Baka to Test - Updatez

I gave it  3 episodes to stop being so non-sequential, but the problem persisted. As such, this will be another show dropped from blogging episodically, as I don't like ruining the jokes by over-analysing them. It also maybe be partially because I decided to smurf a bit in HON again. The difference between this smurf is that the point isn't to win the match, but instead it is to nurse my KDA while losing the match. It is actually pretty difficult to get a good score and yet still lose, but I am working hard at it.

I also start playing the Dragon Nest OB. I'm playing under Pearz on the US East server that starts with an "A" (forgot name), if you wanna find me on it. I am on very infrequently, but you can try.

I'll still be watching this anime every week and there will probably be an end-of-series review, but nothing episodic due the the nature of how the episodes have been panning out.