First Look At Legendary Champions

First of all: Rho, I detest you for claiming I have viruses. While using a inferior laptop, I still load HON a lot faster. (._.)

So, I think I've levelled up decently in Legendary Champions (LC from now on). I hit lv30 on my Archer and then reached the Open PVP maps.

So, this is how gameplay pans out:
1) Opening town > NPCs to learn from.
2) Run out to start questing. The majority of the quests are just walk and then talk to someone else with very few "take out xx mobs yy times". I hit lv30 one night, with roughly 5 hours of gameplay. Almost all of your exp comes from quests 'cause one quest gives, say, 100k exp while the mobs your level give around 50 exp. lulz
3) Once you hit lv30 for the Open PVP maps, everything changes. Quite literally, you get a quest to take out 200 pixies, and you only get a couple of the quests anyway. The game becomes a grind-fest - not only that, but the maps are also tiny. They're ramming everyone between lv30-35 in that one map to grind, so you're guaranteed to run into someone every 5min. The second you run in, you know they will attack you, thus levelling lv30+ comes to a very fast halt.

I never got passed lv30, but basically the quests were nearly undoable. It doesn't help that the graphics are horrid and, as Rho puts it, "The game doesn't even TRY to follow the Three Kingdoms story." They just smacked names onto everything to be kool.

The Guardian System is neat; I love transforming into pure ownage owning everything for a minute... Then, someone transformed into Garunda (what irony that he picked that Guardian) on me and owned my face on that PVP map.

Class-wise, there are five. Of them, two seem clearly imba such that if you don't roll those, you will get rocked. Skill-wise, you use books so everyone can get every book and have all the skills, provided that they have money. With cash shop, you're guaranteed to have the money. Stats can be customized, but they make very little impact.

So, in the end, LC is dropped. The gameplay is nothing special, there's nearly no customization, and the graphics are horrid.

On another (anime) note:
Bakuman just keeps winding up and up; makes you think he's getting ready to wrap things up soon. That's good news, 'cause most run-on manga suck. *thumbs up*

Claymore, on the other hand, is also winding up (with monthly chapter #107 being released today). Clearly, they are looking to maybe end things, but this latest chapter has made me resent it. Claymore, you don't exist to me anymore!1!1!111! *shakes fist at the heavens*

Note: FF14 OB is open again, if you can get one of those keys...