Mayo Chiki In Review [8/10]

Always hard to review an anime like this as it is hugely based on humor which is pretty subjective on what you find funny. Alas, I still found this anime pretty good since I got quite a few laughs out of it. The major problem was it was airing on Thursday which conflicted with another awesome anime of the same category, Baka to Test, and Penguindrum for your "edge-of-your-seat" story time.

I mean, the real hook for anime like these is the jokes and the characters and Oujo-sama surely delivered awesomeness in this anime; Rest of the cast paled in comparison. This will be my fourth post of the day breaking my record, not to mention I even leveled enough on Dragon Nest to be able to hit level 31 tomorrow, very productive day.

For a humor based anime, they did weave a semi semblance of a story, which is much better then Baka to Test. Some flow within the story is still better then episodes that are all separate and unrelated, if I wanted that, every american sitcom is like that; I always hated that style. Nothing outstanding, but at least a flow was given to this anime to follow.

The setting was the run of the mill harem setup for the main character. The humor was great, especially everything induced by Oujo-sama was just awesome. Her spice of evilness to everything was just perfect. The anime slowed down a few times but it wasn't too bad, generally. Definitely a good pace they kept up with.

They had a good array of characters from your usually harem mix. A reverse trap, S&M, imouto, yoai fangirl and tsundere. Most of them followed their stereotypical roll but Oujo-sama really brought all the characters together. They tried to develop each character by giving them their own episode but not much real development occurred. Only the reverse trap really changed in this anime, for the better too!

Nothing out of the ordinary here. The characters each had their moments where they got a bit of action but nothing really amazing to note. Still not good at noticing good and bad  things for this section but nothing really stood out for this anime. An average score for nothing to note.

Personal Satisfaction
I enjoyed this quite a bit, especially put beside Baka to Test which paled in comparison to it's first season. Really made this one shine a bit more brightly. I guess liking the characters helped, not to mention actually laughing and enjoying their random moments they have together. Definitely a good watch for me.

I do recommend this anime if you want a light hearted humorous anime to pass the time. A bit of a break from the super serious anime I tend to pick is always good. A chance to sit back and relax a bit rather then straining my brain on crazy new speculations and finding plot holes. Just an above average anime that didn't excel in any specific category, but was generally better then the rest.

Final Score [8/10]