About: Djr7

Current favourite character: Frau from Robotics;Notes

I live in Vancouver, currently working on my B.A. in Media and Design Studies and hoping to get into the game industry in 3D modelling. I thoroughly enjoy anime, video games, and sports (roller hockey goalie). I started lurking around here since March 2011 and became a writer around the following July. I love a good conversation about anime as well as comparing my thoughts with others. I'm always expanding my anime library of endless bookmarks, so if anyone knows a good series or movie that I have not seen (my current list so far), let me know and I'll take a look.

Other than watching anime frequently in my free time, I have a good collection of video games that I keep up-to-date. I own all current game consoles, Xbox 360, PS3, WiiU, PS Vita, 3DS.

Xbox LIVE account: DLN SN1P3S
League of Legends: DJR7 SN1P3S
Battlefield 3 PC: DLN-SN1P3S
Tera PC MMO: PVP Kyuuketsuki, PVE (non roleplay) The.Darkness

Currently playing: League of legends, Ni No Kuni, Tera.

Video game I'm looking forward to the most?
- Fire Emblem Awakening

Currently watching: Robotics;Notes, Zero-no-Tsukaima, Kotoura-san, AKB0048, GJ-BU, Hakkenden, Amnesia, Shinsekai, Zetsuen-no-Tempest, Maoyuu-Yuusha, Mondai-Ji-Tachi

Email me at Djr7@clanrain.com