Mawaru Penguindrum 02 - Stalkerfest

What a try-hard. She wishes she could emanate that glow...

So, this was an episode consisting of the brothers stalking another stalker. We finally got a clue to start on the search for the penguin drum. I guess it was a nice introductory episode as to the story that's coming, although I kind of already saw her introduction coming since there was a picture floating around with all the character relationships before the second episode aired. (I don't have the pic 'cause I saw it at work.)

I guess it would make sense that they would have to reuse the transformation seen, since it was way too flashy to use just once. The problem was that it was just used at the ending of the last episode and immediately used again at the start of this episode; that's way too close in proximity, even if it was a week ago. Give the scene maybe one or two more weeks, and it won't seem kool anymore.

That stick figure could be anyone!

So, they began the search for an item that they know nothing but the name of. I mean, shape, size, maybe what it looks like, colour, you know... A name is never enough to find what you are looking for. At this point, I think it is linked with that diary or stamp she used at the end of the episode (more likely the stamp). My prediction is the stamp seals things into fate, or there's a similar gadget that will do this sort of thing. There is just too much talk about fate for the penguin drum to not be related.

Damn, those penguins are awesome.

It's also cheating to stalk people with penguins that are invisible to everyone else. I wonder how it works, though. Do things touching them go invisible? Technically, can't they make the brothers invisible, too? Or are they too big? I'll figure out how that invisibility thing works. D: Clearly, touching isn't enough, since they are touching the penguins pretty often.

She brings stalking to a whole new level...

I guess I'll touch on one last thing mentioned: does the ends justify the means? I am pretty opinionated on things like these, and the short answer is "yes". There are very rare instances where the end does not justify the means, but it is extremely rare. The simplicity of this is weighing losing their sister to the crime they are committing. Clearly, they care more about their sister than a small time crime like theft. The fact that he wanted to take the moral road and didn't see the bigger picture is bleh... Damn nubz.

Number 1 hiding spot for stalking!

The episode slowed back down quite a bit, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Hopefully, they only have 1-2 more episodes to build up more of the setting and such, or I might get bored. So far, it is still extremely entertaining to watch. I think that's because it is bright and colourful, and I like pretty colours. D: