About: Rain

The word "Rain" is used to describe the three of us - Aaro, Pearz and Rho - because it's been the name of the guild/clan/gathering that we've created in MMOs for the last few years. It's easier to refer to us with a single term rather than try to come up with some portmanteau.

This blog was originally created for a contest held by Aeria Games for the MMO Shin Megami Tensei (or Megaten), hence the name (where it was originally called "Days of Our Megaten Lives"). The contest was mainly to promote Aeria Games, not particularly only Megaten, and the prize was that the Top 10 blogs would receive $200USD worth in the Item Mall. One of the contest rules was that there was a minimum of 20 posts a month, which at the time was a lot, so Aaro, Pearz and Rho decided to work together.

Eventually, the contest was swept under the rug and (most likely) no one won, causing great rage and some general distaste towards Aeria. At that point, posts began to shift towards focusing on Megaten and all the flaws in both the game's and Aeria's system. (Even now, Aeria is actually still very filled with lots of drama.)

Like with any other game, not necessarily MMOs, players tend to get bored and move to other games. In the order that we three moved:
Aeria's Megaten
NetGame's Cloud 9
GPotato's Allods
(You'll find lots of talk about these games, since it's all appropriately tagged due to Aaro being a little OCD.)

Between these games, we tried lots of other MMOs, mostly in Closed Beta (since it's usually easier to start at the beginning rather than find a well-established MMO to play), but the ones listed above are the only ones that we stuck to for any longer than a week. The three of us generally game-hop together and use the same 3 aliases (unless they're taken, which is rare but has happened before): Aaro, Pearz and Rho.

After the Aeria contest ended, it was Pearz who kept posting (mostly about random things that she wanted to talk about), with cameos by Aaro and Rho (who, in the end, probably have less to constantly say in comparison to Pearz).

These days, the focus of the blog has turned to anime, due to Pearz' new aspirations. Background work continues, with Rho taking over most graphics-related work for the blog and Aaro handling editing- and HTML-related work.

With these new anime-related goals in mind, Bern joined to round out the picks of each season. With this new addition, almost all different types of anime were being watched between Pearz, Aaro and Bern (although, more often than expected, there's something that none of the three will watch...).

After reading the blog for some time and wanting to contribute, Djr7 was brought onboard, primarily to add to the gaming reviews, although he hopes to evolve and contribute more and more as time goes on.

The best way to contact us, other than commenting on a post, would be to use the chatbox at the very bottom of the page. During the days when we were in Megaten, the chatbox was added due to a clan-member (Cody) having been banned by Aeria and needing a means of communication. Once the Weekly Maintenance occurred, the chatbox would generally become flooded with players. These days, it's just random messages and short chats. Feel free to leave a message for us there~

If you need to contact us about anything, email us at: contact[at]clanrain[dot]com