Tekken: Blood Vengeance in Review [8/10]

So I saw this torrent and had no clue what to expect going in. I was surprised to see it was full CG movie as I picked it up off Nyaa torrents. I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw even if the ending seemed to not make much sense. I guess not having any real background in the Tekken universe didn't help. My only real exposure was Tekken 3 that I played long long ago and I didn't take the time to learn all their stories back then.

Best fight in the anime IMO

The story apparently takes place between the fifth and sixth game, either way I wouldn't know. They follow a student with a M gene that all the characters seem to want to get their hands on. I pretty easy to follow story, they do take the time to vaguely introduce each character so you have a bit of background knowledge. Even though I knew of the blood feud of the main character of Tekken, it still seemed like they all had magic powers throughout the story, they could do whatever they wanted. It was a simple story, and I did shed a tear for Alisa D:

She looked better with her hair down

The selling point of this movie was for sure the battles. I can't comment too much on the setting since they are basing it off the Tekkenverse. Obviously the world is well immersed with a rich background, but they do make the assumption you know what they are talking about. Things feel a bit random if you had zero background. The flow was strong, from battle to battle. I guess that is a key feature of all movies, they have to have a fast pace or else they won't be able to fit everything in.

I really did love the main characters. Alisa was touching even if her facial experiences were a bit stiff. At least it made sense since she is a robot (not really a spoiler btw). The panda was probably my favorite, I couldn't help but want to hug him. How does Xiaoyu resist doing that every time? The rest of the characters were just playing their own backstory. Nothing super out of ordinary, guess you can't fit much character development with so much fighting.

I loved those wings

The chars were a bit rigid at times, but the general animation quality was pretty good. The main focus of the  animated was obviously the battles. Just watching how fluid the battles were showed they were well choreographed. The only downside on the animation was the hair was pretty much glued on, and the characters themselves were pretty frozen; Noticeably the hair and clothing. The amazing animated battle scenes make of for any short falls though.

Personal Satisfaction
I definitely liked this movie. It had awesome fighting which was what it was really about. Having a decent story with likable characters helped immensely too. Having a Robot with kool wings and an awesome Panda all added to it. Having a strong flow is always important for me since I have a short attention span. It was just enjoyable throughout.

The bottom line, it was a movie focused on battle and I think they delivered. Even without knowledge of the Tekkenverse, you could watch it for the awesome battle scenes and ignore everything else. Just laugh at the random cliche moments that all anime must have if anything. Definitely a good watch and I would recommend it. Here is link to torrent for those interested.

Final Score [8/10]