Mayo Chiki 02 - Reverse Trapping at its Finest

He should've picked this choice.

Well, it was a toss-up whether I should make a post about this or Baka to Test to get them alternating for two episodes, and I picked this one first because I liked this episode more. It helps that these characters seemed new and reverse traps are awesome - especially successful ones.

I can't even tell if this is stolen, but they had the exact same thing in Baka to Test, wearing pretty much the exact same thing. The only difference was that they expanded to create an anti-version of this club. I can't help but think the S4 was stolen from Baka to Test, considering it is exactly the same thing.

Why is the lamb bleeding? D:

Their date went better than expected. It was surprisingly "normal", which seems rare for comedies like these. I mean, it was normal all the way up until the end when the sister showed up. I was still disappointed that he used his ticket for something so simple; it could have been ANYTHING!!! I mean, at least get her to keep repeating the "baa" thing until you're was satisfied, or maybe she has to add "baa" to the end of every sentence. That would have been awesome.

Normally you would expect the anime to have the sister fall for the older brother, which I assumed from the beginning. What a turn of events for her to fall for the TRAP. It must be interesting for two siblings of opposite sex to be fighting over the same person. It seems like the tangled lines of love will make for some awesome drama at home. It's not like the main character doesn't get his ass kicked at home, anyway. Maybe now it will just be more.

God, everyone was hell-bent on stripping her...

I can't believe people let them measure each other like that. I just find it funny because the school already suspects the main character to be gay, and then he pulls crap like this for everyone to see. He is just digging himself deeper into his grave. I guess it is already enough, though, because it is a reverse trap. I did like that they actually gave a semi-logical explanation of why he has nosebleeds when he touches girls. At least they are kinda trying, I guess...

My only problem was there wasn't enough screen time for the rich girl. You can never have enough sadistic characters in your anime. She brings the best out of all the characters; she should really see more screen time. Either way, it was an enjoyable episode, but I can't really pick which of the new series I like the most yet. I need to give it a couple of more weeks to get a couple of more episodes to judge. For now, I await the debut of the cat-eared girl.