About: Bern

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Hello. A couple of weeks ago, Pearz invited me to help write for this blog.  I took her up on the offer, but I didn't really have the time or motivation to write anything. (13 May 2011)

A little about myself:
I'm some random guy from the Bay Area in California, half-assing his way through university.  I met a cool bunch of people on the game Allods Online and eventually joined the guild Rain. After quitting Allods, I ended up lurking this blog because I didn't have much else to do. You'll usually find me lurking in the chatbox at the bottom of the page, albeit sometimes afk.

The transition to a more anime-esque direction for this blog came as a pleasant surprise for me. I've watched anime for a couple of years now, and started following the ones currently airing in Japan during the Spring 2009 season (the first one I followed was Toradora). As for my taste in anime: I don't really have a definite preference. If the show has something that will keep me attached, I'll probably end up following it all the way through. If I were asked to name my favorite anime off the top of my head, I'd struggle to come up with one title. Here's a random 3x3 I put together. They're by no means my top 9, but I think they cover a decent genre range.