Gen'ei wo Kakeru Taiyou - EP 02 - Dark themes

Talking bird attitude, your argument is invalid.
well I wasn't sure what to expect, was kinda thinking this would turn into a boring show, but surprisingly I enjoy the dark themes implanted thus far.

After last weeks introductory episode, Akari seems to have joined an anti-Daemonia (monster) combat unit that trains at an under cover school. Like all super secret combat groups, they need a cover to prevent suspicion, and what better way than to be a fortune telling academy. Seriously this is the worst cover ever. I know the whole theme here is tarot cards, and that each of the students have powers deriving from tarot cards, but they don't even study tarot cards at the school, which raises the question of why use a fortune telling cover if you don't even have fortune telling in the curriculum.

Luna's transformation
Rants aside, it seems that low key death of Akari's cousin wasn't a dream or anything. This is where the show gets a bit dark, as it turns out these monsters known as Daemonia, are evil spirits that pretty much take over a negative persons soul. These Daemonia go on a blood lust rampage, and the only way to stop them is to kill them, unfortunately this also kills the host, so yea, it turns out Akari killed her cousin. No one will ever blame Akari since everyone's memories get altered to forget about those who die from Daemonia take-overs.

Ginka, I wonder how well you will carry the humour
We get to meet the rest of the main girls at the school, and so far we have the somewhat innocent and polite girl, the girl with the attitude, and a girl with a sense of humour. It takes one scene of the three other girls, Ginka, Luna, Seira, to get a good sense of their characters. During this scene Ginka goes off to agree with Luna that they should have fun and get along with Akari. Seira then says there is no need to be friendly, and thus Genki agrees with her in a spiteful and comical manner that rewards us with a pissed off expression from Seira, this was priceless.

It was a bit foreshadowed how Akari's mother was involved with this Sephiro Fiore anti-Daemonia group, but what bugs me is how it seems Akari's mother didn't want Akari to gain the powers of the sun tarot and join the group. Akari says her mother left her the tarot cards, but in every flashback it seems she didn't want Akari touching them, so I guess we will have to see what all of that means, and whether or not the mother had some dark secrets.

One thing I noticed with the intro of the opening theme is how all of the girls are standing in front of a grave, whether this graveyard represents the people they end up killing from this sick and twisted way of life, or whether it belongs to some important person (Akari's mother?) remains to be seen. I just wanted to bring that up because it looked like it will be a meaningful clue.

Seira's transformation power is amazeballz
The girls' transformation scenes at this point show me one of two things, either their unlocked powers of the tarot card gives them a ton of power and thus makes them look super badass, or they just undergo a an alter ego new and improved attitude transformation. I'm not sure which one fits better but the overhaul is visually pleasing. Also to note is each girl has different powers based on their tarot card, but since we saw Akari's last episdoe I have to say of the remaining three, Seira has what I think is the best ability. She shoots ice arrows, except these ice arrows sound more like machine gun fire as she suddenly turns her ice bow into a stationary turret raining hell on the enemy.

dat look
Etia seems like a great character at this point, she isn't directly involved with the fighting per say, however she does show some strong emotions to her commanding officers as they shrug off the whole " hey you just killed you cousin its no biggie" attitude, with a sharp look of her own, or maybe I just like her dress, who knows.

It seems the other girls also went off and killed someone important to them, and with Akari having a bit of a Shinji moment, the dark tones are sure to continue. I just hope there's more substantial events to get this show off the ground.

Last thing I wanna add is how much I love the art, and that pretty much wraps this up.


Suisei no Gargantia Review+ Ending: Epic 9/10

Yea this is a bit late with the new season already in its second week, but whatever.

Suisei no Gargantia was one of my favourite shows of Spring 2013. What I enjoyed most was how the show didn't focus on explosions or crazy plot twists to carry my attention. What made Gargantia such a pleasure to watch, was how it focuses on each character's inner conflicts about their goals and finding meaning to their existence. Gargantia's main theme was a clash of cultures, adapting to new ways of life and comparing personal values against each other in order to determine the right path.

Ledo, a dutiful soldier who knows nothing but war, lives only to exterminate a threatening alien race. After a massive battle in space, Ledo is thrown into a worm hole and winds up on Earth, which was thought to be a frozen lifeless planet. Ledo finds himself on a peaceful planet where a melted ice-age period has left the Earth submerged underwater, where massive ship colonies house the human population. The ship Ledo finds himself on lives its days in peace and knows nothing of war. Impossible to re-join his army, Ledo has to figure out a means to "live", and tries to understand himself while on the giant ocean ship Gargantia.

Gargantia does a great job of growing it's characters over the course of the 13 episodes. The show has a slower pace that explores each character, rather than throwing a bunch of characteristics at you in a short span of time.

Now Suisei no Gargantia may not have a lot of action, but it definitely doesn't fall short of interesting and engaging. There are a few eye-popping events that occur, and ultimately everything comes down to a battle of wills. There are a few combat scenes, as well as one incredible final episode that reaches a conclusion to everyone's desires and personal decisions.

Suisei no Gargantia pulled out all the stops with an action packed ending, and managed to resolve all the main conflicts of the show. The final episode really captured the essence of the show, personal beliefs and struggles were mainly individual throughout the season, but in the end everyone is brought together in a clash that crushes some dreams, but ultimately has a happy ending.
There were quite a few characters, and thankfully we didn't need much information on them to understand their personalities. The main characters Ledo and Amy, and even some of the better supporting characters grew as the show went on. We were able to clearly see personal struggles with how each character wanted to live their lives and what decisions they took to chase their dreams. Unfortunately I thought Ledo and Amy could have used more progression with each other, but then again I don't know what could have been cut-out in order to make this happen. Overall Ledo, Chamber, and Pinion were the my favourites, I thoroughly enjoyed their progress and they were mainly the sole reasons why I enjoyed the show so much. Their conflicts and choices shaped the events of Gargantia.

Now that I think about it, the main "plot" to Suisei no Gargantia was about Ledo adapting to his new life. This was excellently done with the help of all the supporting characters as this clash of cultures created meaningful emotions between Ledo and his new home. The story gets really interesting as the show goes on, and it got better and better. The ending to Gargantia was one of the best I have ever seen, all of the conflicts between characters and ways of life comes into a glorious action packed finale that sees everything come to a great end.

I really loved the art of the show, the ship Gargantia was breathtaking, and although I found the action scenes to be lacking a little, the character art was bright, colourful, and beautiful. The animation quality differed from time to time, but the visuals and bright colours made it enjoyable.

I don't think anything particularly stood out, but I found the audio wonderfully conveyed the spaces portrayed in the show. The composition of sound and visual of Gargantia made me fall in love with the ship's setting, how I wish that city of ships were real.

I loved this show, it wasn't perfect, but everything was well executed to show how Ledo progressed from being a galactic soldier who knew only of war, to becoming an integrated part of the Gargantia ship, he was reborn with more "soul" and an appreciation for experiencing life.

Caution! Spoilers below on the ending.

There were a few defining moments of the show that I loved.

The beginning of the series has Ledo waking up to a brand new world, a seemingly peaceful life on the ocean liner Gargantia. These beginning moments for Ledo define his sense of loss and confusion. Ledo's personality and the story writing excellently convey how Ledo feels in such a different world that he must adapt to.

The Hideauze truth about humanity was something that threw Ledo into a mental nightmare. Ledo's shock to the Hideauze being of human origin was excellently presented, and ironic as Ledo was ruthlessly massacring the lot prior to the truth. Up until this point Ledo was starting to adapt to his new life but still had strong ties to his militaristic past, he was at a crossroads, trying to find a path for himself. just as Ledo finally finds something to do with his life on Earth, he is thrown into disarray. Even Chamber's attitude to the killing of the Hideauze helped Ledo realize that he still has no place in this new start on life, and that he must come to understand where he stands and how to move forward in search of a reason to live.

Once Ledo and Pinion had joined up with Ledo's former commander, it ended up revealing just how wrong the galactic alliance's influence was. I loved Pinion's progress as he became obsessed with the relics and how it pushed Ledo to attack the Hideauze and fall back on his military history. Once the bodies of the sacrificed were thrown into the water, it was sudden and without warning. This realization woke Ledo and Pinion from their desires and helped them see the right path to take. I really loved that moment of terror, seeing people suddenly being sacrificed in large numbers was quite the scene. Ledo's sudden flashback of his brother and Bebel reminds him how horrible these religious sacrifices are.

Pinion was one character that really grew on me. He was blinded by revenge and greed of obtaining the treasure trove he and his brother sought out. No one could stop Pinion from his desires, and the only person who could sway a man like Pinion turned out to be the lobster pirate Lukkage.

Special consideration for Lukkage, I didn't think she would appear after her early battles but she makes an important return and helps pinion and Ledo end Strikers reign. Her sudden interest with Pinion was the only thing that saved him from becoming engrossed in his treasure.

Striker was an awesome villain, her warped logical reasoning saw humans as a means to server her. Through her guidance she would lead humanity to happiness, however that happiness only warped the minds of humans and took away all individuality, making them her loyal servants to replicate the galactic army. Her clever use of a fake hologram made it seem like her pilot was still alive in order to trick Ledo into serving her. Not only was she a great villain to Ledo, but even more so to Chamber, who had a different view on life and how he saw machines as tools to help guide people rather than force people down a path.

Chamber may have started out as a support mobile weapon system, but he eventually grows an individual identity with his own thoughts based on surrounding information. When it came time for Ledo to risk his life in order to kill Striker, he ejects Ledo in order to save him, even though his program should not let him act in such a way. Chamber easily became an awesome character after telling Ledo he should survive and explore, as well as telling off Striker "Go to hell tin can!". Chamber was my favourite character of the show and really drove home the battle of machine purposes against Strikers "I am god" logic.

I was surprised to learn why the ship was called Gargantia, and as it turns out the secret mega catapult cannon, while only being a portion of its original size, was able to direct deadly accurate ballistics across a great distance as a weapon of huge destructive potential. This weapon was pretty bad ass compared to all of the other weapons since it holds a huge range and power advantage.

This one goes down as one of my favourites.


High School DxD New - First Impression - same stuff still enjoyable

Despite the fact that the show has an abundance of nude scenes interlaced throughout the plot and is embedded into the humour, I still love the characters and serious tones of this show.

Last time we saw Issei  he was overcoming an immortal being and saving Rias from a wedding while riding a griffon for an epic finale. Now Issei wakes up with a more passionate Rias and an ever jelous Asia at his side.

The show wastes no time and gets right into the thick of things. This time it appears Kiba is at the center of attention. It seems holy swords and an old friend of Issei will be the main plot devices for this season, as well as a changed Kiba who remembers his hate and revenge towards the holy sword Excalibur. While there was nothing super surprising or incredibly eventful, I really love the pace of the show and how the nudity, plot, humour, and characters are well spread out for an entertaining experience.

I was so happy to see Sellzen return. This crazed murdering priest has an insane personality that is simply too much fun to see. He was a wonderful villain in the last season and I thought he had disappeared, but now it seems he is back and more insane than ever.

The episode have pretty much everything that High School DxD had, a contract situation, exterminating a demon, side humour of Issei's forgotten jealous friends, and even some Asia embarrassment of her feelings towards Issei. Everything about this show is enjoyable so I will be trying to keep up with it.


Gen'ei wo Kakeru Taiyou - First Impression - Psychologically Dark

The only reason I bothered downloading this was due to the character art reminding me of Disgaea. I didn't know what to expect but I was surprised with the amount of psychological thrills that came from Gen'ei wo Kakeru Taiyou.

Akari is a bright girl who uses tarot cards to do readings and whatnot for people as it was passed down by her mother. She lives with her aunt and uncle and works for a fortune telling group. Everything bright and cheery, until some really messed up things start happening. A distortion on the screen, images of blood flashing, monsters and even a dead body come out of nowhere. There was even a similar situation that reminded me of Another, where a car's e-brake is somehow lowered and causes the car to almost run over Akari.

There is even a moment of deja vu where the same event happens twice but with a drastic change. All of these mysterious events really grip your attention and lure you into the show. Near the end a bit of a magical girl fight occurs, and all of the sudden I am reminded of season one of Symphogear. Things are pretty interesting with Gen'ei, but I don't know how well they will be able to follow up on the thrills of this episode and whether or not this will become a silly magical girl fight similar to Symphogear season 1.

I am very interested to see where this show is going, and what exactly is happening because I am totally confused, but in a good way. The animation and visuals are incredibly colourful and still remind me of Disgaea. The events really grip your attention and is a great way to start off the show, now we will have to see whether or not the psychological events continue or whether this goes downhill with loli magic fights.


Danganronpa - 01 - First Impression - rushed

Danganronpa is a murder mystery game on the PSP that reminds me of 999. The game was never localized but I have been reading a translation of the game online and it is a wonderful narrative. Upon hearing that an anime adaption was coming out I was ecstatic, but I can't really say the first episode lives up to the game.

Episode 1 was the prologue of the show, and it was rushed to try and cover all of the introductions for all 15 characters as well as their predicament. Essentially Hope's Peak Academy is a school for the brightest students across the country who are chosen to enroll. Those chosen are referred to as "Super High School" students.

With everyone becoming trapped in some sort of game with Monobear, it seems no one is allowed to leave unless they graduate. In order to graduate you have to kill someone, and that is a pretty steep thing to consider. Monobear is some whacked out stuffed bear that may or may not have explosives as we find out.

There was only a small segment for each character that showed who they are, and very brief screen times for each character since we have 15 characters and only 22 minutes to express them, so it was obvious things were going to feel rushed.

I'm not going to go through all the characters but I will go over the ones who showed more personality than others. I will cover the rest as they become important or show more personality. Overall we have a great cast of characters that all show obvious differences with their behavior and looks. I especially love Celestia's character. Her personality is easily shown through a calm and weird demeanor, however she has a few bright ideas such as adaptation to their situation and enforcing rules to make things easier on themselves.

Naegi is our protagonist, he has no ability or any special assets, he was chosen in a lottery and labeled as a super high school lucky student, although you might as well call him super high school unlucky. He is pretty much a regular character who will lead us in the show.

Maizono is a super high school idol, and apparently went to the same school as Naegi, although since she was so popular Naegi never associated himself with her. Her personality and info was similar to a roller coaster, all over the place with its ups and downs, and over before you know it. She introduces herself, rekindles a relation with Naegi, devotes herself to him, has a breakdown, and recovers all in 20 minutes. I was not very happy with how rushed the whole thing was but I guess it's hard to cover everything in what i'm guessing is a 12-13 episode series.

One thing I'd like to mention is how they addressed the "motive" for everyone to kill each other. I'm not sure if this just cut down some time for the show but in the game Naegi is the first one to see the video before everyone else, leading Naegi to consider not telling them about it. Another thing to note is how well they adapted the game's art, although it doesn't fully capture the gritty colours in an outline style, the art is still good enough. Music is directly from the game, and that being said, it's nice to see everything following the game's visuals and atmosphere, the show really captures everything about the game, including character voices, background music, and even the very first scene with the rocket is directly from the game.

Overall it was a bit rushed but it gets the intro out of the way, if you had a hard time trying to follow the pace it should become a little more clear over time. As for right now who knows if anyone is going to kill another, Togami definitely likes to act alone, and that has never really been a good thing when it comes to trust. While I know what happens I will be posting with only the information given from each episode, since I don't even know if they will follow the game. The game's demo version actually had different events happen so i'm not sure the anime will follow the game fully and give us a few surprises.


Hataraku Maou-sama! - 11-13 Not Enough

Sadly yes :'(
When I first started watching Maou-sama I was immediately engrossed in the characters, each episode was awesome and balanced out each important character's screen time to capture the humour of the show. Episode 10 was a big let down as it was completely unnecessary and acted as a filler, and since there hasn't really been any plot advancement, save for the dry mystery surrounding the blue haired angel, I found myself not interested.

Episdoe 11-13 finishes off the series and wow, I really enjoyed these last few episodes. Not only was the current plot worked out, but we finally got some more of that quality action I have missed since Maou's fight with Lucifer. The humour is still there, but it wasn't the main factor that drove the show, still, I do love the comedy here.

Episode 11 covered most of Suzuno's past, and I was pretty surprised with how much of a killer she was, it really brought to light her inner conflict and explained her odd and somewhat polar behaviour to Maou. I don't know why but often do I see the church act more like a deceitful, evil, backstabbing behind the curtains organization than the holy and religious place it's suppose to be. Suzuno is pretty much the church's lap dog, sent out to kill off those who are deemed to be scheming behind the church's back upon other things. With all this mindless murder Suzuno has done over the years, her odd personality towards Maou is well explained, as she desires a peaceful escape from her past life as an inquisitor for the church in order to move on and live a new life without sacrifices. I wasn't really sure what to think about her character, but with her past being revealed and her current beliefs explained, I have really grown to enjoy her, it's just too bad the show is over.

Ashiya is pretty much a critical factor to the general humour present in the show, and once again he falls ill with some sort of flue, but as it turns out we get an interesting description as to why he continues to get sick; Suzuno's cooking! So as it turns out Maou knew about Suzuno's identity from the moment she moved in, and apparently Maou, Lucifer, but maybe not Ashiya, were able to sense that Suzuno's cooking has a sort of holy magic aroma to it. This aroma which doesn't phase Lucifer or Maou, seems to make Ashiya sick. While Ashiya didn't get much screen time, he does bring out plenty of humour. Once Ashiya flies off to Maou after the final battle, I couldn't contain myself as he acts so cool when arriving only to breakdown in tears and tell himself how worthless he is for arriving late.

I absolutely loved the final fight with Mitsuki, not only was there plenty of epic action, but the resolve between Suzuno and Maou was nicely handled. I really thought Maou didn't stand much of a chance, but it was quite clever to make Mitsuki feel overconfident with the closeness of the moon only to have it disappear. The fear of the moon's proximity scaring the people gave Maou his powers, and honestly it was a dumb move. Mitsuki had the fight under his belt, but his ego of using a spell to bring the moon closer to increase his powers lead to his demise. If Mitsuki didn't use the old geezer to summon the moon, then the people wouldn't have been frightened  and wouldn't have given Maou his powers back, so when the moon spell was overturned, only Maou had power. Besides the great fight, there was still an abundance of humour, including how Maou had obtained rip resistant underwear as his clothes are blown away during his fighting.

Mitsuki ended up being a pretty good character, and even though he only had his one battle with Maou for screen time, he was wonderfully expressed as a mad power hungry angel.

My favourite part over the last few episodes has to be the battle between Maou and Suzuno. It was pretty much a one sided fight for physical attacks, but the mentality and verbal debate between the two was well executed to make Suzuno realize her place in this world with her friends. Despite going against Maou, she wanted him to beat Mitsuki in order to return things to normal, ut she couldn't help shake off her past and her relation with the church. We get a real feel for how Suzuno wants to break free from her past as an assassin of the church and live happily with her new friends.

You always get these characters in anime who are sensitive about their chest size, but I have to say Emilia takes the cake. Not only does she show how uncomfortable she is with the subject, but she lashes out at even the smallest remark about her bust, creating plenty of laughs as her rage can not be contained and is apparent to cause someone else harm for their comments, even while being held hostage her anger cannot be contained.

Overall it was a great ending to the show, everything pretty much goes back to normal except that Mitsuki is now head over heels for Maou's MgRonalds boss. I find it funny that despite everything that happens, Maou is only concerned over Chiho since she is a friend and a fellow employee, and not the romantic man Chiho wants him to be. The final scenes of Emilia giving Maou an umbrella was perfect, and I would love to see more of this show, but I think i'll pick up the manga.


Summer Anime Season 2013 Preview

Here is the chart for this summer.

Side note: Since no one else seemed interested in working on the preview post I will be doing a shortened version.

Description: Sequel to Kingdom TV series.  
Bern's Thoughts:
Djr7's Thoughts: Was never interested in the first on and I see no reason in getting involved with it.
Pearz' Thoughts: Nope Season 2 stuff.
Ouros’ Thoughts:

Tamayura ~More Agressive~

TYO Animation
Bern's Thoughts:
Djr7's Thoughts: I didn’t even know there was a first season.
Pearz' Thoughts: More season 2 stuff, plus I hate these slices of life crap.
Ouros’ Thoughts:

Kimi no Iru Machi

Description: Girl moves in with the protagonist’s family and is sure to cause complications as he already has a secret crush on another girl.
Bern's Thoughts:
Djr7's Thoughts: Honestly who knows, it could be decent and I may try it out since there isn’t a whole lot this season that interests me.
Pearz' Thoughts: I hear Kimi no Rage manga is quite popular. I still haven't picked it up though. I think I would Finish reading Good End first if I wanted that kind of genre...
Ouros’ Thoughts:

Gen’ei o Kakeru Taiyo

Description: Mystery solver of the occult where a girl uses tarrot cards that can read destinies.
Bern's Thoughts:
Djr7's Thoughts: I really love the art, and everything is bright and colourful so why not. It reminds me of Disgaea art.
Pearz' Thoughts: YES YES YES. Time for suffering (I hope).
Ouros’ Thoughts:

Monogatari 2nd

Description: 2 cour series capturing the 6 volumes of original light novel.
Bern's Thoughts:
Djr7's Thoughts: Everyone will be watching this, so you should as well.
Pearz' Thoughts: Who wouldn't watch? I think this will cover the Shinobu arc !!!
Ouros’ Thoughts:

Senki Zesshou Symphogear G

Description: 2nd season.
Bern's Thoughts:
Djr7's Thoughts: I’m 50/50 on the first season but I might pick this up. The first season was decent at best, but sometimes second seasons are better, wait, no that usually isn't the case but w/e ill still give it a try.
Pearz' Thoughts: Oh man, this was amazingly hilarious. It wasn't good but how good I drop it?
Ouros’ Thoughts:

High School DxD NEW

Description: 2nd season.
Bern's Thoughts:
Djr7's Thoughts: BOOBS! I mean, despite it being pretty much all ecchi, I loved the protagonist and how the story was presented in season one, I will definitely be watching this. This is an over the top 18+ comedy but the first season had a great simple narrative to define the character's personalities and their conflicts.
Pearz' Thoughts: I watched all of season 1 and I hated it the whole way. I don't think I can do another season...
Ouros’ Thoughts:

Blood Lad

Brains Base
Description: Vampire obsessed with human world works with a girl to restore her humanity.
Bern's Thoughts:
Djr7's Thoughts: This was suppose to have come out a few seasons ago but w/e, it still looks interesting and I will give it a shot.
Pearz' Thoughts: Previously I said I would give it a shot, I changed my mind.
Ouros’ Thoughts:

Love Lab

Description: Girls at an elite school with a variety of characters including tsundere.
Bern's Thoughts:
Djr7's Thoughts: Tsundere is good, but that is all i’m seeing, so I might take a look at the first episode.
Pearz' Thoughts: Don't people get bored of watching these slice of life?
Ouros’ Thoughts:

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukauyou

Description: abused mystery commedy about a boy being resurrected as a dog and taken care of by a sadistic novelist who uses scissors on him.
Bern's Thoughts:
Djr7's Thoughts: Sounds entertaining as hell, it also sounds like it could go horribly, horribly wrong, but I do find it interesting and maybe it'll worth a look or two.
Pearz' Thoughts: I already watched the first episode. Though it is funny, I don't think it is for me.
Ouros’ Thoughts:

Dangan Ronpa Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei

Description: Super high school students are locked in a high school where graduating means killing others without being discovered in order to get out alive.
Bern's Thoughts:
Djr7's Thoughts: I’m currently reading the “game” as it was a psp game similar to 999 but with much less gameplay solving, the story is amazing and this will be the best show this season most likely. I wonder if they will change anything from the game in terms of how people die and in what order.
Pearz' Thoughts: Sounds interesting, I'll give it the 3 episode rule.
Ouros’ Thoughts:

Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui!

Description: Slice of life gag comedy about a girl who enters high school and finds its not easy to become popular like her eroge games.
Bern's Thoughts:
Djr7's Thoughts: I think Bern got me into the manga, I read a little bit of it and it was quite funny so I think i'll give this a try. That being said, I’m really only going to watch maybe the first episode only because I read a little of the manga..
Pearz' Thoughts: I cringe so hard reading this manga, yet I subject my self to that torture willingly.I think I am an M. But no, I don't think my body can handle this.
Ouros’ Thoughts:

Gatchaman Crowds

Description: People are selected to use custom robo suites to fight off aliens..
Bern's Thoughts:
Djr7's Thoughts: It sounds like a crossover between Symphogear and Infinite Stratos, buuut I might give it a try.
Pearz' Thoughts: Giant robots fighting Aliens? Sign me up.
Ouros’ Thoughts:

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya

Silver Link
Description: Spinoff of fate/stay night characters where Illya is a magical girl.
Bern's Thoughts:
Djr7's Thoughts: ….honestly who came up with this idea and gave it an anime, its rediculous and I won’t bother with it.
Pearz' Thoughts: Oh man, I already but the scale for her before even reading the manga. I can't drop this show now!
Ouros’ Thoughts:

Maki Ouji: Devils and Realist

Description: Nobel with fund issues accidently summons a devol who believes our protagonist is a descendant tasked with choosing the next ruler of Hell as Heaven tries to interveen.
Bern's Thoughts:
Djr7's Thoughts: Oooooooo, this actually sounds interesting, totally gunna take a look at it
Pearz' Thoughts: Maybe, it depends on when it airs and if I feel like trying.
Ouros’ Thoughts:

Hakkended Season 2

Studio DEEN
Description: Second season.
Bern's Thoughts:
Djr7's Thoughts: I tried watching the first season, but It never really stood out enough to keep me coming back. I don’t think I will go back and finish it tbh.
Pearz' Thoughts: More season 2 stuff.
Ouros’ Thoughts:

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi

Description:15 years since the dead stopped dying and people ceased to be born, a young girl who is a gravekeeper is tasked with giving the would-be-dead peace. One day a man comes into her village setting fire to everything and shooting people indiscriminately. A schocking truth is then revealed.
Bern's Thoughts:
Djr7's Thoughts: Sounds awesome, usually when a description includes a “shocking truth”, it often turns out to be rather dull, however the idea of the dead not dying and humans not being born sets up quite the fantastical setting. Definitely going to give this a shot.
Pearz' Thoughts: Maybe 1 episode to hook me...
Ouros’ Thoughts:

Overall It's not as big of a line-up as last season but there are still a few here I will be watching. My order of preferences is: Dangan Ronpa, High School DxD, Kamisama no Inai, Blood lad, Kimi no Iru, Monogatari, Gen'ei, and the rest if I find time.