Pearz' HON Woes

I wish I could play Silhouette better. D:

It has been a while since I talked about the only game I still play: HON. So, yesterday, I played a few matches and lost all of them. It was mainly one match where I was the lowest (1700 MMR) in the game with all 1800 MMR players. The difference in skill was quite obvious, which wasn't horrible as I was only playing slightly under the average level. The problem lies in the fact that I am a solo mid/carry player; if I was playing a support, I would have been fine. It is implied that the one going mid and carrying is generally the best player. If I am not the best player in the game, then most of the time the game is lost. The skill difference between me and the carries of the game were black and white. As I go up in MMR, it's getting harder and harder to carry, which proves that I am almost at my limit for MMR, until I improve drastically.

Just that realization that I am pretty much hard capped at around 1750 MMR at this point (and even reaching that level would still need some luck) sucks. I just can't cut it as a carry in those high-tier games. I guess I'm stuck as a low 1700 player forever; at least I will always be the best in the team in this range. XD

Just my random woes that I will never be able to break out of this ceiling of my skill level. QQ