Nisemonogatari Final: The ImpoStory & Review

So it has finally ended(?)… However this ending left me with the impression that there is more to come. They did leave an impression of something to happen between Araragi and Senjougahara. Also I was expecting something more for an ending rather than just a last boss fight and a small speech. But then again that’s just me having really high expectations.

I just went berserk when I saw Shinobu transform into a teenager. I mean really, Shinobu tops 2nd in my list of female characters but would’ve shared 1st place with Holo (Spice and Wolf) if only she didn’t have that loli character. Yeah her loli body added to her character type but not into that. Then here they come with Shinobu in teenager form!!! Damn, I love that character… Too bad they just gave her one episode as a teen. NEED MOAR!!

So story wise, I was quite disappointed in the fact that they didn’t show the fight between Shinobu and Yostugi. Their battle would be much more interesting don’t you think? Then I noticed that their battle ground was hardly destroyed. Then compare their fight to Araragis fight with Kagenui where they go up and down pounding through multiple floors.

Kagenui speaks with Arargi saying humans are born fundamentally evil and us being good is us not being true to ourselves. Well, I’m sure you folks must be smart enough to know that this ain’t true right? I believe we are all born with the good and evil levels inside us varying throughout. And humans mostly do evil simply cause of its immediate convenience for our personal selves and our inability to control our own foolish desires. You and I both know that doing the right thing usually requires doing the most difficult thing. But strength in ones “self” and “character” comes from overcoming our destructive desires and conquering our evil self. “For change to occur, destruction must first be done”

Yeah, this episode review is quite short. Mostly because I got a lot of work to do and the fact that I feel this series is still undone. That being said you might have noticed that I wrote “ended(?)” in the first words of my post. Well along with me not feeling like this series is undone; I feel they were implementing more with the final scene between Araragi and Senjougahara. It’s like they are saying “Moar to come” in the form of a scene. And I’m extremely interested to know the changes Senjougahara has come to. BTW, Senjougaharas change in appearance was quite good as well; she still has her “hot” factor intact. But now we’ll have to see if her change in personality complements her new look.

In the end, I WAN’ MOAR!!

Nisemonogtari Review

As its title suggests “Nisemonogatari” is all about the fakes. “Nisemono”, translates into English as “impostor” which is the basis of the entire series. The fake ideals of the “Fire sisters”, the illusion of Karen’s “Bee oddity”, the con-man Kaiki and his argument that the “fake is of more value in its attempt to be real”, Araragis fake sister, Tsukihi, and Kagenui talking about how humans doing good things are humans being untrue to themselves. This series is all about the fakes.

I must commend that the way they portrayed such a concept as “Impostors” and “fakes” in to the story without over blowing it.  The concept flows together with the story flawlessly, and everything just comes together complementing each scene with the rest without leaving any obvious plot holes or lack of pretext.
Overall, due to the series only having two arcs, I felt that I was shorter than Bakemonogatari. None the less the composition of plots and portrayal of characters though dynamic camera angles, excellent animations, and awesome designs the series was a ride worthy as a sequel of its predecessor, Bakemonogatari.

Next up in line is the prequel to Bakemonogatari, Kizumonogatari. Unfortunately Kizumonogatari is just an OVA or something. None the less, I’m looking forward to it with great expectations. With all the hype, fanbase, and money that the series reels in, hopefully they also adapt the rest of Nisio Isins “Monogatari” series into an anime. I could care less if it’s another TV series, an OVA, or even a movie, as long as they make MOAR!!