GJ-bu in Review N/A

GJ-bu is one of those enjoyable shows that has no actual story or conflict, essentially we follow the daily routines of the "Good Job" club and their various antics.

Out of everything that aired last season this was the one show I knew I could turn to for some good humour
with its heart-warming characters. I especially enjoyed how the main character Kyouya would often be teased and tricked by the other members of the club, who happen to all be females.

The club members were all very entertaining in their own way, with Shion being my favourite. Shion was a genius who happens to lack all common knowledge, and even describes Kyouya as her knight of common sense during her alone time with him at the end. It was always entertaining to see her subtle interests in Kyouya. Overall the show had good pace, despite covering roughly a year of events over the course of the series, each episode balanced the characters screen time, leaving all the main girls to be equally entertaining. The president Mao did feel more important than the others, but then again she is the wildest of the group and managed to hold her own without stealing the spotlight too much.

Mao, Megumi, Kirara, Shion, and all of the secondary characters played some sort of role and felt important, they were well developed, leaving me with no dislike for any of them. The show was simply an everyday slice of life as we see Kyouya deal with the random and meaningless events of the club and its contrasting club members. There was never a dull moment with the characters, even leading to some awkwardly hilarious hair brushing of Kyouya's impeccable ability to nearly drive the girls crazy. Kyouya's hair brushing technique is so powerful, it nearly causes the maid Mori to have an orgasm, which was probably the most intense and surprising moment of the show.
The final episode of GJ-bu was a somewhat emotional and serious episode that wrapped up the show amazingly well, with each character getting some alone time with Kyouya before an emotional send off. I would like to give the show a 9/10, but I feel a rating scheme doesn't really fit this show. GJ-bu never set itself any bars, and can't really be compared to anything else I've seen, so there was never any expectations or cliffhangers to follow up on. The show delivered what it did best, an enjoying set of contrasting characters that partake in random activities and minor internal conflicts that brings out the best of each character.

If I was to compare this to anything, I would compare it to Seitokai Yakuindomo, but it's not as amazing since Seitokai was more focused towards over-the-top comedy.

Overall this was an awesome show to watch and it left me sad that it had ended. I recommend to anyone looking for a casual and entertaining cast of characters. I miss this show already -_-