Steins;Gate 17 - Feyris-Nyan!

So, this episode was dedicated to the Feyris ending for the game, from what I read. I couldn't help but get a bit emotional for her by the end of this episode. This was an amazing episode that left me watching it without break, even though I am sleep-deprived and usually can't finish an episode in this state. The full Feyris ending can be found here, in case you wanted to know the alternate ending.

I guess I'll jump straight to the the biggest issue of this episode: having Feyris remember the other world lines. It was the huge deciding factor for her and made things extremely convenient for Ookarin. I found that to be a pretty big copout, but I'll run with it just because I liked Feyris' "nya" spam from before. It will probably bug me later, though; it all just depends on just how greatly this one little device chains for the rest of the story.

Rainet battling is serious business.

So, I decided to watch the subbed Feyris ending, just to see how everything pans out. I was actually pretty worried midway through that everything would turn out horribly. What I noticed was that the game does depict things much better, evident even in such a short sequence that I watched. I definitely want to give the game a playthrough after it is finally done translating. I liked this ending a lot; it was pretty well done, and I won't spoil it for those that want to enjoy it.

This scene made me so sad. When the truth burns at you so hard that you have to actually be serious... I can't help but feel for her, just a bit. The feeling when you realize that your nice life was a direct result of another friend's suffering is a huge burden to bear. It was a very touching scene that I loved every moment of.

Seeing her perfectly fine again probably made things worse for Ookarin. After an amazing Feyris episode, the next one will be about the trap that turned into "not a trap". I'll watch that ending after the episode airs to not spoil anything. I eagerly anticipate more episodes, as this anime keeps me drawn so deeply in. Here is link to how the world line jumping has been going thus far, if you're confused about where things are panning out.