First Look at Mawaru Penguindrum 01

My mind was blown after watching this anime. I had no clue what to expect going into this, as it was added to the summer line-up much later and I also didn't do any research into it. This will probably be the second series I pick up for Thursdays; there's just too many good anime airing that day, I want to pick up Baka to Test, too, but it might be hard to do three different anime in one day. I will try.

They introduced the characters by going to Sea World, showing some extremely fast pacing for a first episode. They put in the entire setting and gave all three characters screen time to show their side. It was just scene after scene of what was happening while being bombed with billions of new things, but in a good way. It left you wanting to know more about what was happening with their trippy colour schemes everywhere.

Those penguins are so useful; I want one. It hasn't been explained what their purpose is, though. The hat clearly gives the orders, so what are these small penguins for? Free servants to aide the cause? What is the Penguindrum to begin with, anyway? There are so many things I want to know! Gah.

When the music started, I thought the episode was over; even after 30sec into it, I thought it was the ED. Then it struck me that it was all some super awesome fantatastical transformation scene, and I went WTF? God, that was such an awesome transformation scene that words can't describe.

I love how the start of the anime monologue continued at the end, where it all comes together after watching it a second time. It links in more clearly as to why the other brother turns away and tries to act kool about everything about his sister. He was desperately hiding the fact that he loved her, while the other brother showed it openly because it was the normal love between brother and sister. I am very interested to see how this will develop.

ALIS in Wonderland?

I definitely wasn't expecting this anime to be so awesome. I had to sleep a night on this episode to make the post, since I was so blown away. This was high-quality animation with excellent execution on delivering the plot. I have some high expectations for this anime at this point.