Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko In Review [1.5/10]

This was a series that started off relatively interestingly but then quickly became stale. I guess I am just not suited for this type of anime, the ones that are more slice-of-life than anything else. This was an anime without any focus, with mindlessly trudging on that felt horrible when there was just no real aim. I am just not used to this style; I really need a focus to keep me watching. I guess that was my biggest gripe with this anime.

For information about the final episode and stuff, go here.

The story started off with a very focused goal, which quickly got resolved less than halfway through the anime. After that, they seemed to just mindlessly go to school and drag things on until the final three episodes, where a new final plot was really introduced. I think this was horribly done, since they could have introduced these elements earlier or just had more plot elements added in. The story was very simple with nothing amazing. It was a boring one, delivering humour that got stale quickly.

They used the same kinds of jokes multiple times, and that was pretty stale. The flow of the anime was horridly slow, with extremely slow development even for a story that had nothing to tell. The setting was pretty simple, too: another new kid showing up at a new school. Nothing crazy here, unlike every other anime that I picked up. Generally, this score is always high because I drop every anime where this section doesn't have at least a decent score. This is probably why I had such a hard time forcing myself to finish.

The characters were very unique at the beginning. The problem was that it quickly started to blend together. They all embodied an eccentric personality that led them to do whatever they wanted, which really didn't meld together. It just feel a bit disjointed. It was a good change near the beginning but, by the end, I just didn't care. They just didn't complement each other very well. The only good thing I liked was the point system at the end of every episode, to measure how well he was doing at his new school.

This is more of a toss-up, but I disliked the style of how things were drawn. The faces would randomly distorted into this weird facial expression with their eyes and mouths. It just looked extremely awkward to me, and I hated it. The general animation of things was decent, though. It was nothing horrible for frames and general animation, so it was pretty average in that department. The only real problem was my personal bias on the animation style.

Personal Satisfaction
This will be the easiest section for me. This was the only anime that I had downloaded for days before watching. Even watching it was a chore, and I had to force myself to get through. I had nothing that I liked within it, which can only lead to one thing in this score...

I can say that the series as a whole wasn't bad, but it clearly wasn't the genre for me and scored much more harshly than it probably was in reality. If I had to pick, it probably was a close match to A Channel or Nichijou, which are all things that I didn't watch. I need a solid story within my anime - or at least a good backbone. This quickly destroyed up the backbone and then the story didn't strive to expand on it, leading me to hate watching the latter episodes. It clearly shouldn't have been an anime that I picked to blog about episodically. It's just more experience for picking anime for the next season, I guess.

Final Score: [1.5/10]