Un-Go In Review 9/10

This is my first review of a series so I'm hoping I make some sense here :)

Un-Go was a wonderful watch and surprisingly one of my favorites. Un-Go's mysteries contained many issues surrounding politics, government conspiracies, personal struggles, and other post-war concerns, however, Un-Go was presented with a very lighthearted approach to these concerns. Un-Go was not a very serious or dark show, in fact is was quite humorous and interesting, there were no dull moments for myself. The main characters complimented each other very well and each mystery was either fun or interesting to watch without being gloomy or saddening.

This was my main reason for watching the show, I loved the characters. While I may be a tad biased, the characters all have their own unique personalities and weaknesses. What makes the characters in Un-Go so interesting is how they are well defined by their actions and their expressions to what happens around them. What I loved about Un-Go was how the characters do not info dump us with who they are, but instead, a gradual understanding of the characters comes about by them showing their emotions rather than telling us who they are. I absolutely LOVED Inga, he was hilarious, creepy, and just a perfect fit for the serious and determined Shinjurou. There wasn't a character I did not enjoy or found a lacking of any personality.

I loved the story that Un-Go treated us to, yes they were more like a series of mystery arcs, however each mystery gradually led us to discover several characters and their personalities. The biggest factor of the mysteries was the gradual but steady revealing of Kaisho's character. Kaisho was carefully brought to light as a key person who didn't get much screen time, which ultimately led to a great ending arc. The mysteries themselves made sense and were not over the top or stupid, instead they all had connections to the war and helped describe the type of world Un-Go takes place in.

The type of world that Un-Go takes place in was defined by the mysteries themselves. A post-war Japan that is steadily healing has many political concerns. The mysteries and events that unfolded all made connections to the post-war setting and was well presented throughout the season. It was a believable and very possible scenario that we can immerse ourselves within.

 I would love a second season, I cannot get enough of the characters, or the well thought out mysteries that linked so much more. Each mystery can be overlooked and we would see character exploration, political concerns, hints about what happened in the past, and a gradual buildup to the events surrounding Kaisho. No episode felt like a filler and each one showed us something new in the Un-Go world.

Final Score:

I can't think of anything they did wrong, Characters were gradually explored and were enjoyable, the environment was immersive and realistic, even the mysteries were well thought out and made sense.