First Look at Appleseed

I guess being a web anime really shows the huge difference in budget. The good news was that they did have some dialogue to explain the setting of the anime for people like me that totally forgot what it was about. I mean, all I remember was a girl kicking ass and a giant robot that followed her around. At least a group finally decided to pick up subbing this show; it's been way too long since that first episode aired.

I loved the core concepts of how the world changed. I do believe that one day corporations will be the dominant power and not governments. The idea of a city inhabited mainly by robots and not humans is always interesting, since anything non-human will always be treated as second class. That's probably one of the major moral issues plaguing cloning even now.

The animation quality is pretty low, and it shows. The only thing I like is the sort-of cell-shading they did with it. Being a webcast, the budget is probably significantly lower. This is probably one of those anime to try and test waters with, to see if web-only anime could be possible in the future, since most web anime are less than 5min long.

I was actually pretty bored watching most of this episode, but things picked up in the final moments, which did get me hooked back in. Nothing like a bit of action and an unknown mech showing up to spice things back up. I remember the main character was more pro in the movies though, although my memory of everything is pretty hazy.

This wasn't a horrible episode, but the the low quality animation really pulls it back. Whether I blog about this episodically will be hugely dependent on the fansub group and how often they release it. More than that, it'll be how much I care when I watch the second episode. I've been pretty busy lately and picking up another series might be difficult, but I will see.