First Look at R-15

It's been a while since I had a guilty pleasure anime; this will be one of them. Everything about this anime just screams "guilty pleasure", so they'll probably have an uncensored version released as BD. I admit that it isn't particularly amazing in any way; I just find random lulz while watching it.

WTF is a Legendary Narrator...? I don't even...

They basically slapped "legendary", "amazing" and "awesome" to the titles for everyone, and then claimed they were geniuses. You would think that a school with the top geniuses would be all eccentric like hell; I mean, it just comes with the intellect. The random character introductions were nice, though. The first thing I did notice was that the animation style seemed "simple". Not enough different shades made the animation feel a bit bland. At least, it was something that I noticed quite a bit.

So, I assume this anime will be filled with scenes like these. The main character brings visualization of his story to a whole new level. The giant white bands blocking everything is annoying, 'cause it does make up a large percent of the screen just to censor things. So far, they are up to three of these scenes; I am going to keep count to see how many we get by the end.

How does a reed look ANYTHING like a nut? It is a freaking piece of wood; it is like seeing some bark coming off a tree and biting it, thinking it is a nut. God, he is stupid; I don't think he deserves to be in this school. Then again, half of the proclaimed geniuses probably don't, either. On a total side note, the tuition must be extremely expensive. I would be pretty WTF-face too if someone tried to eat my reed.

This will just be a guilty pleasure anime that won't get episodic posts. I might do a final review if I stick around until the end of the series without getting bored of it. There's nothing spectacular about this anime; it's just something to pass the time with and get a few lulz moments in. The other two humour anime (Baka to Test and Mayo Chiki) are much better; this one will probably get stale quickly and I'll just drop it, more than likely.