! After being thrown into some sort of post-war setting, we get a little insight to the events that lead to the destruction in Japan. It appears the cases in the show all seem to have some relevance to the effects of the war. It makes sense and is a wonderful root for all the problems and cases to appear, all these cases are realistic with the war having serious effects upon the people and the industries of Japan. While the case itself was interesting, the highlight of Yuuki's deductions was non other than the humorous surprise twist at the end. I know I didn't see it coming, however it clearly made sense with all the hints portrayed throughout the episode.

Its so funny, yet so disrespectful.
One thing I mostly enjoyed was the amount of childish humor from Inga, I can't count how many times I laughed from his crazy outgoing personality. Inga is so easily entertained, the panda outfit, super happy smile, bells, and somewhat dark side when he transforms, makes such an awesome character.

Where exactly were you?
Once again mention of Yuuki not being in the country during important matters, that's the second time he's mentioned this, I wonder if it will develop into something important, where was he anyway, and what was he doing? On a different note, I was pleased that Rie had plenty of screen time, since she was almost non-existent in last week's episode, I wonder if she will turn out to be of relationship interest with Yuuki.

I would almost prefer two-part episodes since it allows the producers to fully present each case's characters. One example of this is the amount of expressions from Mitsuko Sasa as she shows acknowledgement of Inga's humor in part with her feelings about the apparent curse. These subtle personalities were very much absent from Darker than Black with each new character appearing without much background or much personality. I really cant wait to see how they wrap up the mystery this time, after learning about Koizumi, and with all the secretive themes surrounding the Sasa family, I really can't wait to find how Yuuki will work this out.


Gundam Age 04 - The White Wolf

Well, that was a better episode then I was expecting. It is still miles away from being epic level of some of the other shows, but it is still a decent watch. If the art style was better (or more to my liking I should say) I'd put it around the bar with Guilty Crown level except without whoring out a character to get more viewers.

Ben-To 04 - A New Harem Addition

So I wasn't full on target for my guess, she was a cousin. This show is so mind numbing but they do it so damn well. I am extremely entertained while watching this show, this is what you get when you mix random humour with decent battling with a slight plot. Weekends are just amazing with all these great shows to watch.

C Cube 05 - Just the Tip, He Said

This week's episode pretty much picks up right where last week's left off: Fear choosing to fight rather than idle around, and with Kirika right at the front door. It resolves the fight with Peavy, gives a bunch of info on Kirika, and hints at the future plot. Blood and battles aside, I thought it was just an okay episode, though I really like Kirika.

After a whole lot of "trusting for no reason" and "being selfish," Peavy cut open Kirika after using her to lure out Fear. Surprisingly, Fear was able to remain sane. At this rate, we won't get to see any more of her crazy faces! I thought this scene was rather interesting, too. From the fight, Peavy seems to have broken her arm, and have her eye stabbed. We also learn that she hates Waas because of what they did to her parents. In her final moments, she cried out to Mummy Maker to save her, only to realize that she already killed her. It's as though the writer wants the audience to sympathize with her, so it wouldn't be out of the question to see her again in the future.

Aw, we didn't really get to see any bondage action. The latter half of the episode was largely Kirika-centric. Apparently, she has possession of two Waas, Gimestorante's Love, and Kurokawa Karen. The bondage armor healing external injuries seems rather useful, yet impractical for any kind of one on one battle, since it left her incapacitated for a period of time. 

Next we get a bunch of info-dumping on Kirika. As suspected, she's part of an organization that has to do with Waas, though it seems that it's not one that directly opposes the Knights of Gathering; it's just that they have conflicting interests. She also mentioned that her organization is a minature country her brother made. It's likely that we'll get to know about her brother in the future. Last week, I suspected that the night assailant wasn't Mummy Maker, though I didn't expect her to be Kirika. As long as they keep bringing in these little surprises, and having more bloody battles, it should be entertaining to watch.

Finally, we close the episode with an intentionally misleading scene. The plot from here on out will likely be collecting more Indulgence Discs to prevent Fear from going insane. That's too bad, her craziness was fun. I know Fear will get a lot of spotlight, Konoha is rather boring, so I hope we get to see more of Kirika in the future.


Mashiro-Iro Symphony 04 - This Hurts so Much!

Well this was an absolutely brutal episode. From the tsundere going pure deredere to that random new tsundere popping up with no warning. This has securely put the purple hair as the best girl of this show by not having any major faults unlike the rest of them; Cosplaying is always a plus too.

Fate/Zero 05 - Enter Beserker!

Finally, the debut of Beserker that I have been waiting for. I was already spoiled on the identity when I wanted to know what crazy heroes we would in this arc. All I can say is, why are all the heroes sooooo much stronger then the last war? Gilgamesh was pretty much unstoppable, but compared to the heroes this time, he looked so weak. It was another epic episode with some great battles. This is proving to be one awesome anime to follow.

Guilty Crown Ep03 - Void Sampling

How does he struggle with a robot that can't reach him?
This episode was all about Shu and Inori running around the school teaching us about Voids. It was quite the info dump, including dumb rules about your victims being 17 or under to be able to pull Voids out of them. There were a few rules for pulling Voids out, and like I guessed back in my previous post, Voids represent the heart of each person, so each Void is unique. It will be interesting to learn why Inori's Void is a sword, although I'm sure well find out in some sort of romantic scene when the two characters develop feelings for each other.

I had a few issues watching the episode, as I seem to have with the while show altogether. It was pretty obvious with all that Yahiro screen time he would have something to do with Shu. I figured Yahiro would either die or betray Shu, since there's really no other reason for a full blown introduction for such a minor character.
OMG get over it.
I really don't understand why Shu has to be such a looser, he makes a joke with his classmates before being called an idiot by guy who is obsessed with Inori. Judging by the passing of time, Shu is all emo and feels sorry for himself between P.E. class till the end of the day. Why did we need to see this? I really don't understand how we can have such awesome characters like Lelouch from Code Geass then have such a wimp that makes Yukkii from Mirai Nikki look "like a boss".

Of course only the main characters have interesting Voids.
Well at least this episode sets us up for hopefully more action next week with an exit from the high school setting. There was more development between Shu and Inori when she asked if she could stay with Shu forever, although Inori still acts like a doll and needs more personality. We did get a brief view at the next general or antagonist of Shu, hopefully he will put on more a of a show than the last guy who bit the bullet in Ep02.


Penguindrum 16 - Another Flashback Episode

At one point you are just abusing your flashback privileges. They were trying to be semi serious with a mainly humour episode, the calm before the storm. I see what they were trying to do, but it still felt extremely out of place. I guess I just came to expect it to have stayed that way until the end rather then getting a laidback episode. At least a return of Seizon Senyraku was welcomed!

BATTLEFIELD 3: Runs on Ultra

Picked up BF3 yesterday, and I after playing a round of online multiplayer, I can conclude that this is the most satisfying realistic shooter I have ever played. I have never played a battlefield game; I started with Halo, and got into the CoD franchise with World at War, which I thoroughly enjoyed. After being constantly disappointed with the amount of BS that happened with the CoD series, I decided to switch to BF3, and am I ever glad I did.
The BEST things about BF3 are the superior graphics, large-scale immersive environments, realistic sound events, and everything destructible. Enemies as well as allies actually blend in to the scenery, so say goodbye to the exact same lighting and texturing of avatars sticking out like sore thumbs among the different environments. The sound immerses you into the game at a level that I have never experienced before. You can actually hear every single shot that's fired in the level, and there's always a thrill when an RPG screams by your ear as it barely misses.

Here's a video on ultra and high settings of my own play-through.
Keep in mind a slight drop in quality from the video recording device and exporting of the video.

I personally play the campaign on Ultra, but move down to High settings for online play in preference of a slightly faster improvement without any reduced visuals.

Here's my comp specs.
Nvidia 2x GeForce 560ti SLI
I7 2600k quad core
2x 4 gig RAM (8gb total)
Solid State Drive

You ULTRA Jelly?

 If you want to play BF3, you don't need a super expensive computer, It can run on almost any tech from the past 3 years on normal settings, but if you want Ultra, then you need top-of-the-line gear.

Here's the official requirements from BF3



Guilty Crown 03 - School Harem Creation Time!

So we have an episode where our main character runs around pulling voids out of his classmate that look suspiciously like they are being raped. It was an informative episode at least, even if they had to deliver it all in the form of info dumping, but then again, good story telling is dead already; This is to be expected. How else can they find time for more fanservice scenes!

This is what I am paid to do!

No seriously, I wrote 80% of that, all the good stuff at least. If you are wondering what it is, it will be in the background of a video my company is shooting. It was fun and seemed semi-blog related.

Btw: I fail at drawing Kirby.

Btw #2: Cerb Nest in NA DN now, being Pearz' wallet is suffering.


Mirai Nikki Ep03 - Early Predicament

The best part of this episode was its ending, We are left with a huge thriller cliffhanger that makes me beg for the next episode, but lets go over what happened before I was shaking in my boots with excitement.
Oh Yukki, too funny.
The majority of the episode was dedicated to Ynuo and Yukkii enjoying a romantic slice of life at the amusement park. I have noticed that each episode so far has a different direction, or different pace. The first episode was all about introducing the mysterious and eeriness theme, the second episode was all about action, this episode was more about character side stories before a return to the thriller scene. Which is boring. I was rather surprised that the episode took such a different approach, however I can see how awesome the first action packed episodes were, so I understand why they would need to simmer it down a bit and build up more tension. I still find it forgettable though.

After being told to act as bait, Yukkii and Yuno are sent to the amusement park to kill time, as Kurusu works on the steps needed to capture Uryuu. While they do so, Yukkii notices a cuter Yuno who gets scared of haunted houses and enjoys thrill rides. Yukkii kept wondering why she was stalking him in the first place, and decides to ask a midst the sunset at the top of the ferris wheel. As it turns out, they once chatted about their futures a year ago, with Yuno telling Yukkii that she would become his bride when they grew up. Yukki is surprised that it was the only reason, however Yuno refuses to tell him any additional reasons.
At least we have some background info now to help us understand Yuno and Yukki better, although it is still very vague as to why Yuno likes him.

Ouch, i'm sure she would have answered without the torture method.
The episode is told in a different order that mixes up the events of Yuuki and Yuno's day at the park with Uryuu's attempt to escape the city. Uryuu ends up being caught by a new diary holder, however her diary never changes and it seems this new diary holder has a few tricks up his sleeve after subduing Uryuu.

After the end of the trip to the park, Yuno invites Yukki inside to share an apple. Nothing says romance like sharing an apple without power, am I right?

There were barely any clear images but it appears to be some sort of dead thing.
This is where things finally get creepy and mysterious, Yukki decides to open a mysterious door and viola, It appears there are some dead bodies or something hidden here, which alters everyone's diary entries, changing fate it would seem. We are left to assumptions, as this was the mystery that leads us to the end of the episode. All we know, is Yuno is chasing Yukki back home while returning to her psycho ways.
Yukkii you've got creeper mail.
Overall the episode was pretty slow and uneventful. It was nice seeing things from Uryuu's perspective as she works her way past the pain in her eye to try and escape the city. We did get a brief intro to a new diary member who (from my guesses anyway) acts as a sort of trickster. Ultimately, the producers wanted to show more "normal" situations for Yukkii and Yuno. The show was very interesting at the end with the thriller cliffhanger, which is what I was referring to at the start of the post. I was literally shaking with excitement to find out just what was inside the room Yukkii opened, and what effect did it have over all the diary holders?


Phai Brain Kami no Puzzle - 04 - The Girl of the Secret Room

A few brief things before I dive into the episode itself.
I am really starting to love the opening theme; it's one of the few enjoyable songs compared to some of the other shows this season. I will not go into detail about why exactly I am beginning to endlessly enjoy the song, since that would require a post on it's own, and that just might be a future topic I would work on. I will stop myself from going any further and just say that I enjoy it for being kind of techno/industrial-ish. Here's a link for anyone wanting a listen.
The facial art style is starting to bother me a bit, I know I said it wasn't that big of a deal in the first episode, but now its bugging me with how it lacks quality, then again I think i'm trying to compare to the expensive Guilty Crown budget.

Overall, I find the show's progression to be quite balanced and evenly distributed, there is a good mix and flow of characters, plot devices, puzzles, and side comedy, with small bits of Nonoha's love interest with Kaito. This episode was by far my favorite, I even enjoyed the puzzle, mainly because it had nothing to do with the regular puzzles we have been seeing, and it was on a much more personal level. The puzzle's theme fit the character it revolved around, rather than another lame Sudoku that doesn't require any originality, even the prize at the end and background history between the old lady and her deceased famous artist husband was felt as a happy ending.
I don't think Kaito will be taking any of the treasures this time.

I was happy that Kaito didn't need the Orpheus band to help him out with the puzzle, it shows that he is still Einstein without the use of the rest of his brain, since he goes above and beyond everyone else whenever he unlocks his full potential, which seems OP since no one else can do this.

Birds, cats, what else does Ana attract and talk with?
This episode introduces what could possibly be our final important character, I'm not including white afro guy, since we have already seen a bit of him and it's obvious we are due for his true introduction. Ana Gram, the name itself means a play on words and it can sum up how they were able to solve the Sage puzzle by rearranging the art works on the wall. Ana, is the newest cooky chick that appears as a rival to Nonoha for Kaito's love interest. Ana goes by the title of Da Vinci, for her creative and ingenious works of art. Ana is an oddball who can talk with animals and doesn't mind it when stray cats start climbing her. It seems she will fill the weirdo role for the show. It actually turns out that Ana is a guy, even I was shocked by this, I mean, he clearly looks like a girl, I guess this just adds to the list of his cooky-ness.

I think it has EVERYTHING to do with you Kaito. 
A bit of humor is added with Nonoha using a "sucker for girls" Gammon, to look into the building in an attempt to find out what Kaito and Ana are up to. Clearly showing her interest in Kaito and her temporary jealousy for Ana spending time with him alone.

Who the hell takes a bath in front of a giant window anyone can see into?
Looking forward to more info on Rook's character, as well as how our band of heroes will all be working together to solve tougher Sage puzzles. I still hope we don't see anymore Sudoku or other sort of stupid everyday common puzzle with a deadly twist.


Guilty Crown Ep 01-02

I had a difficult time trying to blog about the first episode on it's own, so I will post episodes 1 and 2 here.
To start, Guilty Crown was produced by the same group that gave us Code Geass. Being a huge Lelouch fan, I found that Guilty Crown failed my expectations, and delivered what seemed to be a rip-off of Code Geass. If you haven't watched Code Geass, I strongly recommend it, and if you have indeed seen it, then you too will notice the similar themes.

Ah, evolution.

We are introduced to a troubled Japan, which is facing an apocalyptic deadly virus that has crippled it's economical state. Other nations have stepped in to aid the distraught country, and while doing so, they have somewhat taken over Japan.

The first episode introduces our main characters, Shu, a high school student who is a coward and wimp. Shu meets up with a mysterious girl named Inori, and gains the ability to use the Void Genome. This is a power that allows Shu to transform the essence of one's life into a weapon or tool. Apparently Inori is working with some group to steal the Void Genome from a research facility, Shu gets caught up in the mess and so the story unfolds.

The first episode was a struggle for me to watch, I constantly felt like i was watching a new version of Code Geass. There are a lot of similarities between Guilty Crown and Code Geass, such as how a high school boy attains an odd power, with the help of a mysterious girl, while giant mechas police the city. I could talk all day about the similarities and my disappointment for the first episode, however it seems the producers knew what was good about Code Geass and decided to implement them into Guilty Crown to re-create another success. At this point in time however, I am not to thrilled about it, but we will see further down the road, as to whether or not they can capture the success of Code Geass.

The only scene from Ep01 I enjoyed where Gai kicks ass
Putting the similarities from episode one aside, the second episode was much better than the first, we are introduced to some new faces and learn more about the main factions. The two factions consist of the enemy "Anti-Bodies", a group given full power over choosing who lives and dies as a result of the infection, they basically go around killing off locals whenever they want. The second faction is the rebel underground group called "Undertaker", lead by Gai, they aim to stop the killings of innocent people from the Anti-bodies. Gai is quite the bad-ass, and displays intelligence, as well as determination to take a stand and change things.

Our main character Shu, is quite the wimp, so it will be interesting to see how a kid with no backbone can handle his new-found power. Episode 2's intro carried over the action with Shu tearing apart mechas with his sword he conjured from Inori. It seems he is able to create weapons or objects through peoples souls, or very existence. Using Inori, he was able to wield a massive sword to cut down the enemy, and ensnare a trap around the Anti-bodies .

Our mystery girl Inori, creates a bond with Shu after being used as a sword with him earlier, while remaining as an unknown character with a lack of info and personality. She appears useless, other than harnessing her life to power the Void Genome. Next we have the introduction of our spoiled brat Daryl, It seems he is quite the normal guy, but emotionally snaps constantly, as if he has some sort of split personality that surfaces rather quickly. I look forward to Daryl's character since he will be representing the psycho for this show.

After watching episode 2,  I am looking forward to the development of these characters with the show starting to take shape. I do not know what to expect from the next episode, seeing how Shu declined the offer to join Undertaker, although we all know he will end up with the at some point. I really hope this doesn't turn out to be a high school thing, and I really really hope we don't see Daryl end up joining the school as well, since I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say "we want the action on the battlefield, not in the classroom".


Phi Brain Ep 04 - The warm and fuzzy puzzle

Ah~ I think this was probably my favourite episode so far. I guess that's not saying much of a series only four episodes deep, but I enjoyed myself thoroughly. The reasons are plenty!

Child!Rook is so cute.
One: We discover the childhood friend's name! His name is Rook. I felt the sort of satisfaction from learning this name as I would have has we ever found out what L's name was from Death Note. The back story between Rook and Kaito was further developed in the opening scene. It is solidified that they were both young puzzle solvers, which indirectly solidifies the fact that the older figure from his recollections is a puzzle teacher of sorts, not some random baby sitter. Now that I know a bit more about Rook, I wonder what happened to the teacher.

How do you react to this? Obviously, the person is crazy.
Two: The character introduced in this episode is love. L-O-V-E. How can you not love somebody with the name Ana Gram. Haha - it was clever enough that I didn't get too upset with the stupidity of the puzzle from this week. Ana is an aloof and strange character, who is an animal whisperer of sorts. The introductory scene shows Ana chatting with birds and when they visit the house with the puzzle, a group of cats flock towards and climb all over Ana.

How polite he is. See, not everyone tries to blow up the city!
Three: The POG Giver was not a cheater. He's a butler to a rich household belonging to the widow of a famous painter. I wonder why Japanese shows tend to name their butlers Sebastian. I have a feeling that as soon as a man enters the butler business, the name change is a part of his indoctrination into the trade. He's the most polite POG member we've met yet. It was a welcome change after the previous two turned out to be psychotic cheaters.

My BL sensors went off. Ha-ha.
The story unfolds at a slower pace than normal, which is what may have contributed to the slow, simple puzzle. The beginning has Jikugawa telling Kaito to block off his Saturday for puzzle solving. Kaito refuses on the principle that he's not a pawn to the organization. We learn exactly how susceptible Kaito is to being told that a puzzle is too difficult for him to solve. I wonder if he'll ever realize that his ego makes him gullible. Jikugawa tells him where to find his designated partner for this puzzle.

That's right love. They are your friends~
The partner is code-named Da Vinci. Ana, like Cubic, is not interested in puzzles but has vast knowledge and interest in art. I can see why this is handy because the puzzle is at the house of a deceased painter. The widow of the painter has commissioned their school to solve this puzzle and Kaito and Ana are assigned to this task by the headmaster. The POG Giver is the (head) butler of this household.

...Why are you inhaling the gas deliberately Ana?
The puzzle is innovative but lacklustre in delivery. A room filled with framed paintings is the puzzle. The solution is a code number. The catch is a thick concrete wall cordoning them off until they solve the puzzle. The time limit is enforced by the denser-than-air gas that is going to eventually fill the room and suffocate them. Kaito stops the release of Orpheus during this trial. He notices that the frames of the paintings have a different pattern on each side of the painting. The four patterns are repeated on every frame in a different orientation. Kaito and Ana remove all the paintings from the walls, leaving only three which can not be removed without force. They then begin to arrange the paintings around these three by matching the adjacent sides of the frames. Once all the paintings are rearranged, Ana starts naming the painters in order. Kaito soon realizes the code is based on the first initial of the painters name. They try to punch in the code (MDCLV) only to realize that there are no letters on the input keypad. The use of roman numerals was obvious to me but it took Kaito a long time to come to that conclusion. They even flash the clock which shows time in roman numerals to provide that hint to the viewer. I do wish that Kaito's pace kept up with mine, but it wasn't a major deal breaker in this episode.

That's a lot of paintings of a woman for a landscape artist!
The treasure was a room filled with paintings of the widow from various years in her life. I thought that was a very cute treasure to punctuate a very cute episode. While Kaito was solving the puzzle with Ana, a jealous and apprehensive Nonoha grabbed Gammon, who now has a crush on Nonoha - probably because she's a girl, to go find Kaito and Ana. After all, Ana is prettier and more stylish than she is. I would be worried too, if I were in Nonoha's shoes, because Ana seems very perspective. She's the only one who's picked up on Kaito's underlying bitterness towards puzzle-solving.

Does that mean you'll break Rook when he's no longer mysterious?! T^T
All in all, this was a slow but progressive episode. As usual, the closing scene features Rook. He wonders if it's time for him to meet Kaito. I look forward to that first meeting. Also, I look forward to determining whether this part of the opening video is just a cool looking insert or some kind of foreshadowing...


Maken-Ki Ep 03 - the whole harem is here!

This guy was fighting her to become her boyfriend.  I don't want to imagine how the sex would break her.
It seems this week had a bit more story to balance out the censored (soft)porn-fest that was last week's Maken-Ki. Not that I hate the fanservice, but I do believe you can have too much of a good thing. And my penis will react for only so long. If I could have my way, I would cover this episode in screen captures with my amused sarcastic commentary in the captions. However, consistency and mild OCD dictates that I summarize - at least a little. Expect more pictures and shorter paragraphs.

As I expected, this week Ohyama saw another one of his roommates scantily clad; in this case - unclad. Haruko (and I believe it's her fault for walking out of the shower buck naked) mistakes him for one of the girls and moseys out asking to borrow their shampoo. In my humble opinion, she deserved to be seen stark naked on national television.

Upset from the morning's fiasco, Haruko is on a short fuse when it comes to Ohyama's mistakes. And he is a slave to Murphy's law, like the rest of us unfortunate souls. We are finally introduced to the perverted kindred spirit from the previous episode, Usui Kengo, and in an attempt to save Haruko from being molested by him, Ohyama, uh, grabs her breast instead!

This leads to wrath from another first year girl. This show has a lot of lesbianism in comparison to the previous episodes. My roommate is probably wondering just what I was watching given the loud, high pitched moans that were leaving my room. It's all very sexy. This girl - Minaya - likes pasta and Haruko. I bet you it's the big breasts. The love showered on any character is proportionate to their cup size.

We see Himegami. We do not see underwear. That is all.

I squealed a lot when my favourite character was finally legitimately introduced. Oh I love her so. She's a hybrid of badass and firecracker. When a boy destroys her shirt during a fight, it doesn't even phase her. She has the most substantial build of all the girls in the harem, and I'm not surprised considering the fights she gets into. She destroys her opponent who seems to be seven to eight times her size, only losing her undies in the process. It seem that she's unfazed by the world seeing her underwear (which to be honest is a lot more concealing than the swimsuits we see on this show), but is shy and embarrassed about flashing her netheryeya.

Ohyama, seeing the fight, decides that it is unfair to have unfair fights and that all fights must be fair. Haruko puts on her maternal smile and explains that that is what the Kenkeibu (disciplinary club) does. He signs up. So does Usui. And boy are they happy they did. Finally, we are introduced to the harem. These introductions are merely names and body types, but I'm sure we'll get to know them all intimately before the show's finale.

The club goes on a retreat to indoctrinate the new members. I remember being promised some Himegami dominatrix-style training. I was sorely disappointed on that frontier. The platonic, quasi lesbianism more than makes up for it though. According to Ohyama, the retreat was nothing but a "blue balling torture fest." So, there you go. You now know what to expect.

Why bother wearing a bathing suit at all.
We are treated to a few more deliciously erotic shots. Then suddenly, a ferocious bear attacks. It chases the boys. Of course. The girls swoop in to save them and we are introduced to the magical powers of two more girls. I think they are meh (read: lame. If you're going to be outrageous, go the distance with the audacity.). One can manipulate the mass and volume of inanimate objects. The other can draw things in sparkling lights in front of her and what she draws shows up at a position she dictates; "Like drawing SFX for manga."

To close, the name Maken-ki is explained. It is a portmanteu of the japanese words for magic disciplinary club. The new troops are finally indoctrinated!  The next episode is filled with panty thievery, I think.


ps. If anyone cares about Ohayama, he's apparently pretty strong: