R-15 in Review [1/10]

So the first (of 2) anime that I actually finished watching after saying I would continue watching without posts. The amount of anime I drop the second I stop writing about it is astounding! This doesn't necessarily mean it was awesome, it just worked for my schedule and in this case, a chance to watch mindless drivel.

I noticed my review headings cover everything I need, even if I didn't do episodic post, I just need to expand a bit further on my personal satisfaction section, not like there is much to talk about for this anime. So it is a bit late since the final episode aired but better late then never!

Nothing to see here, then again it was never a focus for an anime like this. They just had a very basic backbone story with a love triangle. The problem was it was deathly obvious which of the two girls was favoured, this killed any bit of suspense the plot could possibly have. Nothing special here, which is to be expected.

The flow as at least decent. Constantly changing scenes and things happening which probably is one of the things I look for in an anime to keep me going. The humor was pretty bad to be honest, nothing compared to Baka Test or Mayo Chiki. The setting was pretty ridiculous and I couldn't help questioning how everyone was geniuses but still acted like an idiot. I wonder how I finished this...

This one is easy. Every Single character was defined by their one "genius factor" and had nothing else to them. Way to make characters more 1D. Even the semi development between the "main" characters were pretty terrible. Some of the worse characters I have seen..

The animation is awesome! I get huge beams of white streaming across my screen thanks to that new censorship bill. that alone ruined the major "catch" of this anime. It was pretty low budget stuff to begin with, not much movement within the characters. I again question how I finished this...

Personal Satisfaction
Like stated a few times, it is a miracle I even finished this anime. It was just terrible, but was airing at the exact right time. Just mindless enough that I didn't need to pay attention to it as it played in the background. Their was nothing even appealing about the anime either, it was low budget and had nothing to keep me hooked. God it was awful.

I highly do not recommended this show. Only reason I finished was because I was rolled up in bed procrastinating going to sleep. That plus I was still forum trolling around while it was playing. Definitely nothing but mindless drivel within this anime. I question who the hell even wrote something so bad... What were they thinking?

Final Score [1/10]