Resident Evil Revelations Review 1st Hour

This is the potential that the 3DS has in terms of quality gaming. I almost find myself wanting this game to be on a bigger screen since the 3D capabilities are not that eye-popping like other titles such as Zelda or Warrior Chronicles.

Revelaitons, yes that was done on purpose, there was a printing error where the side of the package reads Revelaitons, instead of Revelations. That is about the only error I find with the game, the controls are very tight and they're a perfect transition from any other resident evil game.

The graphics are surprisingly good for a handheld, they are actually better than the Wii version of RE.4 and the game's atmosphere is a return to evil that has me thinking of RE.4 once again. Don't let these images fool you, the game looks great on the small screen.

Even though i'm only an hour into the game, this is a true Resident Evil game that is a must buy for anyone who has a 3DS and enjoys Resident Evil.

There are no more zombies in this installments of Resident Evil, instead we have a virus that seems to turn people into walking crustaceans that resemble the twitchy monsters from RE.4 when you enter the hospital area. Another major thing to note is the game-play and atmosphere differences that take place between past and present chapters. The present chapters are all done via the ghost ship, invoking a thrilling environment with some nice audio/visuals to provoke a classic horror atmosphere. Then there are the past chapters where we are taken off the ship (because we might get a little sea sick har har har). These past chapters tell us a little more about the story and background all while killing tons of enemies with a large supply of ammo, mimicking RE.5's shoot-em-up action game-play.

Overall this game is one of the best available for Nintendo's handheld and will hopefully spark future 3DS only games from Capcom.