Soul Calibur V Review 7/10

Well it's about time I got my fix of SCV (that's soul calibur and not starcraft's scv's). I didn't hesitate when purchasing this game after thoroughly enjoying SCIV.

First off the game has had a major overhaul with it's combat. The game is MUCH faster than previous and requires a lot of chaining attacks to be any good. A lot of characters have been removed but their play style remains in the form of new characters, such as Taki is replaced by Natsu. Critical finishes and soul gague has been removed, but Critical Edges have been introduced as a power up super attack animation, much like Street Fighter games. the Critical Edge can be deployed as you fill your gague up and execute more powerful moves if you can land them.

This will be rated upon previous installments of SC since I don't play any other fighting games.

Game play: 8/10
A much faster game play for each character is exciting but can be seen as something negative. Regardless it is still a great SC fighting game imo. The game relies more on chain attacks; standard blocking and waiting for chance to attack is much shorter and less tactical.

Story: 6/10
It's a hit or miss, mainly the main story is the best in the series so far, there are no more texts to read and its well laid out for something Soul Calibur could give us. What is pretty bad is that there is no other story for each individual character, which is a huge let down for myself as I wanted to know how Cervantes is no longer a zombie and thus has no character other than one liners when you play him in battles.

Immersion: 7/10
The game is much more beautiful than IV with very immersive battle environments that actually fit in. It is unfortunate that we can't understand our character with no back story when playing, unless your Potroklos.

Other Info
It was easy to tell how much effort and resource was put into creating their online capabilities with ranked, casual, and even local hot spots globally that have their own tournaments posted, there are room where you can chat and challenge each other.

An improved customization allows you to change decorations on top of colours to create a very unique character.

Overall 7/10 is deserving for a Soul Calibur game. The game has made several improvements, however has also taken a few steps back with a lack of story for each character and even greater lacking offline mode.

Personally I love this game and will keep playing it, so if you liked IV, then you will enjoy V, and if you plan on playing online then you will really enjoy this one.

Actual poster for SCV