Pearz' Pure Randomness

Rawr~ Going to be pretty random, so here goes:

1) Realizing that my asking price for the Medical Voucher would be out of this world, I opened it. After all, I do prefer to look unique, so I thought I might as well wear it until I get bored of it (and then sell it).

2) So I took an IQ test at 4am in the morning here. Apparently, I have an IQ of 139. Yay for more ego inflation?

3) I finally reached Law today. Now to see how I badly (or well) I do when PVP arrives, which, supposedly, is coming next week. I'm a skeptic, so I think that when next week comes, they will just make an excuse as to why they failed to add it. Though, in a post I made a month ago, I did predict that the earliest we would get it was the last week of May (and, more likely, mid-June), so we see now how good I am at predicting this stuff. :O

4) Added a new link on the side to Force's list of soul stones. It's semi-complete and almost all accurate. It's a nice link to look up the all the soul stone effects, so you can stop asking me.

5) Had a huge revelation this week. Even with all the negative things I usually say about Megaten, I realized that I actually liked the way the Megaten GM team were handling the Item Mall. The older in-game rares have stayed rare and were not whored out for a quick buck. Back in DOMO, a week after a new hot rare (of which only a couple versions were handed out - and even then, as a Top Spender or with the low-odds Mystery Chests) was introduced, they would just dump it in the Item Mall or a cheap-tiered promo. What once was the hottest rare item then became just another nub item. It was a really big kick in the ass for those spending big bucks to look unique...only to have everyone else have it, too, a week later - and for a fraction of the cost. So, good job to you, Megaten team.

6) This is how almost all of the offers I get are like. And when I turn them down flat out, they wonder why and hate me 'cause I won't trade them.


An Innocent Observation

I won't lie: we started this blog as a clan because of this. It's just the truth; Rho and Pearz wanted that AP prize and I was pulled along for the ride.

But then you look here (basically just a post by GMTaz on page 27) and it's all just almost disgusting. It's one thing to decide to change from 10 winners to 5; I do agree with Pearz' announcement that the (some of) "entries aren't even finger paint". It's also acceptable that they can't continue the contest any longer; truth be told, if they can't even handle one iteration, it's doubtful that they can handle it being every month.

But to not announce the winners? To just say "we will award all the qualified blogs with AP for their submissions and excellent blogs"? What's that all about? Technically, you can award NO ONE with this kind of wording. Your excuse: none of the blogs were, really, qualified enough. The benefit: no one really hears that their submission was worthless, so there's no "just shut up and give me my AP" flaming. In reality: you got away with a contest failing due to lack of attention/time/devotion (and, most of all, competency), free publicity (I guess it can be called that when you tell someone to write a blog and they instead make an "informative website"; it's still spreading the word), and lots of ire from players (although most will forget in due time - maybe a week is long enough).

Just an observation.

~Aaro off

Fortune Cards!

Weekly review of Fortune cards time~ Starting off, I am super happy that I got my hands on the Black Medical Voucher. Totally off-topic...but, in my mind, it's related to everything now. (Yes, I am insane.)

Friendly FC - 300AP, Personal Score - 5/10, (Attempt at) Unbiased Score - 7.5/10

Okay, so there is a huge gap in the scores here, between what I think and looking plainly at just the items in the Fortune Card. The reason my personal score is lower is because it hasn't been over a week or two since cups and mirrors were removed from Fortune Cards and here they are again. The GMs aren't even trying to come up with new stuff; they're just recycling stuff. That is why I personally rate the Fortune Card lower.

For purely just the items in the Fortune Card, it's not bad. This time, you get your choice of melons or mirrors/cups as the top prize. This means you're likelier to get what you want if you hit the top prize, rather than get only 100 cups and then trade them off one at a time. For 300AP, most the stack sizes for prizes are above the AP:Macca Ratio. This means chances are that you can sell this stuff for more money than just buy stuff from the Item Mall and selling those. It's always good to get good filler stuff. The only crap item is the incense + stat for demons. Who uses a demon to kill? Those items (IMO) is pretty much throwing away your AP. Overall, you got good filler stuff and decent top prize. It's a good Fortune Card - just too soon to be readded, since it was just removed...

That's Not A Knife FC - 300AP, Score - 5/10

What I think defines a Fortune card is not how good the top rare is, it's what happens when you fail to get those top rares and stuck with the filler items. Here is a Fortune Card with an example of this. The top prizes everyone wants (the 3 weapons and royalty sword) are barely showing up. Not very many people are opening the real "goodies" of the fortune card - meaning, you're mostly stuck with filler stuff. The archives: I haven't seen any yet, so I can't comment if they're good or not. But the rest of the fillers are mostly junk. The Eco HP/MP for a demon? What is that JUNK?! HP heals? MP heals? More earrings that won't ever sell and can rot in your bank forever? The balms, EXP Incense, threads and repair tools are decent, but half the fillers are stuff that you will never, ever use.

As always, low odds on top prize = bad. Crappy fillers that not only can't get you the AP:Macca Ratio, but also can't even sell for a bit of macca back? That's just fail.
People are just too engrossed with the fact that they can get a zomgz sword on their back and oversized weapons. The rates are bad anyways. <.<

So, long story short, both FCs barely get a passing grade. I mean, it's a step-up from last week's Fortunes and if we follow the FC trend, then that means next week we get an awesome-possum FC. Anyways, we can hope right?


Finally Did B107 With Summon Orb.....

It's 7am (EST), and I've spent like 5 hours doing this (getting cards, start to finish). I'm tired, so no lengthy explanation; just going to post lots of pics. All I can say is that I ran out of HP pots mid-boss and that's not fun.

Lastly, I wish I had brought my Mistiltein with me. Those Tengus were brutal to kill. D:

Blast From Pearz Past : Aaro Edit II

For one thing, "sharing" exp and getting the same amount regardless can't be called leeching. Case in point: Pearz would be getting 100k from the acts whether or not Aaro+Rho (Rharo? ^^) were there. For another thing, this was before Pearz became the super kewl chick she is today - this was back when she got herself killed by attacking the smaller Decarabria in Kingdom Run. Just a thought.

Also. She managed to get both herself and Rho killed doing Surt anyway. She chose to rush it constantly, it decided to attack, Rho wasn't paying attention, Aaro ran away to "regroup", and there you have it. Complainer. >_>

As for Act 16 - ha-ha, that one was funny. It was No Death Penalty during that time, and we had about an hour left before it ended. So we decided to go rush Act 16! I didn't want to lose exp, and at that time I was the only one that could kill Ogami. I carefully noted down the locations of all the switches - and, more importantly, all the NPCs that we would need to talk to. I made sure to let both Rho and Pearz know in advance when an NPC was ahead, so that we wouldn't have to backtrack. But then we got to the Boss Room and the guy wouldn't let us in. o_o Pearz went back, died loads of times, talked to everyone again...and still nothing. Glitch?! We gave up in the end and Pearz soloed it at a later time. Ogami was surely fun for her lowly 20-something nature.

(I'll come always to comment on Pearz' horrible, terrible, unforgiveable lies. [Sounds like kinky pr0n.])

~Aaro off

Blast from Pearz Past : Part 2

So, last I left off, I had finally gotten my DB license, and was sent off to the big scary city, Shinjuku Babel. I remember spam-clicking through the two churches talking (I mean, who didn't? D:), and then somehow succeeded in guessing all of one church right and failing the other.

This where I started soloing some of the acts, like the Fenrirs and the Powers (I died a good 10 times doing this one). Rho and Aaro wanted to leech exp from my Kingdom Run, so I had to share that. D: This is where we get to the Surt Fight. Rho and Aaro wouldn't let me try and solo it, even though they were convinced I would fail (damn exp leeches). They claimed that even if I did succeed, I would take forever.

Then we get to Act 14. Collecting the charms was a nightmare. I spent an hour killing those things and none of them dropped me any damn charms. It was Aaro that came later and killed a couple...and got all the charms in 10 minutes. (God, my luck sucks. <.<) For the Ogami Run, Rho and Aaro were so convinced I would fail that they wagered me some large amount of money (small now, but it was huge back then). I did make it to the elevator before time ran out but - being first try at it - I didn't know the mechanics well enough to be able to breeze through in 20 minutes.

Act 15, as always, Aaro and Rho wanted to leech but decided not to help me with the buttons. I ended up spending roughly two and a half hours soloing it all. I remember running out of pots and had to wait for the moon to change to buy more. XD Act 16 was more exp leeching, and I wasn't given the chance to solo it...again.

So~ Long story short, Aaro and Rho leeched all my Act exp. <.<
Final part later... It's boring, anyway.


Sigh~ New Fortunes Again?

So, the Fortunes came out before the patch actually came out - though, as you can guess, they were very much hated. It is a day late cause I was too stunned by the new Fortunes to post yesterday. So, let's get started on these horrid things:

Choices FC - 600AP; Score - 3/10

So, this Fortune Card has 13 different vouchers: sounds good, right? Wrong. All the weapon vouchers are just old skins and models of existing weapons (that are NPC items, btw), and just add a different effect. Talk about cutting corners. Sad part is: the effects are junk too. All of them give a measly 10% boost to something (spin, rapid, or +10 magic). These effects are so small that it's neglectable. The most epic of the weapons is the mistranslation of this item:

(Yeah, I stole this pic, but it clearly outlines how I feel.) So the weapons = epic fail. The armour vouchers are the only thing that is "redeeming" about these fortunes. The Goma and Enma boots are half-baked, and, for demon lovers, a real treat. (I'm not one of those people.) Always nice to get some bonus stats for your demon. The Ice and Fire Pants/Gloves are epic fail. Don't know why anyone would want those for uselessly low boosts, so I'm just gonna skip them. I could see the usefulness of Curative Pants, and the magic-boost gloves. The gloves use the same model as the Rider Gloves, so they look decent and the boosts on these are something new. We arrive at the only real new items: the headphones and hairband. The headphones look nice, and it's always nice to get better (and new) head-equip items. A +3 magic on a nice looking item is just icing on the cake. It's the only real good item in this whole Fortune Card. As for filler items: you get lots of stuff that can't even come close to reselling at the 600AP = 600k value, other than maybe your 12 2x experience (that would take a while to sell). End of story: you get one good item in whole Fortune, so you better pray you're lucky, 'cause everything else is junk.

Hot and Cold FC - 300AP; Score 0/10

(rofl Yeah, I didn't think it was possible, but Aeria astounds me.)
Let's start out with "I can't believe this?!" You thought that that spin gun was hilarious, and this is just sad. It is a Fortune Card that was supposedly aimed at mages, but I think even mages find this disgusting. For 300AP, you get a chance at the pochi weapon (Special Aaro Note~! : Yeah, it's the Pachipachiou. But Pearz' version of it was too cute to correct), which was supposed to be the "o my gawds, amazing must-have item!" ...Except, it's not. Even on its first release, it barely sold for 10 sequencers after a week of selling. Reintroducing an item that wasn't liked as best prize isn't that spectacular. Now we look at the fillers, and all I can say is: "How is ANY OF THIS worth 300AP?!" Seriously, every single filler item is something that doesn't sell and no one wants. They are all items that rot in your bank for all eternity, or you decide to finally delete it for wasting space. Sad thing is that the BEST item in this fortune card is the 10 balms you could potentially get for 300AP. Even if you set this Fortune Card at 100AP, people would barely buy it. This is the worse fail of a Fortune Card ever. Bad top prize + horrid fillers + horrid price = are you sure you weren't high when you decided this? Anyone that buys this Fortune Card has either way too much IRL money, or has some serious issues.

So, this week's Fortune Cards gets the "Pearz' Worst Week Ever of FCs" Stamp of Approval. Good job putting the worst week after the best week's Fortune Cards to make the contrast feel even greater. It might take a while to outdo this week's fortunes.

Also since I posted late, they also added new items to Web Item Mall (no doubt to curb their zero sales from fail Fortune Cards). Here is the list of the new stuff:

~Male / Female Dominion Wings (White) - At 8kAP, talk about robbing you right under your nose. These will just be overshadowed later with Angel Wings that add stats too, or the wings even later that let you float. If you really like them so much, then go ahead and waste your money - otherwise, be smart and steer clear of these.

~Crystal Sword - Wow, with 4kAP, you can buy a 5-slotted version in game. Why waste your time buying the Item mall one? All this one has is more max dura, but that is NOT worth the huge difference in price tag.

~Male Skull Jersey (Green) /Female Skull Jersey (Brown) - Fail, don't buy this, ever...

~Ogre Horns (Male/ Female) - Striped, coloured horns? You're better off sticking with the Garm Ears or the new headphones. But, then again, whatever floats your boat... (At least they're not horridly expensive, and if you like them, it's not a bad price.)

~Kyoji Boots (Male) / Reiho Boots (Female) - This set was always nice and rare. Cheap price tag for the boots, which is a good buy if you like them.

~Male Hair Type (Kyoji) / Female Hair Type (Reiho) - Again, cheap price tag, though I don't like them. They're nice for the price, so if you like them, you should go ahead and get yourself a new hair style.

So there's some nicely-priced new stuff, and some WTF stuff that you shouldn't touch. You should also take advantage of the sale and maybe get that Avalon that you always wanted or restat. Lowered prices on good stuff is always a thumbs up.


Melee + Law = Win?

So, to start off, here is a brief rundown of alignment choices for different classes. Because of this, it is now PAINFULLY OBVIOUS that I should move to Law from my current Chaos-ness.

If it isn't obvious, then tough luck; I'm weird like that and see a different meaning within the same words. So, for next week and half, I get to slowly donate to the church and have my power-levelling service paralyzed since my Skadi costs me 3k mags and the Garunda that I fused already costs me 3.7k mags.

Another random note, 'cause Rho was crying to me about it, look here:

Basically, Rho has been getting PMs about being my "lackey" (lulz?), and she's been crying to me about how she's not my lackey. So now I have to post this or she goes emo on me. Notice I'm the real lackey. I'm not the guild leader or even good enough to be a sub. D: (And Aari is just a mule, and even she outshines me.) Special Aaro Note! : Aari is MY special mule. ^^

So end of story, I iz da rael nubz (also pretty clearly obvious by my choice to move to Law).


Another Week of Another Set of New Fortunes

So new Fortunes again this week. With it comes the elusive Rider that I (and many others) have been oggling.

Let's Ride - 300AP; Score- 9/10
There is actually quite a bit of new stuff in this Fortune Card. When we look at this, everyone instantly looks to try on the brand new (and coveted) Rider sets. Sneaky Aeria decides to only add in the two "less liked" Rider Coats and leave out the super-duper-wanted white Rider Coat; very sneaky. Nonetheless, the Rider Coats are in and the rates on the vouchers seem higher than in previous Fortune Cards, and so many people are getting the voucher that they want. The Royal Scepter of Demon Blood is an amazing support wand, giving 20% boost to curative - and also using one of my favourite base models. I really like how it looks and the stats are impressive. The last new item is the Club of Rashomon. Stats-wise it's amazing, paralleling the White Fang - problem lies in the fact that I hate blunt weapons. Personal taste, but clubs and hammers are too...blunt, lacking the elegance of a sword or spear. That's more personal preference, so stats-wise it's amazing. As for filler items: you got a lot of Incense of Experience,which is always good, and the return of the Sprite Charm (which everyone that does Ichi Gold should want). Only thing dragging down this Fortune are the awful rings that no one really wants. So long to short: amazing items everyone likes, combined with high odds and decent fillers make a good Fortune.

Scabbard and Napalm - 150AP; Score - 7/10
I feel bad for this Fortune Card. Released with the Rider Set fortune, no one will even give it much of a second glance. It is a good fortune, just overshadowed so badly by the Rider outfits. Basically this Fortune was like last week's Experience Fortune Card - except with a slight twist. The combined incenses are back (the ones that I still dislike), but the twist to it is rather good. They added in scabbards of some of the less - and harder to get - elements. This could be useful for getting weakness on enemies that you would likely have to otherwise remake a whole new weapon for. The naplams that most people write off instantly are extremely useful for mages and gunners to take agro off them for a while, to be able to charge a spell. The one huge gem in this Fortune Card is the brand new gun, Gamic-20. This thing is absolutely amazing. As a gunner, you throw in a Setana stone and watch Quillins get murdered by it. Amazing if you wanna go for Floor 107 of Ichi Gold. A second, more hidden use is for mages. You could soul stone a Pyro Jack stone for the 20% boost to magic-base, for a cool pew-pew gun as a mage (I would so do that if I was a mage). Too bad this fortune is overlooked, and maybe one - at most, two - of these guns will be opened.

As for me, I acquired both the Rider vouchers (yayz) and am pretty much done with these Fortune Cards (unless someone actually sells the gun). Now, to see what crazy way Aeria is gonna released the white Rider Outfit...


Fun Month Is Over?

So Fun Month is officially over. As such, now we're not allowed to have fun. :O

For starters, now that Fun Month is over, the weekend events poof up in smoke again. Don't expect to see them for a while, 'cause we're not allowed to have fun anymore and events = fun. Hope everyone is taking the chance to cash in on their AP rebate. You can get up to 5kAP rebate if you were unsatisfied with Fun Month. I'm pretty sure everything wasn't 100% peachy, like Fortune Cards failing you (as they seem to always do), or maybe the lack of No Death Penalty weekends anymore, or maybe they still have yet to release any said content in like 4-5 months since Megaten Open Beta began. Tons of reason why you didn't have fun, and you should take advantage of free 5kAP rebate since, as a company, they are expecting everyone to cash in on it.

On other note, supposedly we will get our "biggish" patch within the month of May. Although, I doubt it will be added until either last week of May or more likely mid-June. The release on the content in the patch seemed more like we're being tossed some bait cause they can't release it yet. Just lead us on a bit so we stick around and not get bored knowing that the release date is still far away. Yes, I'm hugely paranoid of anything and everything.

Last note: 'cause I never reviewed it, here are the items added the web-based Item Mall directly.
Guitar = Overpriced
Avalon = Underpriced (by far, best magic bullet gun)
White hair = Be kool and follow everyone else to fit in
Gold hair = "You can look like someone took a piss on your head." - Jeen

Nice and simple.


Fortunes Fixed?

So, the "broken" Fortunes were apparently fixed in an emergency maintenance today. So, here's the weekly Fortune review:

Accesorize FC - 300 AP; Score - 8/10
Lots of new stuff in this one: pretty much all of the items are new stuff. In general, I find this to be a decent fortune. Mainly because the Garm ears IMO are the first decent headgear in game. Yay! The rings aren't bad either; boosting your damage by 10%. And, also, the hairstyles do look good. The only really disliked items in this fortune are the scarf and the headband. The one biggest upside I see to this fortune is that, from what I've heard, the "rare" swords are not extremely rare. Hearing people opening a lot of the Death blade. This is always good; it means people are less frustrated with the Fortune and are at least getting what they want. *cough cough unlike the Fat Chance Fortune cough cough* So: a decent fortune, lots of fancy new stuff that seem universally liked - and biggest upside, you actually can get what you want (considering you're paying real money for it; it's about time <.<).

Exp Bonus FC - 150 AP; Score - 2/10
Wow, what a fail of a Fortune. When they "fixed" the Fortune Cards, I think they forget to fix this. So, here we have syringes (decent, I guess), same old fillers of balms threads (okay). Now, the bulk of it is the combined incense of experience and some stat. This is why these incenses fail. The cost of a 2x incense is 100AP, 75AP if it's packaged in 5. You can get the stat incense for 150 for 5. So when combined, these should be worth around 100-130AP/k each. So you got the bulk of the fortune card where the syringes and half the fillers are worth barely AP to macca in value. Only problem is these stuff don't sell in game. No one really wants any of the stuff in the Fortune Card. This means anyone opening it will be aiming purely for the spear or scatter. Basing it off the last 150AP fortune with weapons in it, the rates for it won't be pretty. So you end up with a bunch of useless filler items that you can't even resell in game for a bit of money. I don't even think anyone opened this Fortune since it was added today. End of story, this Fortune fails; if you really want a scatter or spear that badly, just buy it in game for AP. Probably end up spending less in game paying AP then trying your luck on this Fortune.

As for me, this is the earliest I've been finished with Fortunes. I got a spiffy new hairdo, spiffy ears, and a not-so-spiffy ring. All without recharging. ^_^ The Death blade is decent, but don't care too strongly about it. I'll buy it if I see a decently-priced one floating, so I don't blatantly overpay like the ears I bought. At least they're spiffy right?