Mawaru Penguindrum 03 - Curry Overload

This was an episode heavily dedicated on how amazing curry is and all the magic that goes into it. I think they are trying for some kind of fate-based theme... I'm not too sure, though; maybe if they say the word "fate" a few more times every episode, it might actually sink in.

Did no one else find it wrong to see a cow drink bottles of milk? Either way, how did the brothers come to a conclusion that Himari was creating an illusion - I mean, how would that even be possible? I mean, I would personally just accept whatever she told me. She was clearly dead and something that shouldn't be possible was appearing before me, so why assume it is an illusion?

What do the penguins have against bugs?

I really hate the blue-haired brother. He is a one of those self-righteous moral people that can only see what is in front of them. He deserves to be dropped through that trap door every episode; I wonder where it leads. D: The red-haired brother, I seem to like much more. He was down-to-earth enough to decide what to do next after Himari just died, and now is very goal-driven to get this penguindrum. I always love to see people that know what they are after and strive to attain it.

We finally got to see Ringo's competition. How can a middle school girl compete with a girl already living and cooking at his house? She has already lost; she just doesn't know it. At least we get to see why she fell for him: the big brother took care of her. At lease she is a born-ninja - she can climb the ledges of buildings, crawl under the floorboards and now leap out of windows. She should really look into maybe a career direction in the stealthy human resources department.

I do like the use of the penguins throughout the anime. When the characters are busy chatting without much action on screen, they provide some entertainment to look at. It makes much better use of the screen when you do things like these.

 God, this looks so wrong out of context...

Even without the brothers intervening, it seems Ringo and Himari met. I guess it was fated. Har-har-har. They are really making it blatantly obvious that this will be an important factor to how everything plays out. What I am certain of now is that the diary is not the penguindrum, or things wouldn't have gone horribly for her. This leads me to the only other thing introduced: the stamp.

So, I also learned that this anime will be a 2-cour. This was surprising, as it seemed to be more fit than just 1-cour. Either way, it means we will be seeing penguins for quite some time. Things are still looking pretty good with this anime; I am eager to see how things play out. Fate is always one of the greater themes if done right. It is partly why I love any story with time travel involved.