PS3 Review: Front Mission Evolved

Game Overview:

This game redefines trash. Honestly, I've played bad games, but few genuinely depressed me. I had no misconceptions about this game; I knew it was going to be a third person shooter and I knew letting Double Helix touch this game would take the game down a couple of notches, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it would turn out like this.

I've been a long-time fan of the Front Mission series, so when it was announced that FM5 would not be released in NA, I was heartbroken. However, I didn't lose hope in the creators; that is why even though I could have just downloaded it on the PC, I went out and picked up the PS3 version the day it came out. Now that's every penny of $70 wasted.

I cannot, in good conscience, recommend this game to anyone.

Objectively speaking, this game is simply a weak Armor Core rip-off. Before someone says, "But Rho, FM has amazing storyline. AC can't touch that." Yes, FM did, whereas FME did NOT.

I demand the unconditional suicide of the entire development team and anyone who had anything to do with the conception of this game.

The Breakdown:
Plot [ 0.2/2 ]
Gameplay [ 0.2/2 ]
Audio [ 0.1/2 ]
Visual [ 0.2/2 ]
Innovation [ 0/2 ]

Overall Score: [ 0.7/10 ]

I can't really comment on the storyline of FME, because the act of calling it a storyline is an unforgivable lie. Let's keep this brief as so I may still retain my sanity.

-Main character's father is the creator of EDGE.
-EDGE is an electronic system designed to mimic the battlefield awareness of Godwin, some legendary soldier. Yeah, you read right; it's an MGS reskin. I guess that explains why you can find the Foxhound logo in the Decal area of the customization section.
-Now, let's break out the cliche: the government decided EDGE wasn't good enough to be just a defensive system; they have to tweak it for war.
-Cliche back-to-back: the government research team was comprised of assorted fauna, and that is why the experiment went haywire and gave birth to an AI who called himself SCION (it stands for something retarded, just like EDGE).
-SCION has one hell of a personality for an AI, telling me how he'll punish me for my sins, that judgement is coming, and to sleep well in the silent fields of death. I would have assumed that these would be difficult concepts for an AI - but hey, what do I know?
-SCION inhabits the very tip of the Orbital Elevator Babel, on a Satellite Fortress called Heaven's Guard, an enormous beam cannon readied to incinerate every major city on earth. Holy crap, just how many anime and movies did I rip-off with one sentence?
-SCION's Espada #1 Cornelius wages war on the world and destroys multiple Orbital Elevators with his massive army.
-A mercenary group called...something...'s Chariot is hired by Cornelius to do most of the destroying part.
-You own everyone, so then it's the end.

"WAIT, RHO! You didn't explain anything!"
"How does a random soldier and an electronic mishap muster a fucking army strong enough to take on the entire world and WIN?"
"How come the something's Chariot mercenary group (all four of 'em) pwn the crap out of everything?"
"The intro stated that the entire orbit of Earth was locked down and carefully monitored by the governments, so how did they finish the Orbital Elevator Babel and hook up a Red Alert ION Cannon on it without anyone finding out?"
"Why aren't any of these (I can only assume they're expensive) Orbital Elevators better protected, especially after the first one was broken? Why is Cornelius &co (AKA Celestial Being) so strong?!"

I honestly can't answer any of these questions because the answers didn't exist. I looked, it just wasn't there.

Here, I'll add another one: the something's Chariot leader said very specifically that he only cares about money, and will not take out anyone that he's not paid to. So, if money is the only thing these guys care about, then...WHY IS MAN-BOT RICHER THAN THE REST OF THE WORLD COMBINED!?

I was deceived into believing that the developers placed some significant care into making the piloting experience of Wanzers intense and life-like. You got me, now gimme back my money.

Instead of having to worry about your parts' HP and remaining munitions like you do in the old FM series, they decided it would be too difficult for the NA players. As a result, there are random HEAL PACKS and AMMO packs littered across the map (some even respawn) and dropped by enemies. Let that sink in for a minute. Is that intense and realistic enough for you, yet?

So, what strategic elements did they incorporate into FME, you ask? The answer is: none. I'll let you in on a secret: I beat the entire game with my shoulder weapons. Twin Gatling Guns on your shoulders will reduce all mobs and bosses to scraps in a matter of seconds; with a full bar of EDGE (slow-mo), you take 2-3 bars off the final boss (he has six), depending on what kind of proc you equip.

I literally just finished the game and, thinking back, I don't even remember there being music.

...I just turned and asked Aaro if he remembered there being music or any memorable moments of audio. He didn't even look at me; just shook his head.

Effect sounds are as you would expect, nothing special or memorable. The guns sound like guns; at least it wasn't a minus to the experience like everything else.

Voice acting was beyond sub-par. Me trying to play Beethoven using chopsticks against the wall is sub-par, Pearz trying to speak Japanese is sub-par. The voice acting in this game was verbicide (definition: willful destruction of words). I have actually, on multiple occasions, covered my ears in order to bypass some of the the dialogue.

Stripped down and unrealistic.

Destroyed buildings break up into multiple chunks and clip into the ground in a plume of dust.
Destroyed Wanzers simply pop like a balloon.
Greatly lacks detail; most buildings and objects sport a whopping 10-15 polygons and are lazily strewn about with amateur bump-mapping. Walking up close to any object will reveal a painful lack of texturing detail and stretching.
Ridiculous amount of clipping; frankly, I'm amazed I didn't clip into the floor just walking.

Let's see, innovations...
-Orbital elevators, satellites weapons, world domination, cloning, AI going rogue, power-ups and heal drops, unrealistic love developments.
-Completely dominating a boss due to trash game AI and overpowered load-out for a cutscene where the boss easily own you, take out your friend and take your girl.
-Having key plot people die off during cutscenes to run-o'-the-mill mobs that you've defeat dozens at a time during gameplay.
-Countless plotholes, overused cliches and unnatural plot devices bogging down the essence of the entire series.


Aaro has just informed me that "innovations" refer to what this game did that was interesting or groundbreaking, which also sets it apart from average games. Right, then, let's redo that part:

Review: End

~*+ Rho

Plants VS Zombies

So a couple days (maybe longer) Lndi came to chatbox telling me to play plants VS zombies (PVZ). I have heard of it before but I never cared enough to try. Just knew it was extremely popular.

So last night I decided to try it out. Finished it in 1 night, was pretty fun if your into tower defense games.

Anyways, Legend of Edda comes out in a couple hours, Rho and Aaro will make the opening chime but I'll miss it. For now we are gonna be playing on: (you can get a key here if you need one)
Faction: Olympius
Rho: Swordsman
Pearz: Archer
Aaro: Mage

see how this game goes

Side Note: Still no working rom of Etrian Odyssey 3 for DS. Sigh, my old outdated NDSTT card. To cheap to buy newer models for my outdated DS D:


What We Do On Vindictus These Days

Preface: The marketplace is where players put their items up for sale (set price, set time). The said item is taken from their inventory and placed in the Item Server for the duration of the sale; either the buyer takes ownership or the seller takes it back (at any time before someone buys it); in either situation, the item is mailed to them.

The sell window, where you put in the item and set specifics. Pay attention to the white box I've highlighted near the bottom. The story goes like so:

I was cooking earlier today and I heard Rho and Pearz in the other room.
Rho: "My sword looks cooler than yours!"
Pearz: "No wai~ My sword is so much cooler!"
R: "Mine is blacker! That's win!"
P: "You're blind! My sword's a better black!"
(That's how I assume the conversation went. I wasn't paying that much attention.)

The marketplace allows the buyer to see swatches of the main 3 colours in the gear for sale; this is a feature that can't be found anywhere else in the game (other than, you know, looking at the item on someone else). This information allows Rho's next suggestion to make some kind of sense.

R: "Yeah, okay, fine! Let's put it up on the marketplace for like 10mil [so no one else buys it] and then we can see!"
P: "Yeah! Let's do that!"

(Some time passes in between. I'm done cooking.)
R: "Oh, okay. My sword is a dark kind of purple. Yours is a grey or something."
P: "Told you~"
R: "Yeah, yeah."
Aaro: "Did you really put those swords in the marketplace?"
R: "Yeah, for 10mil."
A: " guys know that there's a 2% fee on it?"
R: "...liar. You lie."
(Pearz checks.)
P: "...we're never getting our swords back."

Dumbasses. Learn2read.

For reference, I'm carrying about 250k on me; I see that Rho has about 130k. I'm too lazy to check how much Pearz has; at the least, not 200k to drop on rebuying her own sword. These things cost about 8k+mats to craft, and are selling on the marketplace for 49k. (Yes, some people have a few million and more, but that's another story.)

So they just ended up downgrading to another sword for aesthetic purposes right now. xD

~Aaro off

Just some more randomness

So looking at Rho's last post all I can say is, "IT'S A TRAP!!!"

She makes it look so easy, but the gaps between those combos are tiny and you can land only weak hits in and takes like 30+ mins to take out with that method. Granted she doesn't get hit at all, but its slow as hell.

One thing that does keep me going back to Vind is the forums. Due to lack of GM moding their own forums, every other post is filled with rage and flaming. It is absolutely hilarious to read.

So for now, waiting on Etrian Odyssey 3 for DS to have roms surface. Being a huge grind fest game might turn me off but I guess I will see.

I believe they think that players will play any game they churn out. Just found this game Myth Angels Online. The main video on main page is fukin hilarious. At least they could find people that could speak english to do their talking in video. Either way wow. The game even looks like crap.

Though extremely late, Okami-san finally ended last week. Hope they make a season 2 as most things are left as loose ends. Overall a decent anime 8/10

For new anime season so far
definite Yes: Bakuman, A certain magical Index (though watching it more cause need to finish things), Arakawa under the bridge ( same reason as Index), The world god only knows (maybe, reading manga and it seems decent)

Definite No: Hakouki Shinsengami, Letter Bee, Iron Man, Sora no Otoshimono

As season begins, see if anything else is worth watching.

Random Note: Realized looking at tag cloud, their is no Megaten Tag. Guess never occured the topics wouldn't be about Megaten. 1 day I might go back and retag all those posts D: ........... maybe..........

Side note: Sharing internet with Aaro sucks. Maxing bandwidth almost a week before month roll over and can't download anything now. /wrists

Legend of Edda ETA: 5 days


Vindictus: How to solo White Tyrant (Giant Polar Bear)

Cuz I said I would ;c

Intro cutscene: Awsome
RULE No.1 : Always run left!
RULE No.2 : Don't go behind him!

Left paw pounce:
If you've never fought him before run around in circles for awhile and pay attention to his tells. This is his most used attack, its a basic pounce, limited range with a long as tell, it's when you want to get most of your damage in. He will pound the floor with both hands, the raising part is fast, but you won't miss the pound. He will attack with his LEFT PAW forward. If you're starting where I'm standing in the image, you can start your attack combo already, aim right.

Look at that wussy ass hit zone (displayed in red). I chose to stand a bit further out for this one because that way you can hit his Savage Eye, however if you don't care, you can pretty much have his whole head land on you, it'll just clip and slide you away, no damage or stun.

Right paw dive:
Now this tell is fast, if you're not used to seeing it, you're eating it. He will slide his right paw back like he's presenting, but you're the one getting mounted if you don't get the hell out of the way. I'm still busy getting out of the danger zone in this image, however if you're already out, start your attack combo, aim left first then right as to not wander back into the danger zone.

Right paw dive landing, this attack has a significantly longer stagger time than others, perfect for that hard combo you started in the last image. Just remember when you're rolling back, roll away from him, not left of right.

Double Dive:
A very long tell, he'll pause with his paws up in the air for like a whole second for you. I hope you've been moving left this whole time, because if you weren't then you're taking a big angry paw to the face (see below). The basic rule to tell if you're safe is whether or not you see the inside of his palm, if you do you're not safe yet.

This is the launch, notice that big angry paw I was talking about? If you're standing where I'm standing, you're safe, if you're not, big angry paw. Now you'll want to start a quick combo, or just a basic bash, cuz you won't get much of an opening. Pay attention to that ice pillar right in front of me.

See that ice pillar from the last image? Yea it pissed itself. Anyway, it's called a double dive for a reason, you get about half a second before he launches the other paw and is gone. Catch up and get back into position before he does it again.

Death Roar:
Don't be scared, the death roar means he's gonna die, not you. He starts getting on his hind leg and roaring when he's a bit over one bar of HP. If you've been staying close to him like you should, you can do a full amaranth kick combo onto his right leg. After the raor he'll go apenuts on everything in front of him, so just stay still, you're safe there.
I realized I never mentioned what happens when you go behind him. If you never did, good for you. If you did, you won't do it again will you? I thought so.
~+* Rho

doot doot doot

So I finally finished watching Sola after like 2 weeks. Trying not to ruin anything, overall I found the anime decent. I guess if anything, the story was all foreshadowed and you saw everything coming, problem was I didn't like what happened. It was well wrapped up for an ending in general. Also 2 of the chars didn't do anything but be plot devices for the main storyline. Probably worth a 8 or 8.5/10 but cause I didn't like ending, its more of a 7/10 for me.

Learned that Fist of FU opened up OB today. Tried it for last couple hours. Wasn't to bad other then fact I couldn't do any missions from main first town due to extreme lag from all the players. Also started dieing alot and forced to team and not just solo everything. Probably stop playing it now.

Anime next: finish Kara no kyokai (5/7), start Kurenai.

Legend of Edda ETA: 7 days


First Look at Vindictus

First of all, from now it's going to be called Vind, 'cause I can never remember how to spell it. At the moment, I hit level 26 and that's the level cap. I'm pretty much done the game, since there's no new content coming any time soon. The content is broken down with "boats". There are two boats accessible now with a third one that can be glitched to enter. They fixed it today, so you can't access that map any more, and Boat 2 content ends around level 21-22. It's pretty much a dry grind to get the last couple of levels.

So, on to the review:


Hack-and-slash action gameplay using the source engine makes it different than your usual MMO. This is a swing-or-miss, depending on whether you like the style. Generally, it's more skill-based than purely gear, which I like.

They are amazing. There's nothing else to say. This has just absolutely stunning graphics.

Cash shop
From the looks of it, the cash shop is mostly vanity in this game, most likely due to the game being mostly based on skill. You get to customize more with the cash shop (like armour colours and hair styles).


Due to there being only two classes right now, with gender locks, the customization is limited. You do get a selection for your looks - but, with so many people, you're bound to run into a twin soon. Stat-wise, you don't get any option and skills are bought with AP (which you obtain from running dungeons).

It starts off good; too bad all the cutscenes kind of end after the tutorial. So far, there are no more cutscences. I started skipping the text pretty quickly when I got too lazy to read it all.

Currently, there is no PVP implementation. There is a capture-the-flag system that exists on the KR server, though. It remains to be seen how good that is.

GM support
Overall, Nexon seems like a bad publisher in general. There is talk of mass bannings for abusing small glitches and generally never getting responses from GMs about anything.

This isn't because we were on US West. Basically, in the beginning, all the missions were hosted on the server and you were connecting to the server to play. The server, very obviously, crashed in the first couple of hours from too much stress. They quickly patched it and then instead, the party leader would share some of the hosting load. Players would connect to the party leader first, who in turn would connect to the server. This led to some games having horrible lag, due to bad hosts.


This is a fun game, but I'm not sure if it's a long-term thing. The lack of content seems to be bad. From the videos, the next class (a mage) seems horribly overpowered. Every player video seems to be that class, due to her OP skills and higher customization (she can be a mage, melee scythe user, or healer, from looks of it). The KR version has been out for 9 months now, and they only managed to add one class. The content updates might be extremely slow. Like I said, this is a fun game to play for a while; you'd just get bored quickly due to the lack of content.

In a mere 3-4 days, I pretty much cleared all the content. I sport the best set of weapons and armours (armour is extremely rare now, since Boat 3 is closed off and the next tier can't be made anymore), and soloed the final raid boss.

tl; dr: It is fun, but the lack of content will be the downfall of this game. There's pretty much no point logging in anymore now that I beat everything. Rho already wants to start HONing again, instead (although she's only level 24 and didn't solo the polar bear yet :O).

Legend of Edda ETA: 10 days.


First look at Vindictus~

nuff said.

~+* Rho

Mass Effect 2

So finished Mass effect 2 last night, and it wasn't as bad as Rho put it out to be. Basically the game focuses almost entirely building your team and your teams back story. The main storyline is actually really short but how thoroughly you did your side quests determine how the main storyline will progress.

Overall, I found fully exploring the characters side quests was fun. Gives it more back-story on the races and stuff rather then a long winded quest for main character.

So not really going to really break it down for this, it gets a 7/10. Nothing special, but was decently enjoyable overall.

On a side note: Vindictus should open up in a few hours, be in chat box for on spur key :O

Side note 2: Highly likely Rho and I will still be playing HON. MMOsite is hosting keys to get 10 free (no stat) matches with HON. If you wanted to try it out first.
Disclaimer note: In 10 matches you won't be able to learn the ropes fast enough and be raged on hard for feeding the enemy. Hope you like people screaming at you over chat system about how bad you are XD



I was informed early join for Vindictus Open beta starts on September 15th. Person came and gave me a key to get early start Yay

So everyone thats invited gets 2 more keys to get early start. So pretty much anyone that knows 1 person can spread out keys like wildfire.

So if you wanna join me and Rho, leave a message and I'll get you a key.


GT run today

So we downed Nogram first try, wasted alot of time getting to Wark.

First attempt went horrible, 2nd attempt was 17% left, 3rd attempt at 12%. We might be able to beat him soon.

Immortal indeed.


Phantom Miria

So last week at work, was the exact day they released the new claymore chapter (107). Since then my chrome auto loaded out my last tabs and I re-read the chapter. Now a week later, forums are blaring with rage over this chapter as I was when I first saw it.

So this involves huge spoilers, Don't click if you want to read chapters chronologically.

So The biggest thing about this chapter is my favorite claymore, and 1 of my favorite characters in anime in general, die. Poor Miria D:

Since I assume some of you clicking this don't read claymore and reading this anyways for god knows why. Miria is basically the cool, calm, collected leader of the "rogue" group of claymores the main character is part of. In every chapter she is in, she is portrayed to be intelligent and calculative type.

Now the problem with this chapter wasn't so much that she died, but how she died. For a character that seemed nearly omniscience, she acted totally out of character this whole chapter almost as if the author wanted her to die forcefully and didn't care how.

The introduction of the number 10 claymore being all powerful and used purely for fighting the other claymore is a huge plot hole. The idea of how many claymores went rogue like Teresa, yet she never appeared. Clearly your expertise could have slowed Teresa down enough, and maybe have changed the anime as a whole since Clare would lose her reason d'etre.

Their have been much more lengthy posts about how out raged people are about this since it seems Miria was a much loved character. First all 3 abyssal beings portrayed as all powerful are all dead now, with no more "big badies" the author most resort to killing off main characters.

I hope they pull a "bleach" lulz
Every chapter ends with a "final Blow" that turns out to be not so final lulz
Only real final blow in bleach happens when you see the flash back XD

Side note: Aaro, Rho and I watched The girl who leapt through time over the weekend. For an anime that won a bazillion awards, it wasn't amazing. I mean not bad, but not jaw droppingly good. Mainly felt their were to many unanswered questions. Things kinda just fall in place. Also learned Rho has the weirdest rating system, I mean 5/10 = watchable which is my 7 D: And my system already considered harsh compared to other raters (._.)

Side Note Part 2: Current list of MMOs in order of want:
Blade and Soul > Iris Online > Guild Wars 2 > Legend of Edda

Side Note part 3: Started playing Mass Effect 2 again since i reduced graphics enough to be "playable". Also been playing HON more with Rho. Downloaded a tool to calculate TSR (true skill rating). Formula for it is long, and tweaked for so that the "average" player = 5.
1-3 = suck
4-6 = average
6+ = amazing
I learned that even though I play decently, I DON'T EVEN REACH 5!!!! I mean granted, almost no body reaches even 5 for TSR, I am greatly saddened by the fact I'm not even considered average player for HON. The description of the tool was right:
"TSR is a very harsh rating system where players are generally rated between 0-10, however values greater than 10 do exist. An average player should have a TSR of 5.0."
Harsh indeed, harsh indeed..............


Pearz hath succeeded!!11!

Spent a whole like 30 mins getting the tag cloud working on the blog. I can finally put in more tags when posting, was worried it would get cluttered as a list. I feel so accomplished I'm updating blog to Version 1.1 !!!

That and I finally finished Kannagi after like 2-3 weeks. Not much special worth mentioning. Next Anime : Sola, Kurenai, and still trying to finish Kara no Kyoukai

That is all, you may resume your boring lives.


Aaro Missed Canada

More specifically, these 1.1MB/s speeds on uTorrent. How easily I forgot. Never again will I leave you. Never.

~Aaro off

(PS. I deliberately waited until Pearz posted in order to usurp top position. You may QQ now, pealz.)

First Look At Legendary Champions

First of all: Rho, I detest you for claiming I have viruses. While using a inferior laptop, I still load HON a lot faster. (._.)

So, I think I've levelled up decently in Legendary Champions (LC from now on). I hit lv30 on my Archer and then reached the Open PVP maps.

So, this is how gameplay pans out:
1) Opening town > NPCs to learn from.
2) Run out to start questing. The majority of the quests are just walk and then talk to someone else with very few "take out xx mobs yy times". I hit lv30 one night, with roughly 5 hours of gameplay. Almost all of your exp comes from quests 'cause one quest gives, say, 100k exp while the mobs your level give around 50 exp. lulz
3) Once you hit lv30 for the Open PVP maps, everything changes. Quite literally, you get a quest to take out 200 pixies, and you only get a couple of the quests anyway. The game becomes a grind-fest - not only that, but the maps are also tiny. They're ramming everyone between lv30-35 in that one map to grind, so you're guaranteed to run into someone every 5min. The second you run in, you know they will attack you, thus levelling lv30+ comes to a very fast halt.

I never got passed lv30, but basically the quests were nearly undoable. It doesn't help that the graphics are horrid and, as Rho puts it, "The game doesn't even TRY to follow the Three Kingdoms story." They just smacked names onto everything to be kool.

The Guardian System is neat; I love transforming into pure ownage owning everything for a minute... Then, someone transformed into Garunda (what irony that he picked that Guardian) on me and owned my face on that PVP map.

Class-wise, there are five. Of them, two seem clearly imba such that if you don't roll those, you will get rocked. Skill-wise, you use books so everyone can get every book and have all the skills, provided that they have money. With cash shop, you're guaranteed to have the money. Stats can be customized, but they make very little impact.

So, in the end, LC is dropped. The gameplay is nothing special, there's nearly no customization, and the graphics are horrid.

On another (anime) note:
Bakuman just keeps winding up and up; makes you think he's getting ready to wrap things up soon. That's good news, 'cause most run-on manga suck. *thumbs up*

Claymore, on the other hand, is also winding up (with monthly chapter #107 being released today). Clearly, they are looking to maybe end things, but this latest chapter has made me resent it. Claymore, you don't exist to me anymore!1!1!111! *shakes fist at the heavens*

Note: FF14 OB is open again, if you can get one of those keys...


A Picture Says A Thousand Words

(Enlarge please!)

No, Pearz, I'm not interested in obscene websites pitched to me in busted English. =p

~*+ Rho

Legendary Champions

I'm very well aware that a majority of people that visit my blog hates Aeria (may have to do with older content XD) but for now I'm trying out the latest game their hosting.

Force informed in the CB opened yestarday so I downloaded it to give it a try. The game seems to be almost pure quests for exp which mainly just involve walking around. I'm level 14 currently 2 hours in. Once you figure out you can click green words in your quest log to auto walk, its easy peasy. Like 1 quest at lvl 14 = 20k exp, killing 1 mob = 100 exp. Keep in mind it takes me like a full 20 secs to kill a mob D:

For anyone that wants to join me I'm in Shu faction, I'll do a review maybe a day or 2 in when I learn more about the game then basic grind of quests XD


For those that want to Register for FF14 OB

But are to lazy to go out to look. The critical bug seems to be fixed and they will announce when Open beta will resume later. For now if you want to register first:

1) Go to this page. Tells you details on how to register a Square Enix account. This is page for NA region, their is link at top for Europe. Helps to read this XD

2) You can download the client here.

3) I'm not at this point yet, but you need a "key" to actually get into Open beta (I always assumed keys = closed beta, think they lack the concept of what OPEN beta means)




1) FF14 Open beta has been closed due to a "Critical Bug" on first day. This bolds well for official release in less then a month. Still don't know if I can run it but I don't see much hope for this.

2) Logged on tonight to do Gorluxors tower in Allods. We downed the first boss Nogram, but failed 2nd one. I think our raid could have finished. We just needed to reorganize our raid and have everyone ready for him. Some organization all we were missing for beating him.

3) Mainly HONing with Rho again. Kinda out of my anime phase again. Comes and goes where I watch a couple series at once. Probably Finish Kannagi and that will be end. Been over a week and haven't finished a 14 eps series.

4) As of now, the most anticipated MMO I want to try is probably Iris Online or Guild Wars 2 (Blade and soul if that ever comes), Iris being most.
A> Anime-ish = pure win
B> seems to have decent customization
C> Run by Gpotato that I actually think does amazing job as a gaming company, would try their games just cause they host it.

5) Mirai Nikki came out with a new chapter (55), guess they might prolong the manga alot longer. Seemed almost certain it was going to end soon but they just opened it up to be much longer if they want which doesn't seem like a good idea D:

6) And for anyone this effects, good idea to update some of your programs. Apprently a critical Windows .dll vunerability was found recently. Could effect some programs you use (for me it was Utorrent) and put your computer at risk.