And Anime season ends and new patch stuff

So both Durara and Angel beat final eps ended today (well subbed versions came out, it ended yestarday).

Gotta say Durara was a let down, started off strong(8.5/10) and died off near end. - 7.5/10

Angel beat I loved from start to finish, very solid anime. Only spoiler-ish is, you finally understand the title. 9/10

Very rare I give 9+ scores D:

So only other thing is started playing Blue dragon awakening on DS. Seems decent so far but I'm not far in. Also picking up Arakawa under the bridge(anime) under Aaro's recommendation. See how that goes.

So initially I was fine with the changes with cursed items, Incense and mounts . What gets me is the changes to runes. Why make them more effective and much more costly to put in. Thats like asking to make them more "needed". Ontop of that, the expiration dates on Cashop is wtf. Doesn't let people hold ontop items like waters until they need it. So if it drops, your forced to use it right away rather when you need it. Find the rune changes blatant convert to more Cashop Dependant. See how the costs and everything play out again.....

Though I am inclined to believe 90% of the players in Allod forums believe GP is run off of rainbows and smiles. When you asked 100 people in game, and 1 person says they cashoped, that can't look good for GP's balance sheets. End of the day they do need to make some money off this game, having 4(I think) GMs employed 24/7 is a cost of at least 280 dollars a day not to mention overhead, licensing fees ETC. When no one is paying real money how is this game still alive? Those smiling faces of free gamers sure can sell well I guess.

The thought of even spending 10 dollars seems insane to everyone on the forums, sigh sigh.

Final note: Go Japan, South Korea and Germany :)


some more random stuff

So picked up a new anime this week, Angel Beat. Really love this anime and finale comes this week. Really worth watching, has everything I look for in an anime at least.

Second news is I found a good DS game, Spectral Force Genesis. Kinda like a dumbed down version of Civilization but anime-ish. Still fun nonetheless.

Thats is all, btw France goes home in pure shame world cup lulz

Edit: watched some of these shitty PVP videos on you tube, might make one for my Pally and Mage. The 2 from Yatta just make me go wtf, especially since I got both mage and 26 pally.


Random updatez

So nothing big in world of Allods. Rho still off in China with most leadershipness falling on me, btw I hate leading, hence why the guild will never grow to any substantial numbers. We astral PVPed for first time. It was fun other then the fact that blind instantly makes you fall through the ship........ I hope that gets fixed.

Only news is apparently only 1 other person (other then me) watch any of the world cup. I mean I usually don't watch any sports but world cup is the exception. Currently 3 teams I hope to win the most in order: Japan, South Korea then Germany. Ironic that the odds of teams winning are in reverse order.

On a more gaming related note, looked at the E3 highlights to only learn that the 3DS is coming. Old news apparently and was announced a couple months ago. Very interesting system That I would want. See how it goes closer to the release date since chances are they won't want to miss the Christmas rush so it will come out before that. Though seeing the games on PSP kinda makes me want to get one too........... FF14 is said to come out in 2010 so if anything, with alpha testing already underway we should expect it soon.


Judge rank!!!

So day 4 is split in 2. First part was right after reset Where I fit in a bit of farming. I went from 11.8k CG to 14k-ish CG. Right before sleeping, we found singularity running Charge through mine quests. We killed them and Massacre brought a couple players and we fought for 30 mins 4 (us) Vs 3.5 (the .5 was a crappy level 40 psi that tried to help). We ended up stopping when perfume ran out and no more CG gain and called it a night.

Woke up and continued to grief Coldberg. Was just pure farm until roughly an hour before reset. We caught again a group of Massacres trying to run a nub through the mines quests. This time, they responded in huge force. We only had 5 of us (and Seer that only joined for a bit). We started winning but as more and more poured in, we were losing but always kill 1 before dieing. So we at least broke even K:D which was good for our CG. By the end I counted at least 4 warriors, 2 scouts, 2 healers, 1 summoner, and 1 psi all their to kill us. Was alot of fun and got alot of CG outta it, so win - win. At this point I hit 17.1k CG.

After reset, was all business back to farming. Had a couple bad fights, couldn't beat a cleric + scout from BP with me + Tri, that made us really sad. After that, only other fun moment was Playstation kept rushing me. I took all the CG off him and let him chase me doing no damage and Psyrona that walked out beside me to get CG off him.

All leading up to my final kill:

Really like to thank Rozetri and Muxy for endless farming banners for me and Ejac. Really couldn't have done it without them. I used all real banners from 10k CG forward so really helped with the farming.

Just waiting on Ejac to reach Judge too, Gambatte!!!


Quest to Judge rank

So a couple days ago I finally finished all the gear I need from astral (apart from a couple extra rings to swap around for fun). Currently still missing Epic shirt, pants and shoulders from heroics and I can say my gear is done. (until I can get legendaries)

So this week decided to try my hand at Judge Rank:

Day 1:
Pretty solid CG farming. I'm competing with Ejac and Seer who are also going for judge this week. More people means less kills for me. Also main enemy is Flux from Emp side that is going for Judge (which can stomp me D:) He handed me my first death roughly 5 hours after CG reset when I got baited out by 1 of their guild warriors. All in all, I end day 1 with 6.8k CG.

Day 2:
SLOWWWWW day. Super slow, it is like every emp is in hiding. I patrolled all the maps and found 2 emps in a 2 hour span of time. This would be so much easier if I was Emp. No matter what time, or what Map I go to, Leagues always seem to outnumber emp 3:1. Where is Flux to own them all so much they don't come back? Though I saw Flux was already at 17k CG, so he should be outta my hair soon. Funniest was after an hour of bored running around map, I saw Health in DR looking afk near June stone, So I decided to rush him......... He wasn't afk XD.

Only Other Perk of the day was I started using real banners in Coldberg and a total of 2 emps finished both reps in 4 hours I camped it. Is it really that bad I use bugged banners? At least I move around and people get their reps done slowly. With me anchored on 1 map, no one finishes that rep until they stop giving me CG. Simply dump 1 guildy at portal in and I know every player that warps in and where their going. Not hard to kill them before they can even start their rep.

Near the end I instigated a larger fight when Doom brought their guild to kill my banner. I lost my banner, but I gained much more CG from so many people showing up compared to the 1 emp every 30 mins or so. Rewind showed up, tried to help but left after realizing how useless Doom guild was. Fight broke up when Somone called the CoolstoryBro guild and we out numbered them.

End tally of CG day 2: 11.8k CG

Day 3: I miss all of it due to Real life stuff, no farming today, Emps get a break.


Some more chat log fun

So this one is much shorter and much more fun. Some context, we were at Asa-teph we pushed the emps back to the rez pad, and as such camped it for 10-15 mins. When Kine ported out, I said BP is probably not gonna show up with more, lets leave and thus it begins :O

(5:44:38)[Ravenith] manax out of camp
(5:44:42)[Ejac] aaahh manx
(5:45:7)[Ejac] 2 lazy to walk xD
(5:45:10)[Manaxs] What ?
(5:45:24)[Ravenith] we said we're leavin their camp like 5 times lol its pointless
(5:45:29)[Ejac] u died :O
(5:45:37)[Ravenith] pally with no aura? O.O
(5:45:46)[Manaxs] ?
(5:45:53)[Manaxs] no aura ?
(5:46:2)[Noggin] lol
(5:46:32)[Manaxs] if you take a look at your DPS meter
(5:46:40)[Manaxs] i out DPS anyone of u
(5:46:59)[Ejac] u should xd
(5:46:59)[Noggin] thanks for letting me run with the big boys :) was fun ..time for nitenite , laters folks
(5:47:3)[Ejac] ur a dps party
(5:47:7)[Ejac] night noggin
(5:47:15)[Ecliqtic] Night Nogg
(5:47:36)[Ravenith] why are u tryin to solo em
(5:48:17)[Manaxs] cause i can
(5:48:47)[Ejac] dead aqua
(5:49:8)[Ravenith] E foresight
(5:50:17)[Ravenith] thats not brave manax thats just not smart to atk them there where they can camp from immortality
(5:50:31)[Ravenith] specially summys who can do constant dmg in seconds then just sit on camp
(5:50:33) [-][Pearz] whatever
(5:50:36) [-][Pearz] just leave area
(5:50:40) [-][Pearz] if manax can solo
(5:50:43) [-][Pearz] let him
(5:50:47) [-][Pearz] lulz
(5:50:50) [-][Pearz] thats the way i see it
(5:50:50)[Manaxs] i can 1 shot aqua in to second life
(5:50:55) [-][Pearz] go ahead
(5:51:0) [-][Pearz] let him go be a hero
(5:51:3) [-][Ejac] haha
(5:51:9) [-][Ejac] i jus like killin awau
(5:51:20)[Ejac] its after that tho. the only problem with camp
(5:51:21) [-][Pearz] doot dooot
(5:51:21)[Ravenith] issue is he then jumps back onto pad while u still have all ur dots
(5:51:26)[Ejac] is the rez pad
(5:51:29)[Ejac] where u cant hit em
(5:51:33)[Ejac] if they come off
(5:51:38)[Ejac] then its a dif sotry
(5:52:4)[Ravenith] run to cliff...
(5:52:23)[Manaxs] baah he popped perf
(5:52:34)[Ravenith] thats ur 1 save XD
*Manaxs was about to die and Raven went back to heal him*
(5:52:39)[Manaxs] ?
(5:52:54)[Ravenith] we're tryin to lure em out =p lot more fun when they dont camp respawn
(5:52:59)[Manaxs] he is in second life... he ran to the platform
(5:53:54) [-][Ravenith] 3 mins on incense anyway gonna go do my quest now
(5:54:3) [-][Pearz] pop
*This point Manaxs died near emp rez pad cause we let him solo*
(5:54:6) [-][Pearz] kk
(5:54:7) [-][Muxy] ohhh
(5:54:8) [-][Ravenith] why did i get 13 cg when manax died
(5:54:13) [-][Pearz] cuz
(5:54:15) [-][Pearz] you healed him
(5:54:16) [-][Ejac] i got 30 that time
(5:54:19) [-][Pearz] the flagging is buggy
(5:54:25) [-][Pearz] point is
(5:54:29) [-][Pearz] teammates give CG
(5:54:30) [-][Pearz] lulz
(5:54:32) [-][Ravenith] so if i heal someone that dies i get cg when they die lol
(5:54:33)[Manaxs] no point being in this group if u guys dont help
*Manaxs left team after this, rest of chat with no [-] is in zone chat*
(5:54:40) [-][Ravenith] freakin nub XD
(5:54:44) [-][Ejac] haha
(5:54:46) [-][Pearz] lulz
(5:54:47) [-][Pearz] so now
(5:54:48) [Manaxs] newbs
(5:54:49) [-][Pearz] he wants help?
(5:54:55) [-][Ravenith] its fail sauce to atk them on spawn
(5:54:55) [Pearz] you said you could solo him tho?
(5:54:56) [Ejac] we cant attack from rez pad
(5:55:1) [Ejac] and our inc ran out
(5:55:20) [Ejac] lolz
(5:55:22) [Pearz] you said you could solo all of them D: im not that pro
(5:55:36) [Ejac] also cant attack them wile they r on rez pad :O
(5:55:48) [-][Pearz] lulz
(5:55:52) [-][Pearz] you have to be the good guy
(5:55:54) [-][Pearz] XD
(5:56:3) [-][Pearz] no fun
(5:56:7) [-][Ejac] xd i like keeping good relations with emince
(5:56:10) [-][Pearz] gotta rub it in XD
(5:56:12) [-][Ravenith] i told him thats his only save that we're tryin to lure them out he didnt listen
(5:56:13) [-][Pearz] pshh
(5:56:29) [-][Ejac] lol u got a bugged banner 2
(5:57:1) [-][Ejac] o rofl
(5:57:13) [-][Muxy] lol
(5:57:19) [-][Ejac] hes egos thats outta control
*this point we were standing on Rez pad chatting with Manaxs still out of team*
(5:57:26) [Manaxs] he is infront of our camp newbs
(5:57:35) [Manaxs] thats a nice Res pad
(5:57:37) [Ejac] well he wasnt before
(5:57:44) [Ejac] were u died xd
(5:57:47) [-][Ravenith] exclamation mark :3
(5:57:52) [Pearz] and you chose to leave team
(5:57:59) [Pearz] we couldnt tell you were fighting outside our town
(5:58:9) [Manaxs] cause u guys are super Passice
(5:58:11) [Manaxs] passive
*We ran out from pad and killed Aquatoid, but Manaxs was to low and poped anyways*
(5:59:32) [Manaxs] have fun guys... lol
(5:59:43) [Manaxs] imm out of here super newbs

So end of day, Ego chat is sure funny.