Another week goes by

So finished watching Canaan. It wasn't bad but I don't think I can watch another Battle type anime for a while. It wasn't bad yet I couldn't even focus enough to keep watching it. Guess mangas ussually move faster and can't get used to slow pace that animes usually have. Overall not bad, 7/10

Currently waiting for the new Golden Sun game for the DS to come out. The first 2 were amazing and can't wait for this one to come out.

Rifts CB starts on Dec 3. No guarantee you can get in even with a beta key but here is to hoping. It was 1 of those super anticipated MMOs, see if it lives up to the hype.

Only other thing is the sad realization I'm no where near "pro" level at HON. Still get stomped hard by players that aren't even the "famous" ones.


So some new stuff

Slowly moving back into my "anime" phase where I want to watch more animes.

Latest anime series was True Tears.

Had nice pacing, some fanservice and a nice gripping story. Main thing was up until the end it was still back and forth who the main character would pick to be his girl. I had to keep pausing in utter fear he would pick wrong (yes their is only 1 correct choice). I would watch the OVA for it too but it apparently is an alternate universe where he picks the wrong choice which I don't want to watch. Either way was pretty good, had most of stuff I look for just feel bad for the best friend. They tied of everything nicely at the end though. 8/10

Also decided to play my first harvest moon game ever, Rune Factory 3. It was suppose to be RPG-ish mixed with harvest moon so I decided to try it. What I learned is the town is filled with like nothing but girls. Its like a 8:1 ratio of girls to boys, not to mention each girl had to have their own "catch". They each had their own specfic personality to seperate them from the rest which I found funny. Reminded me of Ookami-san, no character overlaps lulz.
It was fun at first but the constant farming feels tedious now. Not even gonna make it far enough to marry 1 of the girls tsk tsk. Though I realized I am a sucker for Tsunderes when it was in a game XD. I had the urge to follow around the girl that ignored me and ignored all the ones that tried to whore themselves. So effective D:
Best thing was their is a undubbed version so I don't need to listen to crappy English voice acting.

Still can't try Forsaken World, didn't get accepted to Phase 2 that makes me sad.

So pulling from my old list of animes I still haven't watched but been meaning to:
Kurenai, Kara No Kyoukai, Canaan, eve no jikan


Things that happen in this house~

yea.. Aaro tells me that the top three religions on earth are Christianity, Islam and Judaism, I ventured a challenge that Hinduism beats out Judaism. Since we're all idiots, we took the discussion online, Google was kind enough to suggest an alternative conversation. ~enjoy

~+* Rho

post discussion edit:

Rho "what do you know, the hindus do eat out jews."
Aaro "i guess they reincarnate after all."
Pearz (last year)"turkey is an aphrodisiac."

Nothing much

So been over a week since I last posted so might as well make a post. 2 new MMOs came out during this time, war of angels and Perpetuum.

War of Angels opened CB a while ago for EU but the NA one opened recently. I didn't try it but Rho tried it and I kinda looked over a couple times and didn't look interesting.

For Perpetuum, I was surprised to find it was extremely similar to Eve (which seemed good). I tried it but the game seemed a bit to slow. Walked around a lot, and couldn't even take out 1 mob at lvl 1 on the nub island since I didn't choose spec for damage. That made me kinda sad and stopped playing.

Been playing more HON lately and raising my stats slowly.



So I know its been a while since this movie came out, but the DVD quality only came out recently for "sampling".

It is as good a movie as people say it is. Won't go into detail as everyone has their own theory about it. Just say it is a really good movie.

As a side note, found this 3DS demo at E3 hilarious.

This is what you call product placement. I wonder if the girl comes as an accessory for your 3DS.