Mass Effect

So, just finished Mass Effect (the first one) yesterday. I'm still downloading my "sample" version. Generally, ME2 has better ratings, but Rho told me it was disappointing. Apparently, the storyline is weaker in the second one, which does matter alot to me.

Story - Your initial hero creation and choices do affect your storyline as you progress. I liked that aspect of the game, and having your choices (supposedly) affect the second game too makes me go, "Ooooo~" The story is pretty decently done, but short. It created a very interesting setting.

Sound - Although sound is very important to have in an FPS game, it has been a while since I played a fully voice acted game. Having everything voice acted really made a difference for me. I felt this was a very important aspect. The music, as it is intended, was just background. I didn't pay attention to that.

Game Design - It is an RPG shooter. As such, they let you have skill points to assign and build your character differently, based on your own preference. I found this interesting, but there was not much variety. The focus was more on the FPS part rather than the RPG element, and seemed to lack in that sense. Travelling around the Galaxy Map for side quest was good, though. The quests were varied and each gave me a lot of reason to go out and randomly slaughter some people.

Overall - I did enjoy this game a lot. If it wasn't for the bugs and stuff, I would definitely try again with a different set of choices. It was a pretty well done game, hence why I will be playing the second installment.

Side news: I failed to be drawn as a winner in the raffles for the Soul Master CB events, although I was fast enough to be one of the first to get 30 (for my class and also within the first 50 players). I got 2 +5 gems, which aren't that great but it's still better than nothing.

Rho will be back in Toronto in a few hours; I can be less lonely here now. Maybe you might even get a blog post from Rho or Aaro.