Hmmz new patch for allods?

So it was linked on the main forums that a new patch will be coming based on an interview with and MMOHut.

So new lvl 42 cap will be nice, can finally get those 2 more rubies I need badly to feel "complete" on my build.

I might update more later, when I feel like reading that Engrish of Russian patch notes


O NOEZ!?!?!?

So Mondays = Big bang theory + How I met your mother airs, so as always I go over to Pirate bay to download the latest Eps and the SITE IS DOWN :O

So I google a bit and see this. Hope they don't poof for real D:

On side note, I picked up Infinite Space (NDS). Almost finished game, has amazing storyline so far, good customization, and good gameplay. It even takes time to talk about real Nebulas/Stars/ etc things you can see from earth and the location in our sky. The story moves fast and does take time to get used to all the names and such, but it is rare to find a game where the story seems "realistic" where the hero isn't your typical douchebag. Mix in the politics of the nations bidding for power and your heroes roll in it has more of a feel to game. Only thing lacking is the graphics, but if you can look past that, it is an extremely well polished game.

Back to playing

Edit: Finally Beat Infinite Space and definitely in love with it. Giving it the rating of 2nd all time favourite game of DS:
World ends with you > Infinite Space > Devil Survivor > Advanced wars > Knights in Nightmares > lots of other games that don't reach epic level D:


Pearzified Saga: The end?

Rho quickly rushes to Pearz' side to see what had happened.

Still breathing, she's not dead...... yet.

Glancing over at the corpse, it was the same yet different from the other Aaro corpses Rho had seen. Slowly Rho felt a chill as it felt like her mind was being invaded. Struggling to keep control of her mind, Rho tried to crawl towards the door she came in from.

"I told you she would be useful" A familiar voice echoed from the stairwell.

"Heh I figured you had some hand in it, who else would follow Pearz so blindly" Rho said weakly as Lndi's silluoette appeared in the doorway.

"Don't be like that I really love her in a way you would never understand. Not like it will matter soon, Aaro will soon have taken over your body. "

"How is that even possible?" as Rho struggled to keep the mental overload from consuming her.

"Why do you think Doukan was so willing to give you the kingdom shard if it was so important? You were nothing but a pawn to lead us away to buy him some precious time. Either way you played your role, its time for you to be forever be taken over by Aaro. After all it was Doukan's plan from the beginning for you to die to unite the 2 churches to stand a chance against us. Unfortunately even together they do not stand a chance. Shinjuku Babel stands tall uniting everyone."

"Then I would assume somone like Pearz would have had some hand in this plot but I see her lieing here."

"She is lieing here not because she didn't know what was going on, but her own ambition were to great. She waited to long and underestimated the power we accumlated. Now with that Kingdon shard we can finally undo the 2nd seal on Aaro. The first seal unlocked his soul to this world letting him control our minds. With this second seal he will have his power restored and the final seal will unleash his true form. Be greatful with a powerful body like yours it will serve him well."

Just as Rho's mind started fading away, a huge burst came from the Kingdom shard. Instantly Rho felt as if the burden on her mind was lifted.

"Must have been a trap left within the shard from Doukan, guess he wasn't tottally stupid and had a weak backup plan. " as Lndi shielding her eyes and backed off a bit.

Seeing the opportunity Rho puled out her dagger and in 1 swift rush dashed through Lndi.

"To bad being a mastermind makes you talk to much. It left you overconfident and open. This is truely the end." Rho said as she aimed to severed Lndi's head from her body.

"You succeeded in stoping her, but you broke her mental resistance for me to take over. " came Aaro's voice from Lndi's body.

"I should thank you, you freed me from her incessant nagging of how amazing Pearz is." Aaro continued.

With blazing speed Aaro moved into knocking Rho down and robbing the Kingdom shard from her.

"Enough with these games, I have an agenda to keep up" As Aaro smashed the kindom shard into himself.

"With this my power will be restor...."as Aaro randomly broke off.

"Lndi was not wrong, I am amazing. Should have made sure I was dead then to let me rest up my strength." As Pearz got up from behind Aaro.

"It took a while but you you made a mistake bonding with Lndi, I was on her from day 1 and embeded a device in her to paralyze her at my own will. Though I was hoping more that you would try and take me over to get obtain your power the easy way but Rho had to interfere. Now I'll extract it from you the slow painful way." as Pearz couldn't help but show a huge grin.

"You know I won't stand by and let your agenda fall into place" As Rho got in stance in preperation for combat.

"Ahhh Rho, when will you stop being used as a pawn for others. You want your holy war, you can have it. When your father learns Aaro is out of the picture and the kingdom shard is no longer in his control he will be happy to squash Doukan. Not like I like to dirty my own hands, I just want babel for myself. Maybe in the process your father might meet his end and you being shining star of the war will be givin his place. This outcome is mutual benefiticial."

"So you expect me to just let you walk away?"

"You really don't have a choice, I have already absorbed the most important power from Aaro." Pearz says as she vanished from sight.

In the end I was nothing but a mere pawn in all this? This time I will be the one that orchestrates. This is far from over.


That concludes my Saga. I picked Lori as the most amusing answer for lsat and final event.

With this I'll probably never log MT again.

So About Heroes of Might and Mgic Online, WOWWWWWW. The graphics are so bad it was it is worse then the orginal Heroes of might and magic 3. Already uninstalled D:

I also noticed Fantasy Earth Zero is in Oben beta. I downloaded and tried it and it isn't bad. It is more of a FPS game then MMO, so nice to just join randomly to get owned by higher lvl ppl XD

Also got a Starcraft 2 Beta key (thanks Muxy) haven't tried it yet but I'm sure to fail horrible cause I have no Micro.

2 More days for my astral ship in Allods


No Pearzified saga, instead chat log fun

SO to start off, Faythz = me since I was on alt, just a chat log of last night. For the Lazy ones I highlighted a bit of it, and i'll summarize at the end. I was doing Tenbra rep during this whole time.

(3:15:14) [Magicbaby] thats 1 thing i hate about allods - gear > skill
(3:15:22) [Magicbaby] hehe why
(3:15:28) [Magicbaby] bright lights
(3:15:53) [Faythz] naw
(3:15:59) [Muxy] thats my lag friend skill
(3:16:0) [Faythz] skill palys a huge part
(3:16:8) [Faythz] you know all 3 those mages i named
(3:16:11) [Faythz] are better geared
(3:16:13) [Faythz] then me
(3:16:19) [Faythz] but they lose long shots to me
(3:16:25) [Magicbaby] rite u know why
(3:16:27) [Magicbaby] cuz u have gear
(3:16:29) [Magicbaby] !@#
(3:16:36) [Faythz] their better geared then me
(3:16:36) [Rozetri] They are better geared.
(3:16:38) [Ejac] no pearz has 4 hands
(3:16:40) [Magicbaby] skill is needed
(3:16:41) [Rozetri] Pearz is the better plaer.
(3:16:44) [Rozetri] player*
(3:16:46) [Magicbaby] but what im saying is
(3:16:51) [Magicbaby] gear > skill
(3:16:57) [Rozetri] Lock and I are pretty equally geared. But 1v1, he'll kill me every time.
(3:17:23) [Faythz] still plays a HUGE part
(3:17:23) [Magicbaby] its just jokes how gear creates imbalance imo
(3:17:32) [Magicbaby] pearz
(3:17:36) [Magicbaby] my point isnt u dont need skill
(3:17:39) [Faythz] its no more or less
(3:17:39) [Magicbaby] u do, obviously
(3:17:47) [Faythz] then any other
(3:17:50) [Magicbaby] its that no matter HOW much skill u have, if u dont have gear
(3:17:51) [Faythz] mmo
(3:17:52) [Magicbaby] ur usless
(3:18:8) [Magicbaby] i think allods makes the gear diff too big
(3:18:14) [Faythz] all you realli need
(3:18:16) [Ejac] i think i have an left over in post
(3:18:17) [Magicbaby] compared to other mmorpgs i've played
(3:18:17) [Faythz] is ful lrep gear..........
(3:18:22) [Magicbaby] pearz
(3:18:26) [Magicbaby] full rep compared to full heroics?
(3:18:27) [Faythz] to be a comparable level
(3:18:28) [Magicbaby] jokes man
(3:18:29) [Faythz] yes
(3:18:31) [Rozetri] Ejac, would you say you're geared?
(3:18:40) [Ejac] nopes
(3:18:42) [Ejac] kinda
(3:18:43) [Rozetri] Like really epically geared?
(3:18:44) [Magicbaby] i have better than full rep and still do 12-13% compared to 20%
(3:18:51) [Ejac] oh no
(3:18:54) [Ejac] not at all lol
(3:18:54) [Faythz] 1most ppl
(3:18:57) [Faythz] heroic geared
(3:18:58) [Rozetri] Because I'm geared. I am -geared.-
(3:18:59) [Faythz] use roughly
(3:19:2) [Rozetri] And Ejac beat me.
(3:19:7) [Faythz] 10 epics
(3:19:15) [Faythz] if you use pure rep gear blues
(3:19:19) [Faythz] you lose out AT MOST
(3:19:21) [Rozetri] I think that proves that you can still do good work even with just rep.
(3:19:22) [Faythz] 100 main stats
(3:19:25) [Faythz] AT MOST
(3:19:25) [Muxy] i think game balance plays a huge role too
(3:19:29) [Magicbaby] um
(3:19:31) [Magicbaby] pearz
(3:19:34) [Magicbaby] u have heroic gear
(3:19:36) [Muxy] but Ejac is really good also
(3:19:39) [Magicbaby] and i have better than full rep
(3:19:47) [Magicbaby] and u have over 230+ stat points tha ti do
(3:19:52) [Magicbaby] lmao @ that jump
(3:19:55) [Magicbaby] JUST cuz of gear
(3:20:0) [Faythz] lasti scanned
(3:20:18) [Faythz] its not that big
(3:20:19) [Faythz] i know
(3:20:21) [Magicbaby] here are the numbers
(3:20:23) [Magicbaby] roughly
(3:20:23) [Faythz] cuz i often swap
(3:20:34) [Magicbaby] You - 400,400,230,170,270 rite?
(3:20:36) [Ejac] if that helps lol
(3:20:37) [Magicbaby] here are mine
(3:20:52) [Magicbaby] 210,300,370,200,180
(3:20:58) [Magicbaby] better than full rep
(3:21:0) [Faythz] coem to tenbra for a sec
(3:21:5) [Magicbaby] and still less than 200 stats
(3:21:6) [Faythz] letme see gear
(3:21:29) [Loveguardian] well
(3:21:38) [Loveguardian] the dodge rubies are working
(3:21:44) [Loveguardian] im barely takign any dmg
(3:21:46) [Magicbaby] u see my point though pearz
(3:21:50) [Magicbaby] the jump is RIDICulous
(3:21:54) [Faythz] come to tenbra
(3:21:56) [Faythz] let me see your gear
(3:21:59) [Magicbaby] im here
(3:22:4) [Faythz] add me to team
(3:22:35) [Faythz] for 1 thing i woulda ditched those shoulders
(3:22:49) [Magicbaby] havent found n e better ones
(3:22:57) [Faythz] my mage uses green shoulders
(3:22:59) [Faythz] 49 luck
(3:23:4) [Faythz] but instead of agi
(3:23:7) [Faythz] its endurance
(3:23:11) [Faythz] much more useful
(3:23:15) [Magicbaby] my agi low enuff
(3:23:17) [Magicbaby] i need SOME
(3:23:18) [Faythz] just plan lvl 37 green shoulders
(3:23:25) [Faythz] no you DONT NEED agi as a mage
(3:23:47) [Magicbaby] reciving a hit 100% of the time
(3:23:49) [Magicbaby] hurts
(3:23:59) [Magicbaby] dodge = saves u a barrier or an illusion
(3:24:0) [Faythz] kk so how much is your Int/precep/wisdom/luck?
(3:24:19) [Magicbaby] 210,310,180,360
(3:24:25) [Magicbaby] crit mage obv =p
(3:24:48) [Magicbaby] compared to 400,400.230,170
(3:24:54) [Faythz] 1193 combined stats VS 1060
(3:24:58) [Magicbaby] u c how ur stats are 200+ mine

(3:24:59) [Faythz] 100 stats
(3:25:1) [Faythz] no
(3:25:12) [Faythz] thats 130 stats
(3:25:33) [Faythz] do you have all 3 luck, int and precep rubies?
(3:25:38) [Magicbaby] ofc
(3:25:44) [Magicbaby] must imo
(3:25:45) [Magicbaby] -_-
(3:25:52) [Faythz] like i said
(3:25:54) [Faythz] your only short
(3:25:56) [Faythz] 100 stats
(3:25:58) [Faythz] compared to me
(3:26:5) [Magicbaby] 130+
(3:26:9) [Magicbaby] cuz we didnt take into account
(3:26:11) [Magicbaby] other stats
(3:26:15) [Faythz] like?
(3:26:19) [Magicbaby] this + magic dmg for example
(3:26:22) [Magicbaby] ^^
(3:26:25) [Magicbaby] BIG difference
(3:26:31) [Faythz] cuz your INT is half of mine
(3:26:35) [Faythz] you have also DOUBLE my luck
(3:26:37) [Faythz] lulz
(3:26:45) [Magicbaby] and ur luck is 2/3 of mine
(3:26:46) [Faythz] of course your tooltip gonna be ALOT lower
(3:26:51) [Faythz] i crit once ina blue moon
(3:26:56) [Faythz] i strruggle to even not glance
(3:26:59) [Faythz] lulz
(3:27:1) [Magicbaby] rite
(3:27:7) [Faythz] i have 235 luck
(3:27:11) [Magicbaby] but the dps is incomparable due to gear
(3:27:12) [Magicbaby] u c
(3:27:15) [Magicbaby] this is my point
(3:27:23) [Magicbaby] skill only takesu so far, due to gear > skill
(3:27:23) [Faythz] taht 100 stats makes or breaks oyu?
(3:27:34) [Magicbaby] um
(3:27:38) [Magicbaby] not just 100 stats -_-
(3:27:38) [Faythz] what if i go buy myself
(3:27:43) [Magicbaby] armor, resistance
(3:27:46) [Faythz] a set of demon hunter green
(3:27:48) [Magicbaby] !@#!@# more
(3:27:50) [Faythz] if i can win in that
(3:27:55) [Faythz] does that prove my point?
(3:28:4) [Faythz] i'll use pure greens against you
(3:28:5) [Magicbaby] yes
(3:28:5) [Ejac] nakey fight!
(3:28:8) [Magicbaby] not even
(3:28:12) [Magicbaby] u can use full rep
(3:28:20) [Magicbaby] and go fight a lvl 40 full heroic
(3:28:21) [Faythz] my only blue i need
(3:28:28) [Faythz] VS you
(3:28:31) [Magicbaby] both incense, both mage
(3:28:33) [Faythz] i'll use full greens
(3:28:36) [Faythz] lose out that same 100 stats
(3:28:42) [Magicbaby] compared to heroics -_-
(3:28:52) [Magicbaby] green vs rep is not same imo
(3:28:58) [Faythz] how is not the same?
(3:29:1) [Faythz] i lose same 100 stast
(3:29:2) [Magicbaby] lol...
(3:29:6) [Faythz] no?
(3:29:7) [Magicbaby] once again
(3:29:10) [Magicbaby] its not just stats
(3:29:16) [Magicbaby] i dont know why u are trying to prove a point
(3:29:18) [Magicbaby] lol...
(3:29:22) [Magicbaby] its a fact
(3:29:30) [Faythz] i said that even withrep gear you can win a fight
(3:29:38) [Magicbaby] u can win
(3:29:41) [Magicbaby] yes
(3:29:44) [Magicbaby] it is POSSIBLE
(3:29:52) [Magicbaby] unless ofc
(3:29:56) [Loveguardian] fuuukkk this
(3:30:0) [Loveguardian] im stealing other ppls tiger rage
(3:30:4) [Magicbaby] they have heroic gear, + 100 stats ++ resistance ++ incense and ++ magic dmg
(3:30:6) [Magicbaby] lmao
(3:30:11) [Magicbaby] hence - gear > skill
(3:30:15) [Faythz] sighhh
(3:30:25) [Faythz] you already have basics
(3:30:28) [Faythz] to compete
(3:30:53) [Faythz] are you sure its the gear
(3:30:59) [Faythz] or you making an excuse to why you lose
(3:31:3) [Magicbaby] lol
(3:31:15) [Magicbaby] pearz its funny how u turned this into a You vs Me
(3:31:19) [Faythz] no
(3:31:24) [Faythz] im asking is it realli your gear
(3:31:25) [Magicbaby] thats fine - but not at all my point
(3:31:28) [Faythz] you keep blaming it
(3:31:35) [Faythz] saying its impossible
(3:31:35) [Magicbaby] i "keep blaming it"
(3:31:42) [Magicbaby] i've stated a fact
(3:31:46) [Magicbaby] and u choose to disagree
(3:31:48) [çîíà][Casterodeath] ahh yes
(3:31:49) [Magicbaby] so i explain
(3:31:54) [Magicbaby] that is all
(3:31:57) [Faythz] fact by your standars
(3:32:3) [Faythz] i dont see it as facts
(3:32:13) [Rozetri] Yeeeah I'm going to bed now. Night.
(3:32:15) [Magicbaby] like i said
(3:32:20) [Magicbaby] its a fact. and u simple disagree
(3:32:22) [Magicbaby] its fine
(3:32:27) [Muxy] gnight Roze \o
(3:32:28) [çîíà][Outis] chat*
(3:32:31) [Magicbaby] u havent been in my shoes -_-
(3:32:35) [Faythz] i have
(3:32:37) [Magicbaby] i wish i ran aroud with heroics
(3:32:39) [Ejac] night tri
(3:32:43) [Faythz] you know
(3:32:47) [Faythz] we didnt start heroics
(3:32:57) [Faythz] didnteven START till derbie
(3:32:59) [Faythz] had 10 epics
(3:33:3) [Magicbaby] life was ALOT easier back in the day
(3:33:5) [Magicbaby] u know that
(3:33:7) [Magicbaby] as do i
(3:33:14) [Faythz] even now
(3:33:22) [Faythz] im constantly fighting ppl better geared then me
(3:33:24) [Magicbaby] now so many ppl with heroics
(3:33:26) [Magicbaby] back then
(3:33:34) [Magicbaby] lvl 35 can > lvl 40
(3:33:37) [Magicbaby] if u had skill
(3:33:41) [Magicbaby] now its completly diff
(3:33:44) [Faythz] naw
(3:33:53) [Faythz] a lvl 35 cant beat a 40 ever
(3:33:58) [Faythz] or shouldnt
(3:34:1) [Magicbaby] lol
(3:34:7) [Magicbaby] i guess we are different
(3:34:37) [Magicbaby] spam quake + hypo only goes so far imo
(3:34:44) [Magicbaby] without dps - i.e gear
(3:34:46) [Magicbaby] cant win
(3:34:46) [Faythz] thats not how oyu fight mages
(3:34:59) [Faythz] you dont use hypno to beat mages
(3:35:9) [Faythz] hypo is for when they run
(3:35:16) [Faythz] its a waste of entropies
(3:35:18) [Faythz] otherwise
(3:35:47) [Magicbaby] so u dont hypo = u cc
(3:35:55) [Magicbaby] u cc'd = u dead
(3:35:59) [Faythz] neither
(3:36:3) [Magicbaby] first to cc wins
(3:36:8) [Magicbaby] unless heroics, lmao
(3:36:12) [Magicbaby] ^^
(3:36:36) [Faythz] sighh
(3:36:40) [Magicbaby] so if u dont use cc, how do u fight mages?
(3:36:48) [Faythz] combination
(3:36:50) [Faythz] of shocking
(3:36:53) [Faythz] and ice quake
(3:37:10) [Magicbaby] lol thats it?
(3:37:16) [Faythz] 1 sec
(3:37:21) [Magicbaby] np
(3:37:23) [Faythz] dieing
(3:37:34) [Faythz] [I Have a Potty Mouth]
(3:37:40) [Magicbaby] ouch
(3:37:54) [Faythz] the power of a mage come in the shields
(3:38:2) [Faythz] you want to kill the shields fast
(3:38:7) [Magicbaby] yes quake > shield
(3:38:8) [Faythz] with ice quake and shocking
(3:38:21) [Faythz] cuz
(3:38:26) [Magicbaby] shocking vs shield = abosorved
(3:38:29) [Faythz] i dont care how good or bad amage you are
(3:38:33) [Faythz] not illusions
(3:38:37) [Faythz] elemtnal shields
(3:38:39) [Magicbaby] elemental
(3:39:12) [Magicbaby] quake doesnt remove elemental shields...
(3:39:19) [Faythz] 1 shield
(3:39:19) [Magicbaby] only remeoves allusions
(3:39:20) [Faythz] per hit
(3:39:24) [Magicbaby] if u have dps
(3:39:27) [Magicbaby] which comes from.....
(3:39:28) [Magicbaby] GEAR
(3:39:30) [Magicbaby] !!
(3:39:40) [Faythz] yo udont dps
(3:39:44) [Faythz] to remobe ele shields..........
(3:39:48) [Faythz] its 1 hit = 1 shield
(3:39:56) [Faythz] its why you use shocking + ice quake to remove it fast
(3:40:6) [Magicbaby] once shield down
(3:40:12) [Magicbaby] need dps
(3:40:17) [Faythz] racial
(3:40:18) [Magicbaby] constant regen shild
(3:40:20) [Magicbaby] no mana
(3:40:44) [Magicbaby] so u c
(3:40:55) [Magicbaby] both ur shiled gone, both illusions gone, both under 1k mana
(3:40:56) [Faythz] your shields end at same time.......
(3:40:57) [Magicbaby] time to dps
(3:41:3) [Faythz] if
(3:41:8) [Faythz] both side sare doing this
(3:41:16) [Faythz] then both shields end roughly at same time
(3:41:52) [Magicbaby] and then dps wins
(3:41:57) [Magicbaby] in every argument
(3:42:0) [Magicbaby] ^^
(3:42:6) [Faythz] the question comes down to
(3:42:11) [Faythz] the first player to take off the shields
(3:42:15) [Faythz] has the advantage
(3:42:26) [Faythz] tahts where the skil lcomesin
(3:42:30) [Magicbaby] lol...
(3:42:34) [Magicbaby] ok so in ur example
(3:42:37) [Faythz] cuz the second
(3:42:40) [Magicbaby] lets say... hypotheticly
(3:42:43) [Faythz] you remove the shields
(3:42:53) [çîíà][Antilife] Anyone want to start a group for Darkblood Citadel?
(3:43:7) [Magicbaby] A has 1 shild more than B, A does 1k dmg, crits for 3k. B down 3k dmg and crits for 9k
(3:43:15) [Magicbaby] =)
(3:43:23) [Magicbaby] even u have 3more shields
(3:43:26) [Magicbaby] u die first
(3:43:29) [Faythz] nawz
(3:43:30) [Magicbaby] this + a mage
(3:43:33) [Faythz] any mage nows
(3:43:36) [Faythz] *knows
(3:43:36) [Magicbaby] who knows how to hypo
(3:43:42) [Magicbaby] gg ur shileds fast
(3:43:48) [Faythz] no point using real skills throguh ele shields
(3:43:57) [Faythz] its a wste of long charges
(3:43:59) [Magicbaby] im talking shocking grasp
(3:44:12) [Magicbaby] even u get my shields down first
(3:44:16) [Magicbaby] doesnt matter
(3:44:20) [Magicbaby] im dealing 3 times more dmg
(3:44:25) [Magicbaby] and critting for 6k more
(3:44:31) [Magicbaby] no matter wat u do
(3:44:34) [Magicbaby] still die
(3:44:38) [Magicbaby] btw
(3:44:41) [Faythz] were NOT dealing 3 times more damag
(3:44:45) [Magicbaby] i also have more mana, and more hp due to gear
(3:45:1) [Magicbaby] lol
(3:45:11) [Faythz] 100 stats =!= 3 times damage
(3:45:21) [Magicbaby] 100 stats isnt the only difference?
(3:45:26) [Magicbaby] how many times i must say this?
(3:45:27) [Faythz] for damage it is
(3:45:33) [Magicbaby] um
(3:45:34) [Magicbaby] wand?
(3:45:36) [Magicbaby] um
(3:45:38) [Magicbaby] resistance?
(3:45:39) [Magicbaby] um...
(3:45:45) [Magicbaby] lol?
(3:45:45) [Faythz] like i said
(3:45:50) [Faythz] i can use a pureply
(3:45:54) [Faythz] inferioer gear
(3:45:56) [Faythz] and duel you
(3:46:7) [Magicbaby] sigh
(3:46:15) [Faythz] how is that not the same
(3:46:17) [Faythz] les resstance
(3:46:19) [Faythz] less stats
(3:46:20) [Magicbaby] in so many ways
(3:46:22) [Faythz] less everytthing
(3:46:32) [Magicbaby] the difference bettwen rep - heroic
(3:46:39) [Magicbaby] and diff between green - rep
(3:46:41) [Magicbaby] is not the same

(3:46:53) [Faythz] you would be surprised
(3:47:6) [Faythz] if you actually look at difference
(3:47:12) [Faythz] its 1 teir up
(3:47:16) [Faythz] green > blue > purple
(3:47:22) [Faythz] surprise suprisse ^_^
(3:47:29) [Magicbaby] u think tier = stats?
(3:47:41) [Magicbaby] green gear lets say
(3:47:42) [Magicbaby] +10
(3:47:44) [Faythz] the amount of tats you gain is roughly the same
(3:47:48) [Magicbaby] blue + 40
(3:47:54) [Magicbaby] purple + 60 yes?
(3:47:58) [Faythz] nope
(3:47:58) [Magicbaby] roughly
(3:48:10) [Faythz] here let me tell you exactly
(3:48:15) [Faythz] your helm now
(3:48:20) [Faythz] = 39+ 15 mian stats
(3:48:25) [Faythz] so tahts what? ummm
(3:48:31) [Magicbaby] 54
(3:49:1) [Faythz] purple = 70
(3:49:6) [Faythz] compared to green
(3:49:10) [Faythz] is what ?
(3:49:11) [Faythz] 45?
(3:49:21) [Magicbaby] lol?
(3:49:22) [Magicbaby] not even
(3:49:28) [Magicbaby] like 25?
(3:49:36) [Faythz] so how is that not comparable
(3:49:41) [Faythz] me using greens?
(3:49:55) [Magicbaby] cuz ?% changes dramatically per point increase
(3:50:10) [Magicbaby] i.e
(3:50:10) [Faythz] ummm......... no
(3:50:17) [Magicbaby] lol?
(3:50:25) [Faythz] int is a linear gain
(3:50:28) [Faythz] preception
(3:50:34) [Faythz] is deteriating gain
(3:50:39) [Faythz] luck is linear too
(3:50:51) [Faythz] glancing is deteriating
(3:50:56) [Magicbaby] lets say u have 30% resists vs 15% resists
(3:51:6) [Magicbaby] and doing 30% dmg, instead of 15% dmg
(3:51:11) [Magicbaby] and critting 30% instead of 15%
(3:51:15) [Faythz] sighh
(3:51:18) [Magicbaby] u tell me 30% doesnt win everytime?
(3:51:31) [Magicbaby] not only twice as much dmg
(3:51:43) [Magicbaby] but x2 resist, miss, glance, dmg
(3:51:47) [Magicbaby] the list continues
(3:51:51) [Faythz] its not double..........
(3:52:1) [Magicbaby] 1.5x?
(3:52:2) [Magicbaby] lol
(3:52:4) [Magicbaby] regardless
(3:52:6) [çîíà][Daqin] Any more for rep raid?
(3:52:8) [Magicbaby] makes enuff of a difference
(3:52:10) [Faythz] im at most 1.5x stronger
(3:52:12) [Magicbaby] where gear >skill
(3:52:18) [Magicbaby] this is fact -_- im sry u disagree
(3:52:28) [Faythz] gear makes a difference
(3:52:33) [Faythz] but not if your already in rep gear
(3:52:36) [Faythz] mage V mage
(3:52:36) [Magicbaby] the difference*
(3:52:48) [Magicbaby] heroic mage > rep mage
(3:52:56) [Faythz] naw
(3:53:3) [Magicbaby] magical power + 100
(3:53:4) [Magicbaby] gg
(3:53:4) [Faythz] mage v mage fights ussually come down to skill
(3:53:8) [Faythz] you do realize
(3:53:12) [Faythz] i lose 40 stats
(3:53:16) [Faythz] to use that purple wand
(3:53:23) [Magicbaby] worth it
(3:53:29) [Magicbaby] u know that rite?
(3:53:35) [Faythz] i actually calualated itonce
(3:53:42) [Faythz] im only 5% stronger
(3:53:42) [Loveguardian] that depends entirely onthe pull biuld
(3:53:50) [Faythz] compared to wand from cullak
(3:53:58) [Faythz] i was bored
(3:54:1) [Faythz] and caluated this once
(3:54:9) [Loveguardian] someone else can have a different enphasis in thier build
(3:54:9) [Magicbaby] 5% increase dps every hit
(3:54:11) [Magicbaby] ^^
(3:54:21) [Faythz] 5% isnt game breaking
(3:54:28) [Magicbaby] there is no arguement, 3k dmg > 2k dmg
(3:54:43) [Loveguardian] lol arguements...o dear...lemme whip out my logic book
(3:55:4) [Magicbaby] loveguardian would u like to be part of the conversation?
(3:55:7) [Faythz] ya, but thats not the only factor
(3:55:14) [Loveguardian] o most definitely its an arguement
(3:55:17) [Faythz] if 2 players same skill
(3:55:23) [Faythz] of course the 3k would win
(3:55:29) [Faythz] but there is more to it then that
(3:55:29) [Magicbaby] 2 players same skill, gear wins ^^
(3:55:45) [Loveguardian] well
(3:55:49) [Loveguardian] it can be totally situational
(3:55:56) [Faythz] thats what im saying
(3:55:58) [Loveguardian] 2 players with hypothectically same skill
(3:56:5) [Magicbaby] yes
(3:56:10) [Magicbaby] lets say 2 mages run into each other
(3:56:15) [Magicbaby] and both spam quake + shock
(3:56:16) [Loveguardian] if it comes down to gear..soem gear influecnces have emphasiss that others dont
(3:56:31) [Magicbaby] the one with better gear win
(3:56:34) [Loveguardian] for example a mage who focuses on luck for crit strikes
(3:56:38) [Faythz] yaaa
(3:56:43) [Loveguardian] vs a mage who has more int for overal dmg
(3:56:48) [Loveguardian] same skill
(3:56:52) [Faythz] to bad the skill difference
(3:56:54) [Magicbaby] lovegaurdian
(3:56:54) [Loveguardian] but it is entirely situational
(3:56:55) [Faythz] plays a big part
(3:57:6) [Magicbaby] someone with amazing skill doing 1k dmg
(3:57:7) [Loveguardian] because the luck mage could win on a crit hit
(3:57:10) [Magicbaby] still loses to noob doing 5k dmg
(3:57:23) [Magicbaby] 1k normal 3k crit lets say
(3:57:26) [Loveguardian] and if the crit doesnt work, the int mage could win
(3:57:30) [Magicbaby] compared to 3k normal 4k crit
(3:57:31) [Magicbaby] still win
(3:57:35) [Magicbaby] even if u crit
(3:57:37) [Magicbaby] still less dmg
(3:57:38) [Magicbaby] due to gear
(3:57:41) [Loveguardian] thats still situational
(3:57:46) [Magicbaby] regardless of crit
(3:57:51) [Magicbaby] the dps output is still higher
(3:57:54) [Loveguardian] thers also ruby charts to count into play
(3:58:9) [Faythz] point is in the end
(3:58:11) [Magicbaby] every mage has ur basic %
(3:58:16) [Magicbaby] and entropy builders / removers
(3:58:19) [Faythz] the difference isnt as big
(3:58:19) [Loveguardian] thats why makes this game so kol, there are too many factors to consider and keep it intersting
(3:58:23) [Faythz] as you put it out to be
(3:58:48) [Magicbaby] all those factors however are incompareable to the influence of gear
(3:59:4) [Loveguardian] i will say that it is a losing arguement for 2 lvl 40s to face each other and one is wearing lvl 1 gear with no boosts
(3:59:16) [Magicbaby] regardless of skill, ur doing twice as much dps and resisting twice as much dmg
(3:59:16) [Loveguardian] however..that is a flawwed arguement
(3:59:25) [Magicbaby] its almost a simple and clear answer
(3:59:28) [Faythz] well LG i offered to use lower tier gear and duelMagic
(3:59:29) [Loveguardian] and almost a given
(3:59:34) [Faythz] to prove skill maters
(3:59:47) [Magicbaby] lmao
(3:59:51) [Magicbaby] to prove skill matters?
(3:59:56) [Magicbaby] thats wat ur trying to prove!??!
(3:59:58) [Magicbaby] lol...
(4:0:0) [Magicbaby] now i feel bad
(4:0:14) [Loveguardian] ultimately
(4:0:22) [Magicbaby] its obvious skill matters, im sry u think that we were talking about that
(4:0:30) [Loveguardian] none of us have any conphrehension big enough to account for anything in this arguement
(4:0:41) [Loveguardian] because there are to omayn factors to consider
(4:0:52) [Faythz] like to the tottal difference
(4:0:52) [Magicbaby] which are all incompareable to ggear
(4:0:53) [Magicbaby] we know
(4:0:55) [Loveguardian] rubys.gear.player skill,player style
(4:0:55) [Faythz] between my gear
(4:0:59) [Faythz] is 130 stats
(4:1:9) [Magicbaby] gear > ruby, players, skill, style, all that
(4:1:13) [Faythz] were looking at difference beween 1142? combined stats
(4:1:16) [Loveguardian] lol i give ]
(4:1:23) [Faythz] compared to 1000 stats
(4:1:36) [Magicbaby] gear = so much more than stats
(4:1:40) [Loveguardian] your a brick wall and your using evasive agnositiscm agasint me and pearz...and im not even on pearz side XD
(4:1:50) [Faythz] lulz
(4:1:52) [Magicbaby] lol
(4:2:12) [Magicbaby] love, u have to first understand the convo, to try and understand wats happening in it
(4:2:14) [Faythz] any lower and you get destroyed by glancing
(4:2:23) [Loveguardian] i understand perfectly
(4:2:28) [Loveguardian] you = gear > everything
(4:2:29) [Faythz] its not hard
(4:2:34) [Magicbaby] nono
(4:2:37) [Loveguardian] pearz = skill matters too
(4:2:45) [Magicbaby] skill is needed
(4:2:47) [Magicbaby] not simple matters
(4:2:52) [Magicbaby] we can all agree on that
(4:2:56) [Ejac] no ur undersntaing a tad wroung love
(4:3:4) [Loveguardian] then that is the premises
(4:3:6) [Magicbaby] lol
(4:3:10) [Magicbaby] no not at all
(4:3:14) [Magicbaby] which is my point
(4:3:14) [Ejac] since u dont understand exahcly how gear in this game various by sweetness
(4:3:24) [Loveguardian] i know it varies
(4:3:29) [Magicbaby] u try to call me out on something u urself do not understand
(4:3:41) [Ejac] but they r both a right
(4:3:56) [Ejac] which is why the agrument keeps going nowhere lol
(4:4:0) [Loveguardian] your trying to make a hypotheticall situation saying that 2 players with same skil , the gear wins
(4:4:0) [Faythz] naw
(4:4:5) [Magicbaby] lol
(4:4:21) [Magicbaby] still dont c any argument for how 1k > 3k
(4:4:28) [Magicbaby] the dps output -_-
(4:4:33) [Loveguardian] depends
(4:4:34) [Faythz] yaaaa
(4:4:36) [Magicbaby] i cant see the other side which pearz does
(4:4:37) [Ejac] muxy come test ur clances on me1
(4:4:40) [Ejac] glances
(4:4:42) [Faythz] problem is your numbers is unrealistic
(4:4:48) [Muxy] oki omw
(4:4:50) [Faythz] no one is doing 3 times more damage
(4:4:57) [Magicbaby] well lets say 2k-3k
(4:5:0) [Magicbaby] still more dps no/.
(4:5:2) [Magicbaby] ?
(4:5:5) [Faythz] tis still more
(4:5:9) [Faythz] but the difference is small
(4:5:11) [Magicbaby] ur saying its... 2800 to 3k
(4:5:16) [Magicbaby] which is a joke
(4:5:20) [Faythz] difference is i said
(4:5:26) [Faythz] im roughly 1.5 times tronger then you
(4:5:30) [Faythz] at most
(4:5:33) [Magicbaby] but u dont have full heroics
(4:5:36) [Faythz] probabl 1.4 is a closer estimate
(4:5:39) [Magicbaby] im talking full heroics
(4:5:43) [Faythz] no
(4:5:46) [Ejac] o
(4:5:47) [Faythz] i am full heroiced
(4:5:53) [Faythz] most i could realli get
(4:5:56) [Faythz] is the wand
(4:6:5) [Magicbaby] u have all purple items?
(4:6:5) [Faythz] anymore and it would comprimise my damage
(4:6:11) [Faythz] its not about purplse magic
(4:6:14) [Magicbaby] rite
(4:6:16) [Faythz] its about balanceing stats
(4:6:18) [Magicbaby] but u c my point
(4:6:19) [Faythz] i have purple boots
(4:6:25) [Faythz] i have blue shoulders
(4:6:27) [Faythz] i dont use them
(4:6:28) [Ejac] magic r u assuming every1 that beats is full purprled?
(4:6:31) [Faythz] i rather use greens
(4:6:32) [Ejac] u
(4:6:34) [Magicbaby] not at all
(4:6:38) [Faythz] cuz balanceing your stats
(4:6:40) [Faythz] matters
(4:6:47) [Magicbaby] 1.4 increase in dmg
(4:7:4) [Magicbaby] lets say thats an accurate number shall we
(4:7:22) [Magicbaby] thats still 3k more dmg when tallied up if not more
(4:7:31) [Faythz] 3k more compared to what?
(4:7:44) [Magicbaby] lets say for example 5 shocks + tempest
(4:7:51) [Faythz] ya
(4:7:54) [Faythz] sure
(4:8:6) [Magicbaby] 1k,1k,1k,1k,1k + tempest = 5k + tempest
(4:8:9) [Magicbaby] right?
(4:8:16) [Faythz] you know how you easily gain that back?
(4:8:20) [Faythz] no put stats in agi
(4:8:22) [Faythz] lulzzzz
(4:8:23) [Magicbaby] compared to 1400,1400,1400,1400,1400 + tempest
(4:8:32) [Faythz] in life
(4:8:35) [Magicbaby] which wud mean
(4:8:43) [Magicbaby] ur doing 3k more dmg
(4:8:45) [Magicbaby] TA DA
(4:8:45) [Faythz] sure
(4:8:46) [Magicbaby] =)
(4:8:49) [Faythz] 3k more
(4:8:55) [Faythz] in that comparison sure
(4:8:58) [Faythz] then what?
(4:9:11) [Magicbaby] my point is not skill matters
(4:9:20) [Magicbaby] my point is gear = higher dps
(4:9:21) [Faythz] it matters
(4:9:24) [Faythz] in taht small difference
(4:9:28) [Magicbaby] this higher dps = a certain imbalance
(4:9:38) [Faythz] cuz then you wouldnt be complaining about this
(4:9:45) [Faythz] cuz if this fight played out perfectly
(4:9:53) [Faythz] the maage heroiced would be left withwhat?
(4:9:56) [Faythz] 30% life?
(4:9:58) [Faythz] 20?
(4:10:3) [Faythz] the one that won with heroics
(4:10:4) [Magicbaby] rite
(4:10:7) [Magicbaby] 20-40%
(4:10:8) [Magicbaby] lets say
(4:10:15) [Magicbaby] no sheild
(4:10:22) [Faythz] and if it was that bit of HP
(4:10:35) [Magicbaby] enuff to make differnce in winning and losing
(4:10:37) [Faythz] tahts just landing 1-2 more hits
(4:10:41) [Magicbaby] due to gear
(4:10:43) [Magicbaby] its not
(4:10:48) [Magicbaby] its actually landing less hits for more dmg
(4:10:50) [Magicbaby] =)
(4:10:57) [Muxy] my fireball is buggged!
(4:10:59) [Faythz] ya but
(4:11:0) [Magicbaby] i hit him 10 times he hits me 5
(4:11:7) [Magicbaby] he still wins
(4:11:16) [Magicbaby] both conflag
(4:11:18) [Faythz] but i ask you
(4:11:19) [Magicbaby] both shock + quake
(4:11:21) [Faythz] if it came down to
(4:11:22) [Faythz] 20%
(4:11:22) [Magicbaby] both flash
(4:11:24) [Magicbaby] both hypo
(4:11:26) [Faythz] you wouldnt be complaining now
(4:11:30) [Magicbaby] and simply came down to spam shock
(4:11:31) [Faythz] cuz that smal ldifference
(4:11:34) [Magicbaby] when we both under 40 %
(4:11:38) [Faythz] = that 1 more shield
(4:11:41) [Faythz] advantage
(4:11:43) [Faythz] i talked about
(4:11:47) [Faythz] if you wer faster on your spam
(4:11:52) [Magicbaby] its not 1 shiled however
(4:11:57) [Faythz] yes
(4:11:58) [Magicbaby] 5 hits compared to 10 hits
(4:12:0) [Magicbaby] is not 1 shield
(4:12:2) [Faythz] i can tell you now
(4:12:3) [Magicbaby] i think thats quite clear
(4:12:6) [Faythz] when i fight mages
(4:12:15) [Faythz] assuming it takes me 30 secs to kill this other mage
(4:12:21) [Faythz] 25 secs is taking off shields
(4:12:30) [Faythz] it only takes me 5 secs to kill once shields are gone
(4:12:35) [Magicbaby] ofc
(4:12:35) [Faythz] that 1 faster shield matters alot
(4:12:42) [Magicbaby] usually can 4-5 shot
(4:12:50) [Magicbaby] however
(4:12:54) [Magicbaby] he has 0 shield
(4:12:59) [Magicbaby] i have 0 shield
(4:13:4) [Magicbaby] he has 50k hp
(4:13:7) [Magicbaby] i have 40k hp
(4:13:21) [Magicbaby] he does 400 - hell lets say 200 more dmg than me per shock
(4:13:25) [Magicbaby] who wins?
(4:13:28) [Magicbaby] lol...
(4:13:32) [Faythz] the more skilled one
(4:13:32) [Magicbaby] gear wins!
(4:13:37) [Faythz] the difference is to small...
(4:13:38) [Magicbaby] lmao
(4:13:59) [Faythz] well by your theory like i siad
(4:14:3) [Faythz] you should be able to walk all over me
(4:14:6) [Magicbaby] the mage who wins is left with 20% life, i.e 12k hp lets say
(4:14:8) [Faythz] if u use greens no?
(4:14:24) [Faythz] since no matter
(4:14:32) [Faythz] how skilled i am i cant win with a much weaker attack
(4:14:42) [Faythz] cuz with greens i will be much weaker
(4:14:56) [Magicbaby] this is correct in my situation of rep vs heroic
(4:15:2) [Magicbaby] in ur situation i dont know

(4:15:7) [Magicbaby] havent been there
(4:15:31) [Faythz] cuz pretty much
(4:15:36) [Faythz] every mage is like me
(4:15:39) [Faythz] or player even
(4:15:44) [Faythz] no one actually uses pure purples
(4:15:49) [Faythz] the stats arent balanced
(4:15:56) [Faythz] you hurt yourself more using pure purples
(4:16:3) [Faythz] then using 1-2 blues/greens
(4:16:16) [Magicbaby] simply put - u think the difference isnt big enuff, and i do
(4:16:22) [Magicbaby] that big*
(4:16:29) [Faythz] thedifferencea
(4:16:34) [Faythz] if your saying fighting me
(4:16:37) [Faythz] or other mages
(4:16:42) [Magicbaby] ?
(4:16:42) [Faythz] actually isnt in the gear
(4:16:46) [Faythz] its in the trinket
(4:16:56) [Ejac] those shoes r soooooo nice
(4:16:59) [Faythz] that 1 trinket will make difference
(4:17:3) [Faythz] over any gear
(4:17:5) [Magicbaby] the eye one?
(4:17:8) [Faythz] thats what you realli felt
(4:17:9) [Faythz] yes
(4:17:9) [Magicbaby] which does ++ dmg
(4:17:17) [Faythz] 9.4k per 2 secs
(4:17:25) [Muxy] lol
(4:17:26) [Magicbaby] another gear -_-
(4:17:27) [Faythz] main thing is that
(4:17:30) [Magicbaby] but that aside
(4:17:31) [Faythz] + conflag
(4:17:34) [Ejac] let me test usmthin on u muxy
(4:17:36) [Faythz] goes THROUGH
(4:17:38) [Faythz] your shields
(4:17:42) [Magicbaby] the dps ouput makes a big diff
(4:17:44) [Faythz] can kill you even if you shield
(4:18:0) [Faythz] thats what you realli felt the difference
(4:18:1) [Faythz] not the stats
(4:18:4) [Ejac] hmmm
(4:18:6) [Magicbaby] lets say both mages keep both shild up constantly
(4:18:8) [Faythz] or slight difference in damage
(4:18:11) [Magicbaby] the dps of conflag istelf
(4:18:14) [Magicbaby] wins
(4:18:15) [Magicbaby] =)
(4:18:21) [Magicbaby] if that isnt clear enuff
(4:18:24) [Magicbaby] i dont know wat is
(4:18:38) [Faythz] its impossible
(4:18:42) [Faythz] to keep your shields on
(4:18:45) [Faythz] permentantly
(4:18:52) [Faythz] the spam comes out to fast
(4:19:15) [Magicbaby] its hypothetical
(4:19:24) [Magicbaby] was to help u understand my point of dps output
(4:19:30) [Faythz] thats hypothetic is null
(4:19:35) [Faythz] cuz its unrealistic
(4:19:39) [Faythz] it will never happen
(4:19:49) [Faythz] hypothetics ussualy has a plausiblity of occuring
(4:19:49) [Magicbaby] cept when
(4:19:56) [Magicbaby] ur both@ 40% life lets say
(4:20:0) [Magicbaby] and u BOTH conflag
(4:20:3) [Magicbaby] eachother
(4:20:5) [Magicbaby] due to dps
(4:20:7) [Magicbaby] 1 dies
(4:20:12) [Magicbaby] the other has lets say 2 % left
(4:20:16) [Magicbaby] gg gear once again
(4:20:19) [Faythz] like i said
(4:20:23) [Faythz] simple solution
(4:20:34) [Faythz] to problem is i duel you in greens
(4:20:40) [Faythz] i have obvious gear disadvantage
(4:20:46) [Faythz] you should blow me outta watter
(4:20:54) [Faythz] i'll have less then you on everything
(4:21:27) [Magicbaby] u and i dueling proves nothing of rep gear vs heroic -_- which is my point
(4:21:28) [Magicbaby] lol
(4:21:37) [Faythz] how is it different?
(4:22:10) [Magicbaby] other than stats, resistance, % by numbers?
(4:22:21) [Faythz] i have less of all of those
(4:22:43) [Magicbaby] right
(4:22:46) [Magicbaby] so for example
(4:22:47) [Ejac] ooo whats ur nature at
(4:22:54) [Magicbaby] 40k hp and 50 k hp
(4:22:55) [Faythz] im at around 228
(4:22:55) [Magicbaby] same example
(4:22:56) [Faythz] or so
(4:23:6) [Magicbaby] but the differnce isn't 1k to 1400
(4:23:15) [Magicbaby] lets say its now...600 to 1k rite
(4:23:19) [Magicbaby] since ur number of 1.4
(4:23:22) [Magicbaby] lol
(4:23:26) [Faythz] so?
(4:23:49) [Magicbaby] which changes the fight completely....

(4:23:52) [Magicbaby] lol?
(4:23:52) [Faythz] im weaker the numbers were scalled down
(4:23:53) [Magicbaby] dont u c?
(4:24:0) [Faythz] were not perfumed
(4:24:3) [Faythz] thts half the hp
(4:24:9) [Faythz] compared to normal
(4:24:19) [Magicbaby] no perfume change alot also
(4:24:19) [Faythz] more then makes up
(4:24:23) [Magicbaby] conflag duration
(4:24:27) [Magicbaby] -_-
(4:24:32) [Faythz] conflag duration isnt effected
(4:24:36) [Faythz] by perfume
(4:24:46) [Faythz] only thing is icy
(4:24:48) [Faythz] hp and mp
(4:24:50) [Magicbaby] how come it lasts 2-3 sec whne im perfumed...
(4:24:54) [Magicbaby] and 4-5 sec when not

(4:25:0) [Faythz] differnt targets
(4:25:9) [Magicbaby] ?
(4:25:16) [Faythz] im telling you its the same
(4:25:32) [Faythz] realli want me to show you its the same?
(4:25:40) [Magicbaby] i honestly dont care that much
(4:26:3) [Magicbaby] i may not know the numbers like u do pearz, or play 24/7 and know all the gear
(4:26:10) [Magicbaby] but i do know that gear > skill to an extent
(4:26:18) [Magicbaby] this is a fact
(4:26:22) [Magicbaby] ppl can disagree with it
(4:26:26) [Magicbaby] but it's true regardless
(4:26:38) [Loveguardian] its not a fact if it itnt been proven
(4:26:56) [Magicbaby] define proven mr. "there are so many factors u cant calculate anything in life"
(4:26:57) [Magicbaby] lol...
(4:27:0) [Faythz] tho i would like to point out
(4:27:1) [Magicbaby] =)
(4:27:7) [Faythz] that statement in itself is null
(4:27:15) [Loveguardian] thats the point
(4:27:16) [Faythz] it doesnt state magnitudes
(4:27:23) [Faythz] its same as saying nothing
(4:27:34) [Magicbaby] its like disagreeing that 150dmg is more than 100dmg
(4:27:36) [Loveguardian] you havent prove it in my eyes, you only gave conditional arguements
(4:27:43) [Magicbaby] fact that needs no proof, simply understanding of concept
(4:27:47) [Faythz] no
(4:27:56) [Faythz] your statement is : gear > skill
(4:28:3) [Magicbaby] to an extent
(4:28:7) [Faythz] but by taht STATEMENT
(4:28:13) [Faythz] 1 peice of gear with 1 more stat
(4:28:16) [Faythz] would always win
(4:28:21) [Faythz] which is my point that
(4:28:22) [Magicbaby] no...
(4:28:27) [Faythz] your statement has no magntitude
(4:28:40) [Faythz] its same as saying nothing
(4:28:43) [Magicbaby] ur understanding of the fact is wat is incorrect
(4:28:48) [Magicbaby] which is why u think its nothing
(4:29:5) [Faythz] well
(4:29:6) [Loveguardian] then what is the fact
(4:29:9) [Faythz] until you definse
(4:29:13) [Loveguardian] cuz your still playing evasive agnocitism
(4:29:15) [Faythz] *define the magnitude
(4:29:21) [Faythz] and releation ship between gear and skill
(4:29:28) [Faythz] that statement doesnt mean much
(4:29:31) [Faythz] gear even 1 stats
(4:29:34) [Faythz] is better gear
(4:29:35) [Magicbaby] its quite impossible to measure skill
(4:29:39) [Magicbaby] i think thats clear also
(4:29:46) [Faythz] obviosuly
(4:29:48) [Ejac] a poory geared tank canted tank wile a well geared 1 can.
(4:29:50) [Magicbaby] u have ppl who think they know what they are doing
(4:29:51) [Faythz] but to blanket statement like that
(4:29:53) [Ejac] is that magic is syaing
(4:29:54) [Magicbaby] and ppl who actually know
(4:29:57) [Ejac] what
(4:29:58) [Faythz] is null
(4:30:1) [Faythz] which is the point
(4:30:10) [Magicbaby] lol
(4:30:28) [Magicbaby] as i said b4
(4:30:36) [Magicbaby] u can disagree with anything u want
(4:30:46) [Magicbaby] but the fact that its true still pertains
(4:30:52) [Magicbaby] evidence is everywhere
(4:30:55) [Loveguardian] lol as i have asked for many times
(4:30:58) [Loveguardian] what is the fact
(4:30:59) [Faythz] no its not everywhere
(4:31:5) [Faythz] its not a fact
(4:31:9) [Magicbaby] love, have u pvp'd a heroic imp yet?
(4:31:36) [Loveguardian] that doesnt have anything to do with the arguement
(4:31:39) [Outis] Once upon a time there was a...
(4:31:39) [Magicbaby] LMAO
(4:31:41) [Magicbaby] point made
(4:31:47) [Magicbaby] p
(4:32:2) [Loveguardian] your saying fact this fact that, and im getting that gear > skill to extent
(4:32:7) [Ejac] but u can make ur gear really close to heric gear
(4:32:10) [Loveguardian] but that makes the whole statement a conditional statement
(4:32:17) [Loveguardian] meaning it isnt a fact
(4:32:23) [Loveguardian] just a conditional statement
(4:32:30) [Magicbaby] if u have no experince in gear and stats, it is impossible to understand

(4:32:38) [Faythz] lulz
(4:32:53) [Magicbaby] i.e if u donthavent pvp'd an heroic imp, the dps and such that im talkin about is -_-
(4:33:5) [Faythz] you make it sound like i didnt lulz
(4:33:15) [Magicbaby] pearz
(4:33:22) [Magicbaby] i truly take ur words into account
(4:33:31) [Magicbaby] u have played this game far more than i have
(4:33:36) [Magicbaby] and know ur !@#$ - i think we all see that
(4:33:56) [Yumeko] name?
(4:33:57) [Magicbaby] my last comments were to love gaurd - the one who hasnt pvpd
(4:34:1) [Outis] agin
(4:34:4) [Yumeko] ill invite him give me the name
(4:34:12) [Faythz] i have PVPedagainst heroic geared b4
(4:34:14) [Faythz] and i know
(4:34:19) [Faythz] skill matters more
(4:34:26) [Faythz] heck
(4:34:30) [Faythz] if you compare to
(4:34:37) [Faythz] me to Hamoter
(4:34:44) [Faythz] on Emp side
(4:34:50) [Faythz] he has an extra 150 satst on me
(4:34:58) [Faythz] hes got 5 astral epics
(4:34:59) [Faythz] iwant
(4:35:11) [Faythz] i still kill him like nothing
(4:35:17) [Ejac] yeah i can alaways tell whos super geared for mages by the abosrobs
(4:35:22) [Faythz] ya
(4:35:27) [Magicbaby] pearz
(4:35:30) [Magicbaby] im talking about an imp
(4:35:33) [Magicbaby] heroic geared
(4:35:43) [Magicbaby] who comes at u with quake + shock just lik eu
(4:35:49) [Magicbaby] both remove shield
(4:35:54) [Magicbaby] both dps spam
(4:36:0) [Magicbaby] accodring to u this is "a skilled mage"
(4:36:3) [Faythz] thats to general
(4:36:3) [Magicbaby] as this is wat u do
(4:36:10) [Faythz] wecan easily say spam
(4:36:12) [Faythz] but
(4:36:13) [Loveguardian] lol thats the thats what just made this a conditional statement
(4:36:14) [Magicbaby] so the dps still comes into accout
(4:36:19) [Faythz] 1 wil spam
(4:36:21) [Faythz] beter
(4:36:26) [Faythz] and take of shields first
(4:36:36) [Magicbaby] its not hard to spam quake + grasp -_-
(4:36:45) [Faythz] well like i said
(4:36:48) [Faythz] if its so easy
(4:36:54) [Faythz] then you should take me out in green gear?
(4:36:58) [Faythz] you sspam just as well
(4:37:3) [Faythz] except im weaker
(4:37:8) [Ejac] duke it out
(4:37:8) [Faythz] no?
(4:37:17) [Magicbaby] cept we fight to prove a point u think ur trying to prove
(4:37:19) [Faythz] the green VS rep compared to
(4:37:21) [Magicbaby] which is a waste of time
(4:37:22) [Faythz] heroic VS rep
(4:37:24) [Faythz] is the same
(4:37:32) [çîíà][Outis] lfm rep raid, pst
(4:37:40) [Ejac] no baby its same
(4:37:44) [Ejac] ish
(4:37:48) [Magicbaby] ha
(4:37:56) [Faythz] i mean
(4:38:2) [Magicbaby] regardless pearz thinks the fight will prove skill matters
(4:38:2) [Faythz] how much closer are you gonn get
(4:38:10) [Magicbaby] which is "his point" he's trying to make
(4:38:11) [Faythz] how does that NOT prove skill matters
(4:38:16) [Faythz] your better geared
(4:38:17) [Magicbaby] it DOES!!
(4:38:19) [Faythz] in every way
(4:38:20) [Magicbaby] it does!!
(4:38:23) [Magicbaby] thats my point!!
(4:38:25) [Magicbaby] LMAO!!!
(4:38:29) [Magicbaby] sigh
(4:38:35) [Faythz] so your point now is
(4:38:35) [Loveguardian] i thought your point was gear> skill to an extent
(4:38:40) [Faythz] that green gear beats rep?
(4:38:48) [Magicbaby] sigh
(4:39:8) [Magicbaby] this is starting to get annoying -
(4:39:11) [Loveguardian] u been playing evasicn agnocitism for the last 10 minutes
(4:39:17) [Magicbaby] we all agree skill is NEEDED
(4:39:31) [Magicbaby] we all agree the diff in gear - i.e green / blue / purp is compareably
(4:39:35) [Magicbaby] compareble*
(4:39:38) [Muxy] ohhh i understand now
(4:39:49) [Magicbaby] wat we disagree on
(4:39:52) [Loveguardian] your changing your agruement slowly now to something totally differnt from the original
(4:40:3) [Magicbaby] let me finish pls
(4:40:7) [Faythz] lulz
(4:40:10) [Magicbaby] b4 u come in with another ignorant comment
(4:40:20) [Loveguardian] I'm just saying.;...i wish I could scrol up and read it to you
(4:40:46) [Magicbaby] and i wish ur words meant something - but due to lack of experience it truly hard to take u serisouly -_-

(4:40:49) [Magicbaby] and i apologize for that
(4:41:4) [Magicbaby] but it's hard not to laugh @ someone who thinks he knows wat he's taling about
(4:41:6) [Magicbaby] anyways -
(4:41:11) [Magicbaby] back to our convo pearz
(4:41:18) [Loveguardian] well im basing all my judgement on logical thinking, but plz finish before directly atacking the person and now the arguement
(4:41:31) [Loveguardian] cuz doing that is a fallacy
(4:41:34) [Magicbaby] we disagree tha tthe DIFFERENCE in gear, is enuff to make a real difference in pvp battle
(4:41:35) [Faythz] ya basically your arguement is logically flawed
(4:41:38) [Faythz] to begin with
(4:42:5) [Magicbaby] is it hard to comprehend that higher dps = more dmg
(4:42:18) [Magicbaby] is it hard to understand that better gear = higher dps?
(4:42:28) [Faythz] yes
(4:42:33) [Magicbaby] interesting
(4:42:39) [Faythz] and your rep gear = better dps then my green
(4:42:44) [Faythz] :O
(4:42:48) [Magicbaby] so u do understand!
(4:42:49) [Faythz] my
(4:42:58) [Loveguardian] therefore if your gear > pearz, you should win
(4:43:10) [Loveguardian] (to an extent)
(4:43:28) [Magicbaby] ur argument is that heroic gear isn't better than rep?
(4:43:34) [Magicbaby] cuz thats a whole nother LMAO love

(4:43:35) [Faythz] no
(4:43:40) [Faythz] i nvr said heroic isnt better
(4:43:47) [Faythz] i jsust said the difference isnt
(4:43:52) [Faythz] so big that skill wont make up for it
(4:44:2) [Magicbaby] right
(4:44:38) [Magicbaby] and i think the difference IS big enuff - when rep vs heroics due to dps
(4:44:46) [Magicbaby] so we disagree
(4:44:46) [Faythz] and
(4:44:53) [Faythz] how is that any different then green vs rep
(4:45:0) [Faythz] the damage diffrence is huge
(4:45:22) [Magicbaby] the question of green vs rep is comparebly
(4:45:34) [Magicbaby] the question of our duel green vs blue isnt
(4:46:2) [Loveguardian] now the arugemnt is....heroics vs rep...not better gear > all?
(4:46:9) [Ejac] w
(4:46:13) [Magicbaby] the duel itself only proves skill is needed, whereas im talking about skills of let say, the same if not greater levels vs'ing one with gear difffernce
(4:46:35) [Magicbaby] zzzz love is still talking zzzz
(4:46:36) [Magicbaby] lmao
(4:46:37) [Magicbaby] =)
(4:46:38) [Loveguardian] you just changed your arguement again and its still conditional
(4:46:49) [Magicbaby] im not changing anything
(4:47:0) [Magicbaby] i still beleive better gear > skill differnce

(4:47:7) [Magicbaby] its my opinion
(4:47:15) [Loveguardian] so now ur fact is an opinion
(4:47:17) [Faythz] sigh
(4:47:18) [Magicbaby] its what many ppl i've talked with believe
(4:47:21) [Magicbaby] cept pearz
(4:47:35) [Magicbaby] which is fine
(4:47:35) [Faythz] i see it as not the gear
(4:47:37) [Faythz] i see it as
(4:47:51) [Faythz] players making an excuse for their own shortcomings of their skill
(4:48:2) [Magicbaby] which is a fair way to look at it
(4:48:3) [Faythz] rather then better themselves
(4:48:9) [Faythz] they blame their gear
(4:48:15) [Magicbaby] but to be honest, not all of us spam quake + grasp
(4:48:37) [Faythz] tbh
(4:48:37) [Magicbaby] there are mages who play like every other mage
(4:48:40) [Magicbaby] and those who dont
(4:48:49) [Faythz] if you r fighting another mage
(4:48:52) [Magicbaby] so those who do the same thing over n over again like everyone else
(4:48:53) [Faythz] even level 1 shocking
(4:48:55) [Magicbaby] fair enuff - it works
(4:48:56) [Faythz] taht everyone has
(4:49:2) [Faythz] is enough to take off that shield
(4:49:23) [Faythz] iunno about you
(4:49:27) [Magicbaby] i just think there is more to skill then the speed of spamming a key
(4:49:28) [Magicbaby] thats all
(4:49:31) [Magicbaby] thats just me though
(4:49:37) [Magicbaby] u can play ur mage any way u want dude
(4:49:47) [Faythz] well
(4:49:52) [Faythz] if you can figure out a better mage
(4:49:56) [Faythz] to take off shieldsgo ahead
(4:50:17) [Magicbaby] im not saying it doesnt work
(4:50:23) [Magicbaby] hell, its great ! which is why everyone does it!
(4:50:51) [Magicbaby] im just saying i'd like to look past spamming 2 keys, it reminds me of icy grace - meteor - icy
(4:51:1) [Faythz] thats just the start of the fight
(4:51:10) [Faythz] the figh doesnt
(4:51:17) [Faythz] end second sheilds are over
(4:51:40) [Magicbaby] once sheild are gone
(4:51:45) [Magicbaby] fast kill
(4:51:57) [Magicbaby] didnt u say..lets c.... "quote " - " 5 seconds"
(4:51:58) [Magicbaby] rite?
(4:51:59) [Faythz] how you kill
(4:52:3) [Faythz] differs
(4:52:5) [Faythz] but
(4:52:27) [Faythz] like i said if there was abtetter way to remove shields
(4:52:31) [Faythz] go ahead
(4:52:51) [Magicbaby] and like i said, spamming 2 keys is a great start, and it works
(4:52:54) [Magicbaby] nothing wrong with it
(4:53:10) [Magicbaby] i just like to use more keys
(4:53:27) [Magicbaby] dont mistake me
(4:53:31) [Magicbaby] u [I Have a Potty Mouth] !@#$ pearz
(4:53:43) [Magicbaby] and quake and grasp are great
(4:53:51) [Magicbaby] for example i use icy comet
(4:53:54) [Magicbaby] cuz its fun as !@#$ =)
(4:53:59) [Magicbaby] situational
(4:54:2) [Magicbaby] but its fun
(4:54:8) [Magicbaby] so i just play diff
(4:54:12) [Magicbaby] however
(4:54:23) [Magicbaby] if i want to live then i gues i should resort to quake + grasp
(4:54:33) [Faythz] aginast a mage yo udo
(4:54:37) [Magicbaby] yeh
(4:54:41) [Faythz] tahts like complaining
(4:54:46) [Faythz] why cant I go into playing CS
(4:54:47) [Muxy] grats ^^
(4:54:51) [Faythz] and knife a sniper
(4:54:57) [Faythz] on an open field
(4:55:4) [Faythz] i mean sure you could but
(4:55:8) [Magicbaby] i knife awepers all the time....
(4:55:12) [Magicbaby] but thats a diff game
(4:55:14) [Magicbaby] =)
(4:55:17) [Faythz] its the same idea
(4:55:21) [Magicbaby] skill makes a HUGE diff in cs
(4:55:22) [Magicbaby] in allods...
(4:55:26) [Faythz] there is a correct way
(4:55:33) [Faythz] to give you that small edge
(4:55:33) [Magicbaby] its like, if u can hit 4 keys u can kill almost anyone
(4:55:34) [Ejac] muxy u wouldnt fight :O made me feel bad
(4:55:35) [Magicbaby] lmao
(4:55:36) [Muxy] it shows me jumping still, but while im laying down
(4:55:53) [Magicbaby] pearz
(4:55:57) [Faythz] the tactics and fighting style
(4:55:59) [Magicbaby] thats awesome - thats my point exactly
(4:56:0) [Muxy] lol i fought!
(4:56:2) [Faythz] is all about giving you that edge
(4:56:12) [Magicbaby] u think there is a "correct way" to fight
(4:56:18) [Magicbaby] whereas i constantly change it up
(4:56:30) [Magicbaby] thats just it!!
(4:56:33) [Magicbaby] im glad u said that
(4:56:41) [Magicbaby] i kinda understand where ur coming from now
(4:56:47) [Faythz] there is a correct way when it comes withmages
(4:56:54) [Magicbaby] its like sf4
(4:56:59) [Faythz] your fighting mirror matches
(4:57:3) [Faythz] is much differnt
(4:57:12) [Magicbaby] heh
(4:57:20) [Faythz] anything you can do they can do
(4:57:24) [Magicbaby] so in cs for example, u'd awp n awp
(4:57:26) [Magicbaby] ha
(4:57:27) [Faythz] so there is a correct way
(4:57:41) [Faythz] yes i would
(4:57:47) [Faythz] if i told you the map is a huge open map
(4:57:48) [Magicbaby] exactly!
(4:57:51) [Faythz] with no obsticles
(4:57:57) [Faythz] you mean you wouldnt awp?
(4:58:12) [Magicbaby] lets say u both have awps
(4:58:15) [Magicbaby] and nades
(4:58:19) [Faythz] no nades
(4:58:22) [Faythz] only a knife
(4:58:27) [Magicbaby] lol
(4:58:36) [Magicbaby] thats like saying "u only have ice quake and grasp"
(4:58:38) [Magicbaby] lmao
(4:58:39) [Faythz] thats basically what a fight of not spaming is doing
(4:58:41) [Magicbaby] u only have knife and awp
(4:58:44) [Magicbaby] LOL
(4:58:49) [Faythz] yes cuz if your not doing it
(4:58:54) [Faythz] your at a huge disadvantage
(4:58:56) [Faythz] thats the point
(4:59:2) [Magicbaby] ur saying
(4:59:5) [Magicbaby] u only have 2 options
(4:59:7) [Magicbaby] knife or awp
(4:59:10) [Magicbaby] where im saying
(4:59:13) [Magicbaby] there are MANY options
(4:59:20) [Magicbaby] u think there is 1 way to do something
(4:59:24) [Magicbaby] and its "the correct way"
(4:59:30) [Magicbaby] where i think there are MANY ways u can do something
(4:59:35) [Magicbaby] and still walk away victorious
(4:59:37) [Faythz] in mirror matches
(4:59:39) [Spartian] hi guys
(4:59:43) [Magicbaby] and THAT my friend, is where i see the skill
(4:59:57) [Outis] hell o )
(5:0:6) [Faythz] in a mirror match everyone has same things
(5:0:19) [Outis] †
(5:0:20) [Faythz] if you choose to not take advantage of what you have
(5:0:25) [Magicbaby] so in a fair PRO CS match -
(5:0:27) [Brattyk] bb
(5:0:33) [Magicbaby] both guys have awps, both nades, pistol and knife
(5:0:37) [Magicbaby] unless ur a [I Have a Potty Mouth]
(5:0:55) [Magicbaby] and yes, u can awp n awp
(5:1:1) [Faythz] no to me
(5:1:1) [Magicbaby] but u can also do so many more things
(5:1:9) [Faythz] not Using shocking grasp and ice quake
(5:1:13) [Faythz] is like going
(5:1:17) [Faythz] i dont need my nades
(5:1:20) [Faythz] imma just not use them
(5:1:28) [Magicbaby] its not about not using graps + quake
(5:1:33) [Magicbaby] its about using more than tht
(5:1:38) [Magicbaby] so instead of "just using my awp"
(5:1:42) [ìîá][Twilight Vampire] I will rip your throat out!
(5:1:44) [Magicbaby] i'll "use my entire arsenal"
(5:1:46) [Magicbaby] cuz i can
(5:1:48) [Magicbaby] =)
(5:2:0) [Faythz] its situation
(5:2:9) [Faythz] you would want entire ARENSAL on an normal map
(5:2:11) [Magicbaby] so u can do it 1 way "the correct way" according to guides and ppl's opinoins
(5:2:14) [Faythz] but when you KNOW
(5:2:15) [Magicbaby] or u can do it ur way
(5:2:22) [Faythz] there is acorrect way
(5:2:28) [Faythz] when your talking mage v mage
(5:2:28) [Magicbaby] hehe
(5:2:47) [Magicbaby] i think there are many diff ways for everything, hate to look at it like "there is only 1 way to do something"
(5:2:52) [Muxy] i dont think a game like CS is a good comparable thing to something like a MMO :s
(5:2:54) [Magicbaby] so boring
(5:3:14) [Magicbaby] yeh i agree
(5:3:18) [Magicbaby] cs takes alot more skill
(5:3:18) [Muxy] progressive world vs a static one
(5:3:34) [Magicbaby] muxy
(5:3:43) [Magicbaby] there are days where i wish i rolled a summoner
(5:3:43) [Muxy] yessum
(5:3:45) [Faythz] in theend it comes down to there IS a best way to fight
(5:3:49) [Magicbaby] so i can run around and hit 4 buttons
(5:3:53) [Magicbaby] and just laugh as the CG ranks up
(5:4:17) [Magicbaby] there is "the best way" for some, and "many ways which lead to victory" for others
(5:4:20) [Muxy] i think scout would be really lag friendly
(5:4:25) [Ejac] its not like that at all magic
(5:4:28) [Magicbaby] so the "best way" is just 1 of the "many ways"
(5:4:43) [Magicbaby] Ejac i admit i dont know a summoner man
(5:4:46) [Magicbaby] i rly dont
(5:4:54) [Ejac] forgood summners at anyrate xd
(5:5:13) [Magicbaby] but all u need is 3 or 4 dots
(5:5:13) [Muxy] lol i really like wandering, but i like my tele a lot too
(5:5:14) [Magicbaby] and gg
(5:5:21) [Faythz] its cuz your looking at it
(5:5:26) [Faythz] as a mage
(5:5:29) [Faythz] lulz
(5:5:35) [Faythz] a counter class
(5:5:42) [Magicbaby] more as a pvp'in in tt pearz
(5:5:43) [Faythz] then you fight somone
(5:5:45) [Faythz] likeRho once
(5:5:50) [Magicbaby] im not that shortsighted -_-
(5:5:51) [Faythz] and watch rho 1 shot you from full
(5:5:52) [Magicbaby] lmao
(5:6:3) [Magicbaby] u c pearz
(5:6:9) [Magicbaby] i talk about "how to kill the best way"
(5:6:15) [Magicbaby] and im talking about "having fun while killing"
(5:6:26) [Faythz] i have fun by not dieing
(5:6:32) [Faythz] and winning
(5:6:51) [Magicbaby] and i have fun playing the actual game the way i want to not by some guide =)
(5:7:5) [Muxy] i think this game is kind of rock paper scissors ish
(5:7:9) [Faythz] i never follow guides
(5:7:13) [Ejac] yeah def
(5:7:25) [Ejac] this gmae has a lot of random moments
(5:7:29) [Faythz] all the guides on allods are restarded
(5:7:31) [Magicbaby] well pearz, i hate to break it to u, but spam quake + grasp = #1 guide tactic
(5:7:33) [Magicbaby] heheh
(5:7:35) [Faythz] and will lead you down a false path
(5:7:38) [Faythz] k T_T
(5:7:40) [Magicbaby] so u may think ur "doing it different"
(5:7:46) [Magicbaby] but every single mage does it
(5:7:47) [Faythz] not
(5:7:52) [Faythz] against every class
(5:7:57) [Faythz] against a mage it is
(5:7:59) [Magicbaby] we're talking vs mages
(5:8:5) [Ejac] hot feet freeball thing
(5:8:10) [Ejac] is not icequake soam
(5:8:12) [Faythz] well
(5:8:14) [Faythz] like isiad
(5:8:15) [Ejac] *freezebal
(5:8:19) [Faythz] if there was any othr way
(5:8:34) [Ejac] u can remove the shilds with zem bot trinekt
(5:8:38) [Ejac] then go to down
(5:8:42) [Ejac] *town
(5:8:44) [Ejac] o wait
(5:8:45) [Faythz] and waste your trinket?
(5:8:45) [Magicbaby] thats just it
(5:8:48) [Faythz] tahts worse
(5:8:49) [Magicbaby] there are so many other ways
(5:8:50) [Muxy] laggy mages dont use ice quake and shocking, that much
(5:8:52) [Ejac] haha
(5:8:53) [Magicbaby] that its fun to play
(5:8:59) [Magicbaby] if all i did was the same spam
(5:9:3) [Magicbaby] i'd be bored out of my mind
(5:9:9) [Faythz] yet
(5:9:11) [Ejac] tinekt smenkit. i only use mini eye beam
(5:9:18) [Magicbaby] but that why i dont play as much as u
(5:9:24) [Faythz] you just said, you wanted to roll a summoner to press 4 buttons
(5:9:31) [Magicbaby] i said
(5:9:33) [Magicbaby] i've thought about it
(5:9:37) [Magicbaby] cuz it'd be fun
(5:9:47) [Magicbaby] DoT and kite i think wud b fun
(5:9:51) [Magicbaby] nto "the coreect way"
(5:9:52) [Magicbaby] lmao...


So nice long chat logz, I think I took out all the extra stuff.

So the summary of arguments:
1) Heroic gear > skill
2) But Heroic gear VS rep gear TOTALLY different from Green gear VS rep
3) LG doesn't understand logic fallacies in arguments cause hes only level 10

End conclusion:
More players making up excuses to cover for their lack of skill.I mean it's much easier to blame something else then to go out and try and improve right?

PS. Rho kicked him from guild today for another issue that came up today without even seeing these logs.
Long story short, He was griefing lowbies, and instead of just outright rolling him, was shown some respect by Shaguar to come on to tell him to stop and he brushed it off as QQing. Sighz people that don't even know when they been done a favor.


Russian Mods

So a forum post brought this up so I tried it. The latest patch enabled SOME of the Russian mods to work, not all. Generally only the ones that work are the ones that do calculations client side not needing server side info

So first the links:
This will teach you how to install them, and this site has all the mods. (their in Russian, you can Google translate them) Posted original URLs cause Google chrome auto translate it for me ^_^

So here is list of the mods I use and can confirm work:

These are the ones I want to work but I can confirn DON'T work atm:

If you want you can help contribute to list of working/not working and I'll update it, I'm to lazy to try the other ones.


PS. This weeks eps of Durarara just makes me love it more and more


Start of allod-ness and first real post in a while

So first real post will be long-ish. Rho and Aaro are away in China for the duration of summer. So Aaro will not be able to edit my posts (muahahahaha) due to internet censorship. Included in that list is Youtube and Blogspot.

Megaten note: I'll post winner in a couple days or so with the finishing the story. BTW none of you are even close, so chances are I'll pick the story i like the most.

So now that we got more random Allod lurkers that seem to come here, and me not playing Megaten anymore, I will start making Allod based posts.


Allod General:
The latest patch introduced alot of bugs, but yesterday the fixed the biggest one the memory leak. Still some issues, but nothing to major. People can start afking in game again without crashing every hour or so though the new patch seems to be making people leave in droves. C'est la vie. Hopefully with crashes gone and Rho getting settled in, in China, we can start up astraling daily again.

So on to some Allods dramaz:
So Lately we have been having guild dramaz. You can blame me for this, but this is how it started. We (= me, since Rho doesn't handle this stuff. I'll explain in next paragraph) decided to start letting people join the guild WITHOUT the application screening. Purely through a referal from a "friend" in guild.

Now since most people don't know, the first person to be recruited into guild was somone Rho approved on forums that I disagreed on, but it only has to catch 1 of our eyes to pass. So I added her promptly (don't rember if it was a day or 2). Now comes to fun fun fun guild timez. So to start of she was under level 10 I beleive, but no matter we don't judge on levels. First thing she did (like almost EVERY player taht joined) has asked about a guild forums or such. They would get answered to come here as closiest thing to a "guild page". See now she took it upon herself to tell us that we needed one and that she would (very literally) change the title of her guildspot page to be Rain and we could use that one. When prompted to ask what advantages it was to using that instead of my crappy blog, their was no response and she obviously felt very offended that we wouldn't use it.

Then during this time she asked for some help, which we obviously agreed upon before knowing what it was. What she wanted was for us to all make level 6 alts, so we could farm her treasure chests so she could be "perfectly" geared at level 6-9 arc. Now it takes 2 days max to hit level 10 to get rep gear, 1 for more "hardcore" players ( I personally hit lvl 12 on my main, and lvl 11 on my alt in 1 day). When Rho said instead even MADE a compromise to give her gold to buy whatever gear she wanted from Auction house to get that good gear to reach level 10 but was refused insisting we do it her way.

So long story short, she was the first and shortiest player to stay in Rain.


Now onto more recent matters. Lately we been recruit many more players on the whole "friend" request thing and as such I don't get a chance to "Filter" the applicants that would probably leave anyways.
So when you hit 40 your left with a couple choices:
2)raid (heroic/astral)

As "fresh" level 40s, they obviously don't stand much chance to "veteran" level 40s with much better gear so like everyone else, they are forced to raid for better gear.

Fact 1:
Now what these newer players do not know is, our "main" team didn't form to close to 3 weeks after hitting 40. For the first 3 weeks what we would do is sucide rush the boss, and spam respawns to kill the first boss to mediorly gear up on the first.
Fact 2:
Every single member of our team has respeced to EVEN BE ABLE to do these raids. We all sacrficed somthing so we could do these better.

Now these fresh 40s expect to waltz in and just be ABLE to clear the whole heroic like its nothing. They seem to expect things to be handed to them demanding we let them leach gear without even a hint of TRYING to make a team work. They do not talking about going pure tank specs, or even shouting to try and FORM a team together. They then blame the "main" team for not helping them.

Thus they feel like they "don't matter" and feel the need to leave. When no effort is put in to begin with, don't expect any help. Handing out freebies will never tide over cause when were done, the ones leaching will still be short gear except now they don't know WTF their doing (remeber sponsors in MT that reach high end levels not even knowing anything?)

I mean another story was roughly a week ago with the raid boss Bantaz (yazas on the boat). He drops really nice chest piece (that I'm currently still using). So 1 player spots him, and so the other fresh 40s decide to fight him. had a nice spread for the team almost the complete players needed to start the 2nd heroic team. Rozetri (Kaitri from MT), even volunteered to come help them out to garuntee the boss is downed. At this time I was out in astral with another ship since Rho was MIA. Now an hour later I get back from astral and they STILL haven't downed the boss, which I find so curious as they had a good 5 lvl 40s and it should been a piece of cake.

This is when Tri tells me how pissed off he was. He was their purely to help (he doesn't need anything that drops) yet he was sitting there Perfumed to help fight boss, while the rest of the team that needed the drop would sit their with FOD on waiting for the boss to be spoon fed to them. They would rather sit there and wait for me then to change their build or try and work out how to beat that boss. I ended up killing that boss for them but wow...... talk about not helping themselves ( I camped that boss 10 hours a day for 4 days to get my suit, how much dedication did they have <.<)

Some of the players that left were decent and did work, other didn't even make an effort. Just want the players to try first and then come back sking for help rather then screaming for help first and have everything handed to them. We are not that kind of guild, and if you expect that, your in for a big disappointment. Very hard to give somone a chance at being in the main team when they themselves haven't even tried to fit the role.

Morale of the story:
Don't skip the application process, and you can't help someone that isn't trying to help themselves.

/end Pearz rant

PS. Gender bender Durarara pic