I Failed...But Won at the Same Time!?

Well, this weekend we had our 3x EXP/NDP/XP Event and so I decided to grind to lv92. I started the weekend at 2% with a bank that looked like this:

(The encircled cards at the upper right corner are B27 cards, and the rest are all Unknown Cards.)

At the end of Day 1, I had failed to reach my goal of achieving lv92 in one day. I got to 70% before the EXP Event ended and I was sad.

Onto Day 2~ I got to lv92. In total, it took me exactly nine 10x Incenses to hit lv92 (so that's around 4.5 hours of grinding for lv92). Each 10x Incense let me do four Assassin Rooms, getting me 145mil EXP in one Incense.

My bank now, after reaching lv92:

(Yeah, I got a Medium Runestone from doing Deep Ichi.)

I think I'm done levelling for a while...or, at least until I sell Athena.

In other news, GF CB is ending. *Le GASP* You mean that I was right!? /acts shocked

Edit I: This just in. GF GM says: "We aren't moving into OB because ALL of the bugs have been fixed. Remember that OB is still a beta. We've been able to prove that our client is stable and the large scale bugs have been fixed so we can open the game up to everyone. "

That line seems familiar, right...? Two for two in these predictions so far; just how far can my ego inflate?! :O

Edit II: HOLY CRAP, I loved that Protopia Survivor. Because of the 3x Event, no one went and thus it was just free farm for me. I walked out with one Scales Zodiac, one Virgin Zodiac, seven sequencers and also a Hanged Man Tarot.


Chapter 4 : Collection

The room fell silent again, this time for Rho to contemplate her next course of action. Staring at the unconscious Lndi still on the floor, she thought of an idea.

Wham. Rho tossed another brick at Lndi.

That should wake her up.

"Oh, my love, I feel as though you were right here. This throbbing feeling all over my body must be my heart aching for more," came the proclamation as Lndi instantly popped up.

"She's already gone, but she said something extremely interesting about you," Rho said as she tried to contain her evil laughter.

"TELL ME, TELL ME, TELL MEEEEEEEEEE!" Lndi ran over to Rho's side.

"I'll tell you what it was, but only after you do a few simple tasks for me."

"Tell me and it will be done!"

"Get the doctor in here. I want to know exactly how I'm doing."

Without a reply Lndi jetted out the door.

At least I'm rid of that psycho for a while. Hm, so it is a key, huh? Sigh, Pearz for creating more questions. I'll beat her silly later.

"Someone called for me?" A man wearing a doctors coat was followed closely behind by Lndi as they entered the room.

"You're the doctor, I presume? How am I doing? How soon can I get out of here?" Rho questioned.

"My name is Shiki. You're doing just fine. Your body healed quite fast while you were unconscious. Physically, you should be good to go. That aching feeling is just you not moving for while; your muscles just haven't been used in a while. Here, look at these." Shiki pulled some photos out of his pocket.

"Um... Why do you have photos of me sleeping? Answer carefully. They may be your last words" Rho stared intently at Shiki.

"Don't worry about it too much. I have photos of ALL OF YOU - even Lndi here. It's part of my collection. Oh, don't worry - I have better ones of you in my secret stash."

Rho tried to lunge at Shiki but just fell short. Lndi stood still, stunned by the fact that some of the pictures of in Shiki's hand were of her.

Sigh, my body is not moving like it should yet.

"I WON'T LET YOU DEPRIVE ME OF MY COLLECTION!" Shiki cried, running off while laughing maniacally.

Sigh, this entire hospital is psycho.

"SO, SO, SO, SO, WHAT DID SHE SAY ABOUT ME!? TELLL MEEEEEEEEE!" Lndi has forgotten about the pictures already, now standing over Rho.

"She said she secretly loves you, but was too scared to admit it. I think she wants you to try harder," Rho replied as she got up carefully.

This will teach her to screw with me.

Lndi ran off, screaming gleefully just like a little girl. Rho slowly left the hospital while exercising her arms.

My body seems to feel better. I should be fine by the time I get there.


Because She Can!

So, it's been a few months since I last posted and, for whatever only-god-knows reason, I'm feeling possessed to do so again.


So, what have I been doing for the past bit?
Well: Aside from drowning in my midterms like a rabbit in a landslide, I picked up Dragon Age: Origins. I enjoyed it so much that I wanna share it. p=

[my party]

Generally speaking, I don't play these DnD-based games. I've tried before, believe me - including popular titles like NWN2, Fallout3, and Elder Scrolls. However, none of them have ever held my attention for longer than just a few hours. There always seemed to be a break in momentum. What I mean by that is that in any "epic story", there has to be a push factor to usher the protagonist on his way. In those titles, it seems that at some point, you (the protagonist) have to go out of your way to look for something to do, and that's usually when I stop.

There are two very distinct factors that appeal to me in DA:O.
One: There is a clear sense of boundary; the game world is divided into areas of interest, with very localized events and quests. This also makes for quick travel between areas, rather than having to, say, drive for half an hour from one end of the world to the other. *cough* Red Faction *cough* Farcry *cough*
Two: Full voice acting! I can't stress how good the voice acting is in this game.

Overall Breakdown:
gameplay - 7/10
music and sound - 9/10
graphics and art - 8/10
story and plot - 9/10
lore - 9/10

The good:
well-paced storytelling - massive well-developed back story - in-depth character design and relationships - high replay value - DLCs
The bad:
long load times - money is hard to come by - unappealing side quests

Pausing mid-battle means no more forced hasty decision making; you can carefully plan out and execute each fight to the best of your ability. On the hardest mode, you'll need it.
There are also a good amount of unique skills and talents to take advantage of, including 12 specializations and some really unique skills.
Player decisions affect more than just character responses, as they also shape the balance of future battles.

Music and Sound:
The game has great music and does a nice job to keep in tune with the mood.
Occasionally, the music craps up during a fight and then ends up playing fight music even when I'm wandering around, but that has only happened twice for me. lolz

Graphics and Art:
This has solid graphics and an amazing amount of detail, from the environment to the characters.
There are breathtaking scenery and camera angles. The cuts cenes feel like excerpts from movies.
It could use more "casual" armours - and while on that, more modifications to high-tier weapons and armours would be nice too.

Story and Plot:
It's a gripping story, with a plot that depends on player input, decisions and the members of your party. The side stories of your party members are also highly interesting enough to make you actually want to do them.

There is so much lore to be found, by clicking on statues and books strewn around or just by experiencing plot and people. It'll unlock pages and pages of lore in your journal for you to thumb through at your leisure.

Well, that's all for now~!

~+* Rho

GF Trilogy Final

Because everything pro comes in trilogies, I have deigned that one last post be dedicated to Grand Fantasia, to complete the set.

So, lately, as random old friends from DOMO seem to have all jumped GF, I tend to leave the GF shoutbox open to see what's happening. I didn't screen this conversation, but I never knew he would be my first hater in GF. (Sigh, me for not screening it.) Here is how the convo went:

Pearz: (insert some random crap about Jon.)

Jon: I failed to make my sword two slot + after 3 hours. (Btw: Boohoo. I couldn't even make my boots, let alone slots. >_>)

Pearz: Gawd, I failed my boots 47 times. Made me rage quit.

Jon: Well, I wasted 30 gold coins.

Pearz: I wasted more on those boots with nothing at the end. At least you got some failed swords to auction house. I'm done with GF; I already made a blog post with my review of it.

Mr. Ant: (I don't remember his name; just remember it starts with an "ant". lulz) OMGZ Pearz. If you quit GF then STOP trolling GF shout box.

Pearz: (insert some random satirical comment about it being none of his business.)

Mr. Ant: OMG. Stop trolling SB. I'm here to help nubs, unlike you who's just trolling.

Pearz: (insert some more random satirical banter.)


Rest of box people watching: Mr. Ant, you know you're no less of a troll, doing what you're doing now.

Pearz: lulz. /leaves box to go eat dinner (I came back later and he was gone. T_T)

(Aaro Note~ : Anyone other than me wonder about the validity of this conversation, given Pearz' sudden super satire prowess? >D)

EDIT: Aaro doubt's my satirical prowess (._.) (cooks up evil revenge in Pearzified Saga XD)

So, normally I shrug stuff like this off 'cause it's just +random fans for me. But I have work on Tuesdays and the Megaten SB was boring, so I hopped onto the GF shoutbox again...

While chatting with random people from DOMO, Mr. Ant decided to tell me to leave. (Gawd, this kid is funny.) Apparently, chatting with friends about random crap is trolling too. Hahahahaha~ Gawd, this kid cracks me up. He just kept going and going and everyone ignored him; it was pretty epic. Apparently, my randomly chatting with people is wrong in the GF shoutbox (both times!) - but the rule only applies to me.

To my first hater gained without even playing GF: Cheers!

On other news, with that random chat on Day 2, Ruru (friend from DOMO, runitsthefbi) was talking about GF being hackable. Apparently, there is zero protection on the client files and you can modify it to your heart's content. Amazing stuff. XD *goes to get GM powers*

Final note about GF: All of the people in that shoutbox are so BRAINWASHED. When I said that the MMO sites that gave out keys stated the CB ends on Nov 30th, I got rage dumped on.


1. The MMO sites are wrong (even though they had a release date before the main Aeria site posted it).
2. the GMs are working hard to fix all the bugs and it won't go live until all the bugs are fixed.
3. The game is perfect in every way and any criticism of it is wrong.

Aeria is a business, after all; they won't run a long CB even if CB doesn't end on Nov 30th. Every extra day that they leave it in CB is another day of losing money on a game, since more potential cash players will get bored of it and not come back. That's why the next phase is called Open BETA - that way, it can have bugs. Then, when all the players get used to these bugs, they just go live and pretend they don't exist...and start making money from AP sales. The item mal lwill for sure be implemented before Christmas, why? That's when all the kids get money for a present and a perfect chance for Aeria to nab all that money. That's just how it works; you may be calling me out for passing judgement on the GMs so quickly, but I'd be glad to be proven wrong in this case. It just means that the game might be better for some other players. (Though, I don't know why I care or why they would care to prove me wrong.)

I do still have an urge to just log in and grind the crap out of the game, knowing it is CB and it will get wiped. (that super easy zombifying grind.) God, I'm such a grind whore. (._.)

Unrelated side note: I hit lv91 selling Anti-Melee. Go my new pro levelling method! Weeeeeeee~


My Official GF Review

(Aaro Note~ : Is there anyone that doesn't know? It's been Pearz' new spam-topic for a few days. Just in case, GF is Grand Fantasia.)

So, my last post was more of a preliminary review of GF, and therefore this is the more in-depth version. I'm going to start with some MT info though. XD

The promo this week is, I think, amazing. When was the last time that, for 9kAP, you got not only one but actually three new spiffy items? I think it's one of the better promos that they have ever had.

The mass GM spawn events are pretty lulz. Those GMs got a new toy and so they go and spam it everywhere. Nonetheless, the free items for just participating = win. *thumbs up*

Now~ The GF review:

I reached lv31, thus getting to the class change (I changed to Ranger). I see no point in levelling further, since the CB wipe comes on Nov30 and going any further right now seems like a waste. I'll start with the pros of the game since... Well, you will see...


Sprite system. A very interesting system requiring your sprites to make all your armour and weapons. These item are also superior to items you pick up, so it's good to have decent sprites. Very nifty system utilizing the sprites; I love it.

Dungeons. The game promotes teamplay. You pretty much have to team up to take down the in-game bosses. Having a balanced team is important. It's always nice to force teamwork between people. XD (Can't comment on the guild system, as I don't know it very well. Aaro Note~ : This means no one wanted Pearz in their guild?!)

Mounts. Who doesn't love riding a Chocobo? 'nuff said.

Quests. There are lots of quests for each area, with tons of maps and instanced dungeons. Each area has its own set of quests that are different and fun.

Reputation. I love this idea; it's probably my favourite. Having each player specialize in one city to gain reputation is a neat idea.

(These are things that you may or may not like, depending on what kind of player you are.)

Levelling system. Very straightforward: point, click, press one button, and then go to next mob. The grind is much, much less interactive than MT, let's say, where you have to watch what's going on. Very zombifying grinding.


Repeatable Quests. There are some quests that can be repeated indefinitely. These end up flooding out a lot of money. This is bad cause it promotes botting and inflation of the economy. The auction house items will quickly be out of range for any player that plays the game for fun and doesn't spam the repeat quests.

Lack of customization. I said this in my last post, but this is a huge thing to me. When the only thing separating you and any other player of your class is your level and gear, I don't like it. It creates obvious ceilings, because you can only have max xx gear and yy skill by level zz, and then you can only do these quests. Artificial limits are not fun; it's better when you think that the sky is the limit. (...or, at least, it's such that you can't tell where the limit is.)

AP drain. The amount of modding, crafting and item slots is just asking for an AP drain. I mean, who wouldn't fork out to mod easier or not fail crafting like hell? (I've spent 4 hours failing one pair of boots last night. It was 47 fails in a row. (._.) It wasn't even high-level gear; just a pair of lv30 boots...)

PVP. Since all of your skills are set by your level and there are zero stats to customize, PVP would only become dull. Mainly, it will be a pure rock-paper-scissors PVP. You can't beat xx class because of the limits I just mentioned. The only way you're going to win is if you're gear greatly outmatches your opponent or if you have a huge credit card limit.

Bad for the computer. I mean, my laptop had no problem running it on the top setting, but this is bad for your computer (overworking one CPU). My laptop gets pretty hot, too.

ChatBox. Gawd, I hate it. Nothing else I can say.

Camera. I don't know how they expect rangers to kite with that camera that keeps snapping back...


I value customization and PVP greatly and, as such, I don't like this game. I mean, I had fun grinding in this game, but I see it getting old fast. Very quickly it will become level xx = level xx repeatable and everyone will follow this one path in levelling by only grind the repeatable quests. Grindfest on a zombie-like battle system = fun? It's very unlikely that I will pick this game up when OB comes out. If I wanted a game where we' re all clones, then I might as well play the Aion private server. At least I know that that has a huge emphasis on PVP at the end of the road. From personal experience in DOMO, this will end up as a "social MMO", with players like me (an elitist PVP) being shunned. When you hit the cap, you're supposed to sit around and just chat, showing off your armor. And PVP? Out of question; that is BLASPHEMY in a social MMO. /anklez

I think people are just attracted to the glow of something new and fancy. When that glow fades, will you still like it?

tl; dr : The game has its good points, but it's not my cup of tea.


On Grand Fantasia

(Aaro Note~ : I selfishly changed the title.)

So, Grand Fantasia came out last night. I spent roughly 3-4 hours so far in it and I'm just a lowly level 13 hunter. Of my experience so far, I feel it fails due to the same issues that I have with Aion.

There is a lack of player customization. You can't pick your own stats and your skills are bought, so everyone can have every skill, potentially. The only real separating factor is your gear - which, in a F2P game, is how big of a credit card limit you have.

Another problem I have so far is with the jumping. I was like, "OMG OMG I CANZ JUMPZ," bouncing around for 10 seconds before I realized this: I couldn't jump off a cliff and had to walk the long way around. Gawd, that jump is useless.

I haven't noticed anything innovative about the game; it's just another cutesy MMO. I'll get to lv30 for the rewards of CB just in case I change my mind, but my initial thoughts lean towards the "nothing special" side.

In other news, I'm using the goal of selling Pallas Athena with anti-melee as an excuse to level up a bit. I found a new way of levelling that is much, much faster and certainly more cost-effective. Other than the 10x EXP Incense that I use, the rest covers itself in cost. Considering that I only need a total of 22 incenses all the way to 93, it isn't too huge of a cost. What I do is solo farm Unknown Cards for B107 Runs. I can run roughly 5 Deep Ichi floors in one incense. This, combined with the countless B27 cards, lets me farm 5 Unknown Cards in an hour (sometimes less if I get lucky and get a B32 card). With these 5 cards, I run 4 Assassin Rooms while on that single 10x Iincense (I pop the first incense right before room). Each assassin Room gives 3mil base EXP, so then 4 rooms and the 10x Incense = 120mil EXP from the rooms alone. Ergo, 120mil in 1.5 hours of work nets me 20% at lv90... I'm already 40% into lv90 with a little over 2 hours of work~ Gawd, those 10x Incenses are broken. I feel bad for those that grinded to lv93 the hard way.

I added a recent comment thingy to the side; don't know why I didn't add it earlier. (Aaro Note~ : You didn't know about it? =D) Try to use the Name/URL instead of Ano ymous choice (you can put anything you want in the URL). I couldn't find a way to remove the Anonymous tag without removing the Name/URL one too.

tl; dr : So far, I'm not impressed with Grand Fantasia.


Some Random Info

So, I'm compiling a list of smaller things that people may or may not know of:

1. Blood Drain Earrings. The Wiki is wrong; these are not dropped by Hecate - rather, they are dropped by Kali. The spawn on Kali is not exactly known, but just sit around for enough nights and she will start showing up.

2. Pulse. As of the patch before the Team PVP was implemented, (and I tested the following myself) Pulse was capped at 70%, with 5% increments to your pulse strength every time you hit a 10 Int multiple. Translation: 139 int = 65% pulse, 140 int = 70%, 135int = 65%, 130 int = 65%.

3. Armor Break (or whatever the rapid equivalent). It lowers your enemy's resistance to blunt, slash and charge (and the gunner equivalent is rapid). So, using this skill only helps if you use the basic melee archetypes. Side notes: each swipe reduces roughly 20% off their resistance, and it caps at 100%. If the player has Anti up (meaning resistance over their head), you can not reduce their resistance even a bit.

4. Kogitsunemaru. The dagger's description is wrong. That is why Rho used it for PVP; its bonus was 10% to all spell damage (general) and it also counted as non-ceremonial for Regal.

5. Stacking. Contrary to Rikku's blog post, Master Stance and 13 Shots stack. Both Rho and I tested this and used it.

6. Melee strength. Right now, for melee, the strongest elements are: death, fire, blunt, expel, magic, and ice. (In fact, death is extremely overpowered.) This list will change when the Thor Stone and the 3 Frost Set are obtainable.

7. Me. I downloaded and beat Phantasy Star Zero (DS) over weekend. It's amazing but short. T_T


Chapter 3: Psycho


"She...useful when...comes."


What's happening? Where am I?

Rho rolled over and slowly opened her eyes, only to see some blurry shadows in the hallway.

"Do whatever you want, but you know you will regret this decision," one of the shadows proclaimed as it walked off. The other shadow paced for a moment before turning and walking away as well.

God, my body aches. I can barely move.

Rho almost faded out again, but awoke slightly when she heard approaching footsteps.

I wonder if this is one of those people speaking... Either way, I'll sneak a peak.

Rho quickly squinted to clearly see a nurse fixing the blinds.

Maybe I can get some answers, at least.

She pretended to awaken slowly to attract attention from the nurse. It worked; the nurse quickly walked over to her side.

"You're finally awake. You've been asleep for a while."

"How long was I here for? Where am I? Who brought me here?" Rho was anxious for some answers.

"We're in Babel General Hospital. My name is Lndi and you've been here for 2 weeks now. You came here in pretty bad shape, but I made sure you were well taken care of. After all, Pearz brought you here, so how could I treat you badly?"

"Then what are these scratch and bite marks all over my arms and body? It's like someone had a vendetta against me."

"It-it-it-it wasn't me! I-I-I-I... It was the rats - yes, those pesky rats..."

Rho blankly stared at the nurse.

How stupid does she think I am? I'll repay her later when my strength is back.

"Can you get Pearz here then? We have much to discuss."

"Sure! I can get her here SUPER FAST," Lndi said with a huge smile.

Rho watched as Lndi pulled out some sort of spotlight machine and moved to open the window. The symbol shone brightly in the sky. She then proceeded to pull out another device - a megaphone. After a bit of fiddling, it started blaring loudly, "PEARZ, I LOVE YOU, PLEASE COME TO ME," repeatedly.

Oh, great. I got some whackjob Pearz-obssessed psycho as a nurse.

Shortly thereafter, Rho heard a loud roar outside.

BAM. The nurse was sprawled on the floor with a brick stuck in her face.

"God, she's as annoying as ever," said the familiar voice from the hallway.

"Pearz, I hope you came with some answers," Rho quickly said, not having to look up to recognize the voice.

"Some things I can't tell you yet," Pearz said as she took a seat on the unconscious nurse, who was at this time spurting blood from her forehead.

"Well, we can start off easy. How did I end up here?"

"Simple. I knew where you were going to go, so I dug you out of that rubble and saved your sorry ass. Then again, it's not hard to hear the explosion when that bunker was so close to Babel. You're lucky to be alive."

"What is this Kingdom Shard? You must know something about it."

"Simply put, it's a key."

"A key to what?"

"This is where conversation ends. We can't have our eavesdropper know, too." Pearz quickly lunged out the window.



It is true: 3 posts, 1 day. ZOMGZ~ It's just that I forgot all the random stuff I wanted to add to my first post, and so this is the make-up. (Aaro Note~ : Because editing is a foreign concept to Pearz.)

If you haven't heard, this made me crack up. Rick rolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllled. XD

Another small note: 1.1kAP Rebate, BOGO event, and now a 30% cashback? I'm expecting some crazy Tiered Promo to come out to push for more sales before that 1.1kAP rebate comes back in, using the 30% bonus cash as a reason for people to recharge in order to take part in this said promo. D:

Lately, Rho and I have picked up another DOTA clone named League of Legend (or short form-ed to LoL XD). Both of us agree that the gameplay is much easier and could be used as a good tool to learn the basics of DOTA-style games. It's much better than starting in DOTA or HoN, which is very unforgiving. It is currently in OB, so anyone can play. Personally, Rho and I feel that they missed a lot of the key elements that makes DOTA much harder, making this version easier. It's a good beginner game, nonetheless.

(Aaro Note~ : She's trying to say that if you've been trying to find her in HoN and couldn't, she's pretty much moved over to LoL now, for lolz. ^^V)


A Lesson In Manners

(Note: You can see his original plea, and then how minutes lapsed wherein he did not talk again. The rest of the pics are in sequence with no lines missing. D:)

Most of my raging is already posted, all I can say is this: Ookami = wolf = hound = Foxhound?
(/starts new theory linking retards liking naming themselves as hound-like animals.)




So, we got a patch today that included the team-based PVP and some worthless bikes. What they didn't mention at all was ALL NEW SOULSTONESSSSSSSSSZZZZSZZ!

First off, I said that the patch would come in December, so I was off for once. /anklez

The bikes make you do wheelies, screws with my camera, and costs Macca/AP. No thanks; it's like they implemented nothing for me on this front.

Okay, so the team-based PVP seems a little...broken. The team will get sent into queue and if there is no other team, all the single joiners will be stuck on one side facing a premade team. Pretty obvious what the outcome of that is....

I promised Tan(arin?) that I would give Grand Fantasia (a newer Aeria game) a try when CB comes. You're welcome to join and watch me fail, if you want, although most likely I would not want to pick up a new MMO when it actually comes out. They drain too much time and starting a new one to grind/level/waste all my time = (not?) good.

Since in-game descriptions are absolute win, I will make a post on all the stones that were added. (After all, Fifi's post is gone.)

I've been thinking about it for a while and, being the information police I am, I decided to start posting some useful info people might want to know. Unlike Fifi, I will not call it something fluffy like The Demystifying Project; rather, it will be called The Denubbing Project. XD These posts will be posted when I feel like it - but, if you bug me on some specific topic, it might incline me to make a post sooner. (Bug me too much and I'll unleash my wrath upon you, so bug at your own discretion.)

No, I will probably never make a question section. Why? 'Cause I don't like answering random questions; you can always ask me in-game and I probably will answer you right there rather than in a section that will make it feel like a chore. (The Denubbing tag will be added to some of my early posts that might have really relevant info. XD Aaro Note: ...am I expected to do this tagging? <_<)

Thor (Stone is implemented, but Celu Gold is not, so have fun trying to get this stone~)
Tarot: Level limit - 60
+2% Electric affinity
If Law: +3 str +1 Vit

Soul Fusion: Top, Level limit - 75
+5 Str, +3 Magic, 5% to null Electric damage
If Law: +15% Electric Affinity
If Chaos: -15% Electric Affinity

Tarot: Level limit - 60
+1 Str, +1 Magic, -5% electric defense
If Law: +2 Magic

Soul Fusion: Pants, level limit - 65
+2 Str, +2 Magic, -15% electric affinity damage
If Law: level x 0.3 boost to rush
If Chaos: -20% spell damage

Tarot: Level limit - 65
+1 Str, +1 Magic, -5% death defense
If Law: +2 Str

Soul Fusion: Gloves, Level limit - 70
Null Stone
Lvl x 0.25 null Magic Affinity
If Law: +1 Str, +1 Magic
If Chaos: Rush Damage -10%

Tarot: Level limit - 75
+3% spell damage
-5% Fire defense

Soul Fusion: Pants, Level limit - 80
Crit defense +5
+20% spell damage
If Law: Magic ( affinity) and mind affinty +10%
If Chaos: -10 magic (stat), -25% Fire defense

Tarot: Level limit - 60
Crit +5, Crit Defene +5

Soul Fusion: Earing, Level limit - 80
-30% damage from Magica family (greater family)
+2 luck to party

If Law: +5 luck, +20 Crit, +5 crit defenes
If Chaos: -5 luck, -20 crit, -15 Crit defense

Tarot: Level limit - 75
Cast time -1%, Cooldown -2%

Soul Fusion: Weapon, Level limit - 70
+5 Crit, +25% damage to Chaos targets
If Law: -20% damage to Chaos targets
If Chaos: -50% damage to Chaos targets

Beiji Weng
Tarot: Level limit - 80
+7 crit, +7% expel Defense
If Neutral: +1% chance to instant kill targets with instant kill skills

Soul Fusion: Weapon, Level limit - 80
+20% damage to Chaos and law targets
If Law: cooldowns 30% longer
If Chaos: casttime 30% longer

Hanuman (I would so use a full set of these if I was pure melee. XD)
Tarot: Level limit - 65
+3 Str, +1 luck, -2 Vit

Soul Fusion: Ring Level limit - 55
Lvl x 0.1 Force absorb, -25% Magic Affinty Defense
If Neutral: +5% spin, +10% FOrce damage

Lilith (The stone is implemented, but demon - or rather, the plugin - is not.)
Tarot: Level limit - 75
Negotiation +2% success rate
+2 Magic
+5 MP

Soul Fusion: Talisman, Level limit - 75
Acquire skill: Whisper of Temptation (not sure if that's the EN translation of the name of the skill; it is a negotiation skill.)
If Neutral: +1 magic, +1 int, Null sleep, Null Charm

Tarot: Level limit - 30
+5% success on landing stone

Soul Fusion: Face, Level limit - 40
+1 magic, +50% success on landing stone

Wu Kong
Tarot: Level limit - 30 (lv30 limit on a lv93 demon lulz)
+2 str, lvl x 0.02% chance to reflect fire damage

Soul Fusion: head, Level limit - 30
+5% damage to weapon dependant skills (IE gunner/ melee skills)
If under 50% HP: +5% damage to weapon dependant skills
If Chaos: +10% spin, +20% cooldown on spin

Bishamonten (This stone is not new, but the effect was changed slightly.)
Soul Fusion: 60% longer cooldown from spin ( changed from 120...or was it 80 originally...?)

Onamuchi (It's an amazing stone for gunners and shot mages. D:)
Tarot: Level limit - 45
+1 speed, +2% spread affinity

Soul Fusion: Pants, Level limit - 40
+1 speed, -10% cast time on shot skills
If Chaos: +5% rapid and shot

Lamia (This is an amazing alternative for null charm.)
Tarot: Level limit - 30
+5% success on charm

Soul Fusion: Ring, Earring, Extra, Level limit - 30
+5% to Nerve affinity
If Neutral or chaos: null bind and null charm

Vetala (If you really wanna be nerve-based, then you can go slaughtering Oses in PVP. XD)
Tarot: Level limit - 30
+3% nerve resistance, -2hp

Soul Fusion: Weapon, Level limit - 30
Change weapon to nerve affinity

Phantom (This is extreme death. D:)
Tarot: Level limit - 80
+3% death defense, +3% death affinity, -5% cooldown on death based skills

Soul fusion
Soul Fusion: Shoes, Level limit - 80
+3 Magic, +5% death defense, -3% expel defense
If Chaos: +20% rush damage, -30% cast time on suicide skills

New Soul stone sets:
Scathach + Chuchulain stone = +20% magic (affinity) damage

Btw, I tested one of the modding stuff: it doesn't look like we got the new mod stuff stealth-patched for higher modding. D:
I'll post 3rd chapter of the story some time this week, when I'm a little less lazy. D:

Oh yeah: if any of you are wondering why the FCs all royally fail lately... It's cause they have no choice. The only good new stuff you would be looking forward to is the MI set. Everything else is garbage (stat-wise) and they were NOT stealth-patched into our game (the tradelist doesn't show it), so we're not getting anything new and good anytime soon. Suck it up, and if you really need to spend money, then just give it to me. XD

If you want something to do: Elona Shooter. I blame Tan(...arin?). Linked me once and, God, it was addicting. I played it all night. D: (Made it to Day 85 before realizing I should go to sleep...)


Pearzified Saga: Chapter 2

Left standing around, completely lost and puzzled, Rho pondered her next course of action.

This all began with Ogami... Maybe I missed something in that hideout.

Quickly, Rho set off to the Ichigaya Bunker, where Ogami had been killed.


As Rho descended the floors in the elevator, something was off. She began to break open a hole in the elevator's top and bottom.

Now what was an elevator that had only one button to travel down one floor doing with such a huge elevator shaft? It's stretching endlessly into this abyss...


Rho took a deep breath and grabbed the elevator cable to slide down. After what felt like eternity, she had finally reached the bottom.

Quickly blasting open the door, she came to find a room that looked exactly the same as the one Ogami had died in.

Didn't Ogami need that exact statue to perform the summon? Is this a replica?

Walking up to inspect the statue closer, a figure appeared from behind it.

"You should not be here," the man said loudly.

"I appear to have gotten lost. If you would like to direct me to the way out..."

"You could've at least come up with something better. No matter. I'll make sure you get out!"

And then, from the shadows, they appeared.

Assassins - more of those nameless goons. This must mean I'm close to something.
1, 2, 3...? Wait, just how many are there?!

Quickly, Rho ran for the elevator shaft - but the exit had already been blocked by more assassins. She bit her lip, muttering, "God, this will be annoying."

She pulled out her dagger and rushed for her closest target. Tirelessly rushing, one after another, almost blinking around the room and leaving a wake of corpses behind her - within minutes, the room was cleared. She was breathing heavily, and looked to see the man was standing there, very amused.

"I expected nothing less from you, but this is where you meet your..."

The man's neck started to spew blood as he collapsed.

"Silly Cody. You were just as expendable as those assassins."

Sitting on top of the statue was...Aaro. What exactly is going on?

"I saw you dead."

"You thought you saw me dead."

"Just what is this Kingdom Shard?"

"Garbage, just like you. Together, you can be buried for all eternity."

The room started rumbling, as pieces of the ceiling started to fall down.

Oh crap.

Running towards the elevator, she could vaguely hear Aaro laughing hysterically, watching her fruitless attempt to escape.

Then it went black.

(Side note: If you want to show up in my story, drop me a line in the comments with what kind of character you want to be. Make it short.)