Tasogare Otome X Amnesia In Review 5/10

Somewhere along the way Tasogare became lost within its own universe, struggling to grasp its its own darkness with the amount of fan service, romance, and comedy. Tasogare was a disappointment, but despite its inability to thrive off the essence of eeriness and haunting atmospheres, it was enjoyable to an extent.

The major flaw with the show is how it tried so hard to play itself off as a sad romance story, a-midst blood stained backgrounds and dark spooky atmospheres. The atmospheres were very well done but the issue was how often they played off some ecchi or comedy in front of these great set pieces, ruining the moment.

The finale was a huge troll end, I was almost brought to tears with what I thought was the perfect ending, only to be disappointed by the end of the credits.

The characters were somewhat shallow but are overall likable enough to keep watching. Our female lead Yuuko was the foundation the show revolves around, and she does well to invoke scenes of loneliness and sadness. Her counter part, Shadow Yuuko acts as the evil entity creating some awesome moments of thrill. Despite Yuuko's performance, too many of her scenes revolve around a mushy romance with Teiichi, which often flips our view of the show from mystery thriller to romantic ecchi comedy. The show is unable to balance these two themes and I really wish they would have integrated them together a bit better. While this was bothersome for the majority of the show, the ending does quite well to introduce a complete Yuuko that balances out her personality issues and contrasts well with the ecchi romantic Yuuko personality we come to know. The remaining two support characters make an attempt at being Teiichi's love interest, but they fall short of capturing that convincing feeling and are often there to just push Teiichi along his struggling role.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a light thriller. The amount of ecchi, romance, and comedy isn't overboard and the eerie and mysterious scenes are well done and can really draw you in with their amazing atmospheres.

Overall a 5/10 for its quality moments but lack of smooth integration of all its themes it tried to master.