Hanasaku Iroha 16 - A Chance to Prove His Worth

So, the new arc began with Yuina looking pretty bored; I would be bored if my time in the spotlight was over, too. At least she was rightfully bored with a new plot that has come rolling in. Maybe if the movie being filmed turns out to be some interesting story, although I highly doubt that...


At least I got the final episodes pegged on what'll happen as we start to approach it. There'll be another episode dedicated to this crappy arc for the young master, then maybe an arc dedicated to the grandmother for another 2-3 episodes, and a final arc for the big finale with Ko, Minchi, Tohru and Ohana. I realize now that every character has gotten an arc of some kind from the least important up. 

So, we got into the girls getting hyped up about being in a movie; I mean, I sure would. The only reason why they would pick to film at their inn would be because it looked old school? I mean, that new hot spring would obviously be a better pick. I seriously hope the movie is a horror film of a serial killer attacking a hot spring. A  romance movie within a slice-of-life anime would be killer. This is their chance to change the genre for a reason, so they'd better make the most of it.

We finally saw clearly young master's problem; he has a huger sis complex. It was all fun and games joking about it, but things are different when it really was the issue. Paying closer attention, that girlfriend of his does embody his sister to a lesser extent. What a siscon. I guess the one good thing that came of this arc is that the young master is finally given a chance to prove himself; this is not a chance you are afforded more than once. 

For movie stars, they don't look that great. Will this character be in the background, or actually get a personality? I mean, actors are usually all extremely eccentric. It comes with the fame, and she seems way too tame to be a movie star. She probably won't, since our focus is on the siscon and how the movie will actually play out. Maybe if the arc was another episode longer, these new characters would actually get work put into them. Such is the fate of these short arc-based stories. ~sigh sigh~

This episode made for another boring instalment of Hanasaku. I am praying that the next episode will be more interesting, with the conclusion of this arc, but I have very little hope for this show at this point. Just waiting for that final arc to unravel the love polygon surrounding Ohana, but even then, one arc can only redeem an anime so much. I say this every time but: only if your life wasn't so boring, Ohana. You need a ghost childhood friend wandering around you to cause huge cry-fests to "fess it up"! (I hate you, HorribleSubs. D:)