About: Rho

If you've gotten this far, it has to be assumed that you are interested in the entity known as Rho. Hopefully, I'll not have you leave disappointed.

I adopted the alias Adrienne in the game of Real Life, my class is Artist & Animator. During character creation, I decided on Asian: Chinese, but then misclicked and came out a little short; the mistake shall forever haunt me. I'm Level Twenty-Four and climbing steadily, despite my many attempts to sabotage it. Pearz has been my best friend for a decade, Aaro is my fiance. For the most part, the game is good!

The languages I call my own are English and Mandarin but if forced to rank them, then my English is superior. My favourite activity is the exercising of my brain, be it with riddles, games, literature or heated debates and hypotheticals. I enjoy anything that requires me to think strategically.

Despite the direction of the blog, I actually have little to no interest in anime. I house deep-seated angst against much of the anime culture that, if confronted, may leave many readers in tears. That being said, I am a fan of manga and keep up with many a series.

I am a believer in the lost art of language, a once powerful tool that is now reduced to little more than stitchings and glue before the masses, enslaved by the imagination of others.


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Heroes of Newerth
ign: RhoRho

PSN: ak-Rho

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"build defensively, play aggressively."

~*+ Rho