First Look at Vindictus

First of all, from now it's going to be called Vind, 'cause I can never remember how to spell it. At the moment, I hit level 26 and that's the level cap. I'm pretty much done the game, since there's no new content coming any time soon. The content is broken down with "boats". There are two boats accessible now with a third one that can be glitched to enter. They fixed it today, so you can't access that map any more, and Boat 2 content ends around level 21-22. It's pretty much a dry grind to get the last couple of levels.

So, on to the review:


Hack-and-slash action gameplay using the source engine makes it different than your usual MMO. This is a swing-or-miss, depending on whether you like the style. Generally, it's more skill-based than purely gear, which I like.

They are amazing. There's nothing else to say. This has just absolutely stunning graphics.

Cash shop
From the looks of it, the cash shop is mostly vanity in this game, most likely due to the game being mostly based on skill. You get to customize more with the cash shop (like armour colours and hair styles).


Due to there being only two classes right now, with gender locks, the customization is limited. You do get a selection for your looks - but, with so many people, you're bound to run into a twin soon. Stat-wise, you don't get any option and skills are bought with AP (which you obtain from running dungeons).

It starts off good; too bad all the cutscenes kind of end after the tutorial. So far, there are no more cutscences. I started skipping the text pretty quickly when I got too lazy to read it all.

Currently, there is no PVP implementation. There is a capture-the-flag system that exists on the KR server, though. It remains to be seen how good that is.

GM support
Overall, Nexon seems like a bad publisher in general. There is talk of mass bannings for abusing small glitches and generally never getting responses from GMs about anything.

This isn't because we were on US West. Basically, in the beginning, all the missions were hosted on the server and you were connecting to the server to play. The server, very obviously, crashed in the first couple of hours from too much stress. They quickly patched it and then instead, the party leader would share some of the hosting load. Players would connect to the party leader first, who in turn would connect to the server. This led to some games having horrible lag, due to bad hosts.


This is a fun game, but I'm not sure if it's a long-term thing. The lack of content seems to be bad. From the videos, the next class (a mage) seems horribly overpowered. Every player video seems to be that class, due to her OP skills and higher customization (she can be a mage, melee scythe user, or healer, from looks of it). The KR version has been out for 9 months now, and they only managed to add one class. The content updates might be extremely slow. Like I said, this is a fun game to play for a while; you'd just get bored quickly due to the lack of content.

In a mere 3-4 days, I pretty much cleared all the content. I sport the best set of weapons and armours (armour is extremely rare now, since Boat 3 is closed off and the next tier can't be made anymore), and soloed the final raid boss.

tl; dr: It is fun, but the lack of content will be the downfall of this game. There's pretty much no point logging in anymore now that I beat everything. Rho already wants to start HONing again, instead (although she's only level 24 and didn't solo the polar bear yet :O).

Legend of Edda ETA: 10 days.