Blast From Pearz Past : Aaro Edit I

Is it abusive of my powers if I choose to make a new post instead of commenting on the previous one? I don't know. Aaro's ideas are "skewed and crappy". ^^

At a time, Rho and I wanted to get her the Argama Suit (the one that you get after giving in all four elemental cards!). First, we attempted Sugi Gold (at level 30-ish). It wasn't going so badly; I was really strong (in comparison to Rho) back then. The problem was that her dodge NEVER worked against the elemental cannons.

We were really angry and fed-up - and then I realized that the elementals may or may not drop the cards, but you can "buy" them from the salesman in Arcadia. Since you can potentially get only one card maybe every 20 or so hours, Rho and I made some mules to get the cards faster. This is where Rho2 (now the synthesizer) came in - as well as Pearz.

You heard it here first: Pearz was our mule, in the beginning.

I imagine it must be very hard, to be in Arcadia, of all places, at the beginning of a game. Poor Pearz. The amazing thing is that she stuck by it. But...we lost a mule. T_T

~Aaro off

Blast From Pearz Past : Part 1

To start off, Fortunes are still broken, and we're all anxious to throw money at the new Fortune Cards. Well, not me, at least; I won't recharge again unless PVP is added. <.<

Since Aaro's version is skewed and crappy, I'll do my own version of a Nubby Pearz - and if asked about it, I will deny it ever existed.

Megaten first started for me when Rho was all, "ZOMGZ this is so fun you have to try it!?!?!" Well not exactly like that, but that was what I heard. At that point, I was semi-bored of DOMO (another Aeria game), so I decided to give it a chance. The first time trying Megaten was semi-confusing and all I did was finish doing Act 0. I was annoyed by the walking system and how long it took me to get anywhere, so I stopped playing. It wasn't until a week or two later, during a maintenance or such on DOMO, that I gave Megaten a second chance. (Especially since Rho was still going, "ZOMGZ play it nao!!") Thus began the Megaten addiction.

At first, Rho kept urging that I go gunner as it was amazing. I didn't feel like doing the mainstream easy thing and chose the class that was considered crap: melee. It started off brutal, seeing as how weak a melee is. By level 15-ish, Rho took me to Ueno to get my set of elemental machetes. The first super big hurdle I faced was reaching level 25. That Act was brutal the first time, doing the test. Though now, looking back, it's a walk in the park if you use timely dodges and guards - but I was nubby and died a couple times trying to finish it.

So Part 1 over; I'll continue later, maybe after the Fortunes are unbroken. <.<


Aaro Remembers When Pearz Was Young

So apparently Pearz isn't so happy about my recent vacation (La-La Land is overrated, although pretty much free). I don't particularly have anything to say. I've been busy, so no Megaten~

Pearz recently hit lv86 (or so I'm told; I haven't seen her in-game for some time...), which is really startling. Her last burst of levelling was spurred by the want (NEED?) for the Kali stones, and then after that I'm pretty sure she didn't have any need to level. But it's a big jump from lv68 to lv86. I remember when she first started Megaten, and Rho and I were 30-something (and finished our acts). She worked so hard to level! She camped Sugi Tunnels to find parties always, and jumped from bronze to silver while just barely on that cusp. (Tunnels 24/7 ftw~)

Back then, whenever the three of us did a dungeon run, she worried and asked constantly, "Am I helping? Am I just holding you guys back? Am I just leeching?" (Just like a stereotypical girl, by the way. ...Am I going to get flamed for that comment? *worries*) It's funny because now, when the three of us do a dungeon run, those thoughts are in MY head. Somehow we've come a full circle - except Rho is unaffected, regardless. Stupid mage.

I don't have pictures. But Pearz, when doing Act 14 (the Douman Charms from Home II), did some kind of aoe on the demons (I swear, she must have ran up and spun them >_>), and died every 2 minutes. (Which is pretty good, considering she was I think low 20s then.) Neither Rho nor I particularly wanted to help with those super-agro demons (although everything after that is pretty much super-agro), but I did stay in the area of Home II, killing Ganeshas and waiting until I saw the telltale burst of light informing me that Pearz had died. Time to go rez!

(By the way. In the end, I went down there and got the two she needed.)

Am I embarassing Pearz with these stories of days long forgotten~? Heh heh heh.

~Aaro off

Pearz: Random Rant?

For starters, Rho and Aaro still seem to off in La-La Land, leaving me all alone here. T_T

This weekend has just been big promo after big promo, trying to get people to massively recharge AP - and spend it. I mean, there was the permanent "30% bonus cash", then the "spend 5k AP get 2.5k AP back", and the "spend some XX LARGE sum of money to get even MORE bonus cash back". Me being ABSOLUTELY PARANOID, I believed it's a bid to rack up tons of cash...and then run away with all our cash. Rho and my logic are convinced I'm wrong. Too bad my paranoia controls me.

That aside, it is almost the end of month.

Hopefully all of you AP buyers are gonna cash in on "Fun" Month , cause in my opinion this month wasn't fun. Lots of sub-par fortune cards and still no new promised patch (that is long overdue). It has been 5 months-ish since Megaten opened and we have yet to get a drop of new content. Closest thing is more reasons to burn all our real money for the same old stuff.

So enough about AP stuff. Today I hit level 86 and it struck me hard. I realized I was one of the highest levels. (Still blame all those lazy people that want plvls, making me level up too - though, soon that will change when I raise prices to dissuade people from using my own service. I'm crazy to stab myself in the foot, ruining my own money source.) Other than Xay and Aytheal, no one else is a higher level. There are others at 86, but no one in the 87-88 gap at all. With that realization, my head was exploding about how I somehow wormed my way up to being one of the highest levels. My solution: swearing off 3x player incense to slow down my levelling speed; I don't wanna hit the top this quickly. I really will have nothing to do if I hit 90.

So, long story short: I'm paranoid, borderline crazy and I'm insane for levelling so fast.


Maintenance Tuesday Again

So, as always, the 2 oldest Fortunes cycle out to be replaced by 2 new ones.

Fortune Card 1: The return of the old Demon Fortune Card.
Don't know how many people are opening this card since everyone's ogling the other one. But this is a real gem. It contains everything you need for synthesis and thus is absolutely huge for me. I love this fortune card and it's only 150AP, so it's cheap too. Suggest everyone open a couple~

Fortune Card 2: The new stuff card.
Let me start by saying that the new suit is UGLY. No one in their right mind should want it. D:
The real prize in this fortune is all those new extras. They boost your elemental damage by 10%. It's a huge bonus that everyone wants a piece of. The filler items in this chest are useful, too - so at least you're not getting super-useless items that you will never need.

So, really, both Fortunes Cards added are good. I would suggest everyone stock up on the first card's consumables, since it is extremely useful. And try and collect all the elements from the second card...then ignore it otherwise.

Cheers~ Have fun with the new Fortunes; it's less crappy than last week. XD


zomgz I Gotta Stop Grinding D:

I mean, look at this:

Compare it to my Ichi Gold video that I posted 2 days ago, where I'm a lowly lv80 at 20-30%.

I blame all these people wanting my power levelling service because it's "zomgz double experience". Bleh. I've been leveling too much. I think I need to stop; I'm burning myself out. D:

We really need pvp implemented to suck in my soul. XD


Soloing Ichi Gold Video

Another Ichi gold video. This time it's just me soloing since Rho's too busy in la-la land. Feeling pretty good exploiting all the stuff that's gonna be nerfed (enhancement, sharpshooter, Tanki). So a little over 9-min run. Enjoy~


It's Maintenance Tuesday Again...

So~ Maintenance Tuesday again. They decided to add 2 new Fortune Cards again; oh, joy.

So Fortune Card 1: the "why is this card worth 600AP and there's nothing good in here?" one. I mean, all the items are so you can look like demons in-game? Why would you wanna look like some lowbie demon that gets 1-hit? <.< Also a new Thunder Axe was added that's in every way inferior to our preexisting Thunder God. Why in god's name would you use this thing? It even looks bad.

Conclusion: this Fortune Card is filled with fail.

Fortune Card 2: the "zomgz we can now buy out a good synthesizer character" one. I mean, look at these textbooks: they added Occultism, Demonology, and Weapon Knowledge - the 3 essential things to level for synthesis. Kind of a kick in the ass for all of the people that worked hard to level up synthesis just to have some rich kid buy it out and make it look like a joke. Can't really complain though; I myself used these books as a shortcut, so my synthesis is higher now. I used quite a few books myself already. All these were used on 5x mastery. I went, with 26 demonology books, from 5.0 to 5.9 Demonology. Then, 10 Occultism books got me from 5.1 to 5.5 Occultism. And 10 Weapon Knowledge books got me 0.1 to 1.7 Weapon Mastery. It's a good Fortune - it particularly has a lot of filler consumable items that we're running out of on server. Really needed a new Fortune to fuel some of the consumables back in, like mirrors, cups and incenses. At least this Fortune Card is cheap, at 150AP. Overall, a good Fortune, just a kick in the ass for all the hardcore synthesizers that worked hard for it.

So we're having an emergency maintenance now, leaving me 5% from level 80. Blasted Aeria, forcing me to stay up so I can finish my level. <.< *shakes fist*


Aaro Loves Rho Thi~~s Much

Rho whined about how I wrote a post "about Pearz and why not about me?!" So here it is. Aaro's (rose-tinted) perspective of Rho.

She used to be a mage, right? Completely unable to protect herself! I mean, yes, she did insane damage against demons - but only when ranged! (And her insane damage always made me sigh in jealousy...but it was ranged and she failed at close-range so my reason for living was reaffirmed!)

But she's lv73+ now (almost to lv74, that's why +). She maxed out her magic stat a long time ago - and since she also Demo Dashes, she started putting it into strength. She can...she can whack things and actually do more than ~5 damage now. She can...she can take care of herself in a close-combat situation now.

Just for kicks: here is Rho using Delorean. You know. Just for reference.

I don't know how this thread turned so sad and self-loathing...? I'm sure she still folds like paper when actually hit by something REAL (and not a random demon outside in Nakano).

Here's the Pachipachiou she was super excited about~ All modded and stuff. MGC 5/1 is so weak, though~ ^__^

Pearz and she have been trying to get to 108 in Ichi Gold lately. And here's their (rare) gem find of late~

Lastly, before I head off (and hope that Rho is happy now because sleeping is difficult when she isn't): she hoards things like hourglasses. I don't know why.

~Aaro off

Zomgz I Got My White Fang !?!?!?!?!?

My half-modded White Fang. Yay. If you can't tell, I will be putting in an Arahabaki stone in it later to make it my spiffy new death-based blade.

I ended up paying significantly more than I was intending on spending and so Rho keeps complaining to me for setting such a high bar for any other sale later. <.< But who cares about all these other people. All me me me and my spiffy new White Fang. Muahahahahaha! XD


Aaro Agrees With Pearz

OMG, can the title be true?! Yes, yes, it is. I may be crazy for doing it, but I agree with Pearz' (paranoia-induced) theory about how April needs to be Fun Month. They did take away the Weekend Events though - how is that fun?!

And now...look here because Rho isn't awake and I'm too lazy to go upload a screenshot to post. Page 8 of that thread, last post. GMGreywulf (who hasn't left yet...? I think I'm missing parts of that story = =) says, "We will be hosting a 24 hour 2x Experience event this Saturday with a continued Expertise event the 11th @ 10AM PST (5PM GMT). All other weekend events for the week of (4/10/09 - 4/12/09) will be looked over and brought to your attention on that day."

If you continue with that thread, happiness all around! Happiness in-game, too. People will come back to the game! People will skip work to take advantage of this!

In other words...see what Pearz' idea on this was. *cough*give us something you took away*cough*

Regardless~ I'm happy that there's a double-exp and double-expertise event. Rho really needs this. Pearz will really enjoy this. I...I am so super busy that I'm lucky to be able to write this (because I'm eating breakfast and have a hand free). Ah, that's too sad...

~Aaro off

Nothing New in the World of Pearz

Well, I haven't posted in a while, so here we go. I kinda gave up getting both Zero and White Fang at the moment. Just focusing on trying to get White Fang and leave it at that - though even that task seems to be much too hard for me to handle...

Only other news is that I used my 3-day incense from ONRPG promo, and started semi-grinding a bit more...though I'm finding myself slacking and sitting around not levelling, watching the incense tick away.

So just an update. I'm not dead and I can't seem to get these damn elusive blades...


New Lottos~


Finally got myself a replacement for the Azoth~ lol
It looks funny...but I love it nonetheless!
And the -20% mp cost is gonna help a lot for those 108 floors. ~_~

In conclusion: Rho gets what Rho wants whenever Rho wants it :>
Finished with this lotto~ NEXT!

~+* Rho

Pearz: new fortunes?

So maintenance day again and new fortunes were added - again. Especially the new super cheap fortune card that has brought misery to everyone that tried their luck with it. This chest consists of 4 weapons: 3 that are very coveted and a crappy mage blade that just looks good. XD The weapons sure look amazing but with ridiculously low odds; people I heard were blowing upwards of 10k AP and failing to get even a single weapon from that fortune card.

So now we get all these new hot eye candy items that no one can seem to get. All we can do is stare at them in the Comp Shop and pretend we can actually own it. T_T


Demanding The Truth

So why does a 37% soul fusion succeed on the first try without even a mirror to back it up, but then a 56% tarot fails 4 times before succeeding? Moreover, how come it takes ~12 tries to get a 34% tarot success after the aforementioned events?

Bottom line: I have always played by the numbers when soul fusing. It's just tarots that refuse to work according to logic.

~Aaro off

Pearz: Just Another Paranoid Day...

So, big-ish news of the day is my crazy demon is finally done. :O

So it took a while, but I got all 4 easy -dyne skills. So now, with my demon done, I attempted to start soloing Ichi Gold runs. Apparently now, with all these crazy new items and my buff new demon, I can solo the run in 13-15 mins. :O (Maybe I'll frap it if I can somehow cut my time under 10 mins.) This is perfect since then I can fit exactly 2 runs per incense. With the crazy exp rolling in, I'm considering going crazy-grind-whore for a bit and maybe catching up to highest level in-game. :O

Also, in sadder news, I unofficially give up on Succubus Hunting. That Emperor Sword eludes me and I don't think she will ever drop it for me. T_T

End Total Succubus Kill Count: 550

One day, I might start doing it in droves again, when I feel like wasting time for something that just wasn't meant to be...

So this weekend: no death penalty, double experience, and double expertise was removed. That's odd since this month is supposedly "Fun Month" for Aeria Games, and I'm pretty sure removing these events wouldn't be considered fun for most people. So here is Pearz' thoughts on this. They purposely remove the events at the start of the month so people get angry now, but then kind of calm down. Then, at the end of the month, they'll - surprise! - re-add the events, and also throw in a new content patch. That way, everyone focuses on how they added all this stuff and it's fun-fun-fun - and forget all they did was give you something you had before. Just a bid to make it seem like you're having loads of fun at the end of the month and neglect the start of it.

Yeah, I know I'm slightly paranoid but its okay~ XD

ZOMGZ : Pearz solos Assassin room?

So today there was a random 1-hour of No Death Penalty for some random event that I don't care about. So I took the chance to run to the 108th floor of Ichi Gold. At the 108th floor, this man stood in my way to the boss room:

And then the massive assassins inside:

Missed the screen shot showing the room filled though. T_T So we skip that screen shot and watch me (finally) clear the last Assassin:

And then the final cutscene:

Total number of Assassins was 30. Just look at the insane exp each assassin gives. :O I mean, look at my exp gain: went from 73% to 90% :O

Thanks to Ren for Supply Card so I could get down there, and to Wakaba and Rho, who helped me rush-fuse an Odin into my Kongo Blade so I could do this. (Had to finish an Odin and fuse it in an hour~ D:)

And my new Kongo Blade that helped me through this:

Pearz randomness

Soooo, nice and lucky again. Picked up a Kongo Blade while doing Ichi Gold runs today.

Can finally make a decent expel blade to look pretty with. Always thought expel damage is useless, but then I found out that you have to fight Assassins at the bottom level of the Ichi Gold run. So now I gotta upgrade this blade just purely to be able to fight these Assassins before I see them. We're gonna attempt to beat all the floors for Ichi Gold. Get those crazy prizes that are waiting for us. Hopefully we won't die too many times trying to finish this run~ XD


Mind of an addict

Exam week! And because of that I've not been able to be on Megaten or have much of a social life in general, but I'm taking a little break to write something random yet interesting for the non-existent audience this blog boasts. =)

he one thing that always peeved me was when you're finishing up a bottle of pop and there's always that tiny little bit at the bottom that just does not want to get in your mouth, no matter how much you suck and suck. x_x The worst part is that after you flip the bottle around to get it all in the cap, you unscrew the cap and it sprays icky pop all over you.

Frustrate no more! Rho the Genius has figured out how to get around it~

The reason why the pop sprays all over is because of the gas compressed in the bottle - even a little bit of movement such as flipping the bottle around can create the effect - so when the bottle is flipped, the pop filling up in the cap is acting as a barrier between the air inside the bottle, and the air its trying to equalize pressure with (outside the bottle).

So how to fix this you ask? It's all about playing with air pressure, because if high pressure inside the bottle makes air want to leave the bottle, then the converse must be true! (Creating low pressure inside the bottle, that is.) First we keep the bottle right side up, squeeze some air out and then screw on the cap. Next flip the bottle and unscrew the cap, you'll hear the sound of air being sucked into the bottle, and because pop is heavier than air, it'll simply let the air coming in roll by and stay in the cap.

And voila! Never again will the last drop of pop elude your addiction.

~*+ Rho

Cu Chulainn - Because He's Admirable

So this is what Wiki says:

"Cu Chulainn was a warrior in Irish mythology and the hero of Ulster. His given name at birth was Setanta, however he later changed it to Cu Chulainn to atone for his killing of the fierce watchdog of Chulainn, his new name literally meaning 'Hound of Culann [sic?]'. It is said that while in battle Cu Chulainn was near undefeatable due to his skill with the Gae Bulg and his warrior frenzy, which once evoked increased his power, but made him unable to tell friend from foe."

So apparently Setanta is an un-l33t version of Cu Chulainn. xD Moreover, it absolutely makes sense that the Gae Bulg is Cu Chulainn's weapon; you need his crystals to make it. What I think would be cool is if the Gae Bulg's special attack (I don't know what it's called; would ask Pearz but she's MIA) shot in a straight line - AoE! - and had a chance of hitting any ally (party member~) standing in the line of fire. Tell me that wouldn't be cool. Annoying if it killed you, but still cool~

~Aaro off

Spawned Bosses Are Evil

So I was killing Girimekhala on ch6 today. This Karasu-Tengu of mine needed about 10% to level, which is about 2 bosses (without any exp item on it; I'm cheap and frugal). I was on my second summon when suddenly people start pouring in...and killing my boss. = =


Apparently, it's a GM event. Maybe because Greywulf is leaving, or maybe because he and Jolt decided they wanted some kind of fun. I don't know. It's a little bit annoying, though. Isn't all channels a little much? And this is a boss that needs to be explicitly player-summoned, too. Maybe other bosses would be better for these kinds of events - like Kali. Damn randomized spawn. >_>

Maybe I'm just complaining because my demon is 4% from levelling and I'm just too lazy to go level it somehow, now that I got stinted out of my first attempt. Or maybe because I technically lost an egg and I'm too lazy to go hunt for another one. Either way: Aaro is lazy.

~Aaro off

Pearz's Crazy Lucky Day

So pew pew, Pearz again. Today the new fortune cards were added. With it was this new broken spear, along with other equally broken items that would tip the balance - use cash shop items or do miserably low damage. So far nothing about my luck - we'll start off with the new items that I acquired:

Okay, so the Gae Bolg isn't new, but look at the mod! :O It's new: +5 charge (and I got it on my first try with dismally low percents). That was Lucky Break Number One. The second was that spear that everyone is after. I opened it from the fortune cards on my first card. :O With luck like that, I promptly modded it up to the nice spiffy stats it has now. That talisman I bought and there was no luck involved, but it's new - and hey, the stats on it makes it so broken. The 3rd Lucky Break was that I got the consolation prize from all my Succubus hunting: the archer zodiac stone. It sells for a pretty penny, so that's always nice to see. It's bland, so not posting it. Nothing to see. <.<

Long story short, I got 3 big Lucky Breaks today. Just hope that this luck doesn't cut into my Emperor Sword hunting luck (cause we all know that luck is transferable XD). Really lucky day regardless~ ^_^

Current Succubus Kill Count: 400+ (I'll quit when I hit 1000 <.<)