Sacred Seven 02 - I Ain't Gotta Explain Shit

There is always time for a parachute when skydiving!

Well, attempting to do episodic posts of a shounen-esque story ended pretty abruptly. I may or may not continue to cover this, depending on my mood, but this episode was so full of fail that I can't take this anime seriously any more. I guess I prefer logic over some flashy fights that are just supposed to make sense 'cause they told me so.

I guess I'll start with the flimsy-ass explanation of Darkstones that they decided to bestow upon us. Darkstones manifest by themselves while Lightstones are the ones that can control their powers. This is implying that Darkstones can't control their powers, or that Lightstone powers are engineered and don't manifest on their own. Either way, how the hell is that talking rock a Darkstone? He seems to be well in control. They just decided to make some random explanation and then paint anything evil as Darkstones, ignoring their own explanation.

They are really just pulling shit out of their ass. Pebbles can't live longer than us if they aren't alive. She should get in a habit of cutting down trees and collecting them; those have lived much longer than us. If anyone ever said that to me, I would just turn and walk away; I mean, you don't want that stupidity to rub off on you. She should have just died in the last episode; it would a type of natural selection to weed out the useless ones.

Then we got to the sister. The girl specifically said that she didn't want him knowing because he would help out of pity. Funnily enough, he agreed to help because of this, but now it's okay. What happened to not wanting pity points, you damn whore? The amount of inconsistency in just one episode is unbelievable.

What a surprise, the weak point was the red thing in the centre. Does that really need to be pointed out so you begin going for that spot? More WTF yet, he took it out in one shot. Why did they need such dramatics when it was so weak? I mean, why is this thing even a Darkstone? It was just some worm thingy that controlled stuff; that's hardly something that manifested from contact with the Sacred Seven. It was more like some evil guy's random henchman.

Then we reached the final scenes of this episode. So, it is implied now that they were childhood friends? That idiot rock girl stands no chance in getting him now, although it's not like she had much of a chance to begin with. I really wonder how they are going to swing them meeting into him manifesting his powers too without him knowing. It's just more absolute random moments for no reason, where I'm supposed to just go ZOMGZ.

So, what I have learned is that shounen anime don't need to make sense if they try and shift the focus to only battles. At least space out your inconsistency a bit further apart so it isn't so noticeable. I might keep blogging about this just to bash it when I am bored, but that seems highly unlikely as I am pretty busy of late. I can only work part-time as a troll; it is hard to maintain a full-time position.