Skyrim in review, cheats, and a funny video

Well I downloaded Skyrim for my PC not too long ago and I have to say this is quite the enjoyable game. I have never really played an Elder Scrolls game before, I did try to play Oblivion, however I found it impossible to immerse myself into the games content and ultimately gave up on it.

When I first started up up Skyrim I was a bit hesitant as to whether or not I wanted to play the game after my experience with Oblivion. Skyrim has easily grabbed my attention and constantly demands that I play it. The game is very fun if you love adventure RPG games. The game somewhat reminds me of Fable, except there is an immense amount of content, and you are allowed to explore the game at your own pace in whatever order you choose. The game lets you decide how you want to play it, you also have the freedom to explore the world and find nearly all of the quests yourself by talking with NPC's. There is a main quest line to help you proceed through the game and find quests yourself, however the true reason I play this game is the narrative through exploration and choosing your own quests, with many of them requiring you to make a decision. From what I have heard from nearly all of my friends who have played the game, Skyrim is incredibly immersive, I have not felt so attached to my avatar in quite some time.

The game is right up there with Battlefield 3 for its graphics, if not better, and is also filled with incredible detail and lush environments. A fun fact about the game is the random dragon encounters, dragons will sometimes appear throughout the game flying above you before diving in for an attack. The dragon fights are very fun as the dragon will fly around, dive at you, and sometimes land to attack head on. The fights are very smooth and feel completely unscripted, almost natural.

Here is a video I took of my own game-play while fighting a dragon before a troll comes in and ruins all the fun.

Graphics: A+
- I run it on ultra and I'm blown away

Gameplay: B+
- This is no fantasy combat system, it is realistic but still fun.

Content: A+
- So many quests, one giant free world to explore, plenty of ways to play.

Immersion: A
- Do what you want, when you want, how you want.

Story: B+
- The main story is nothing groundbreaking from what I've seen so far, but the amount of side quests and immersion creates a narrative on it's own which I feel is the games strong point.

Ending comments: The game is easily grade "A" material
The game is great and if you enjoy any RPG or adventure game. A few things I found iffy was the rough transition between weapons and spells, and the somewhat uninteresting main story. The side narratives are amazing and immersive within the world of Skyrim.

Additionally for the PC owners out there, here is a link to how alter your stats and "cheats" for the game, I used some of these to remove and re-add talent tree points.

Since I'm such a nice guy, I have also found a world map with every location shown here