Hansaku Iroha 15 - Yuina's Revelation

This arc was so obviously dedicated to her character growth that she even got a final monologue at the end of this episode. She was my favourite character for being pretty cool-headed and having an answer to everything. It was nice, though, to see her finally lose her composure for the first time. In the end, though, this anime is still feeling pretty boring.

Obligatory WTF pic.

Still, you usually don't just up and quit like that simply because you need the money. It's pretty hard to stop spending as much money just because you quit your job, especially when you are still ordering WTF ice creams. I do side with them, though; they made the right choice in quitting. Part-time work like that is everywhere, so there's no point working your ass off.

Facepalmz, indeed.

Seriously, why would you want to work during your vacation? The point of a vacation is to get away from it all and Ohana just jumped back in. I could understand helping out with some little stuff, but she pretty much filled in for all the work. They only got a thank-you, too. At least pay them for working... I would feel so cheated...

The look of defeat...

I guess I should get back to the main focus of the episode: Yuina. Hearing that your fiance would prefer another girl over you will always hurt. I kinda liked her carefree attitude though. That, and her fake cutesy crap, was still miles better than the try-hard Ohana. I guess the major question is why did she care so much about the fiance in the first place? Her character would be hurt over being told Ohana is better, but it would be highly dependent on how close they were, which didn't seem that close. It just felt a bit forced on her revelation, since work isn't fun as Ohana portrays it. Those blisters on her hand are supposed to hurt like hell, making you less likely to want to work. 

I guess that wraps up another arc; hopefully, the next one will be better, although I highly doubt it. The things happening just aren't climactic enough to be pulled in. It is like, "OH NO, we don't have enough staff! What shall we do?!" This reminds me of the Discovery Channel trying to play off everything like it is a life-or-death situation. "The truck needs 3 hours to drive to the location. If it doesn't make it in time, they will have to wait a full day before they can continue, severely hindering the process!" As cliche as it is, I hope one of them randomly comes down with cancer; maybe that will spice things up.

O ya, I forgot to mention that the old OP and ED was much better than this new one. D: