Windows 7? (Not About Megaten !?)

Okay. So, to start, this is a small rant pitching the new Windows 7 that's about to come out. It's good, and everyone should use it (at least, from what I see now).

Let's start off with this: I started using it since January-ish, with version 7000. On July/09 that version was suppose to "blow up" and I had to reinstall my operating system to the version 7100. It extends your "blow up" date to July/10. So, after like half a year of using this, when I first went back to Vista (I have dual boot) so that I could reinstall the new version of Windows 7 (called W7 now because I'm lazy), I was reassured how much I hate Vista. I was forced to use Vista as my laptop hardware (mainly, drivers) weren't supported for XP. So, here are some small things about W7 that peaked my interest:

1. Much less system resources wasted, compared to Vista.
2. W7 takes up a measly 20GB compared to Vista (at 100GB?).
3. Wastes less virtual memory by not constantly keeping all those small windows on taskbar active (like on Vista).
4. They redid some of the basic programs (that I use a lot), like Paint, Notepad, Calculator, and it's much better. (Although, I'm still not used to the new Paint stuff.)
5. Right now it only costs $50 to upgrade from Vista to W7 (pretty cheap IMO, considering how much money people blow on virtual items).
6. It has an option "run programs under Windows XP mode", meaning that all Windows XP compatible programs should work in W7.

You can find more info here.

So, end of story: really like W7 so far, from the beta release. I think you should check it out when it comes out. For sure it won't be as fail as Vista. I'll do the review of FCs later...


New FC/IM Stuff + More Random Fun

So, since FC reviewing lately feels more like a chore than fun (mainly 'cause I don't like anything in them), let's get this out of the way first.

Yet again, the Aeria team doesn't update their OWN FC (that makes them money) on forums; smart move. Here is a player version.

Gift Heart Melon FC - 150AP
Wow, reuse the same FC again and again, pl0x. Not even something new-ish to make things a bit more interesting. If you really need these consumables, then buy them in-game; plenty of people still have huge stockpiles they can't get rid of... 2/10

Medic FC - 300AP
Nice syringe, and nice Medic Set. Seems like low AP cost with same rates on 10% rings - means more of them are being opened. Good thing for those still wanting the rush/shot one. Too bad that filler-wise, those prices are the worst. Nothing even selling decently. And also, some useless new rings. But since top prize is good, and it's an easier chance at 10% rings, this gets a 6/10. (Fillers still semi-useful stuff you use.)

Carbid FC - 600AP
New Salon Set is decent. The new weapons are not. The Heart earrings are the first of many that will be added later for other classes. Those should be a must-have for gunners (if you use those affinities). The mass stacks of Incense are actually a nice touch. A lot of people use those and would sell decently in game. The fillers are all semi-useful stuff that get used a lot. So: good fillers, decent new set, too bad a horrid weapon is tainting an otherwise really good FC (not to mention, huge price per try) - but at least you would get decent stuff for your money. It's 8/10.

Floating Mystery Box - 350AP
OMIGAWDS, the Mystery Chests from DOMO have invaded Megaten!?!?!?!? Wait, they were always here - in the form of Fortune cards...
Either way, do you really want all that filler junk that you'll most likely get from this thing?

Okay, boring part's over; it's now Fun Time (at least, for me) .

One night, I decided to browse DOMO forums and I came across this. I saw it and it looked fun. So, for one day, I was back in the DOMO world. Long story short, with lots of mispressing hot keys and the lack of ability to even walk straight, I still took 2nd place in the event. Yay for me~

Also, I would like to now direct you to this AMAZING SALE we had in our Web Item Mall:

If you don't know what is wrong with this, look at this. Way to drop the ball, GMs...

Some more random fun. Come read this post. I had a great laugh. If you don't feel like reading it all (questions why you would read my walls of text but not a post...), here are the highlights:
1. You lose 50% exp in a full team.
2. Also, you'd better kill your demons fast; you lose EXP if you're slow. :O

If you missed the humour in this post, then you too are under false misconceptions and believe these lies. Also, it's a perfect example of why the Jap Server thinks all of NA Server is full of retards. Way to reinforce the image.

So, since Rho and I obviously have too much free time, we both came up with two separate builds for a potential PVP gunner. To give a small gauge on how strong these builds are: my base damage after calculating without Pulse/incense is 525. (The numbers assume you use the stat buffs, and you're fighting a player with 40 Pdef, also with no incense/Pulse, all with gear currently obtainable in-game.) The amount of stats are based off a lv82 player.

Mine (Rapid, Penetrate build) ->
Base Damage: 400 per shot with Class 8 Rapid (120% modifier) (based damage with LOA off)
Weapon: 5-slot SVD, using Penetrate-base
Expertise: Lord Of Armor, max Rapid, Pulse on the side(would need lv90 to get this)

Problems with the build: need lv90 to get the Pulse, and LOA not that viable atm. Would consider changing that up for GK and maybe take Super Armor (substitute for LOA), and hope you spam out Rapid fast enough before you get knocked out. (Build could actually be stronger if you use Dying Light 4 and then use a bug [not really a bug...more of a flaw in damage formula] to make everything hit you for 1 damage, in order to keep the Hraesvelgr in your back activated with Dying Light 4 too.)

Rho (Fire Magic Bullet) ->
Base damage with Fire Bullet: 720 damage
Weapon: max-modded Avalon
Expertise: max GK, max Shot, basic stuff for COTW

Problems with the build: first off, I couldn't calculate how Siomai hits over 200 LNG, so I'm sure I'm missing some LNG/speed modifiers when calculating. (The highest I could calculate was 190-ish LNG) Another problem is this build would rely on an enhancer, unless you sacrifice COTW and a bit of Shot/GK to get Enhance yourself. (This would boost overall damage solo, but lower your damage if teamed.) But Chain 3 MB shots would kill anyone not defense pulsed with this build if you had Enhancement.)

End of story is that both builds are viable and could do some substainal damage if you built exactly for it.

If you actually bothered to level up to at least 8x (it's really not that hard; shows us that at least you tried a bit) and are determined to want to make your gunner good for PVP, then hit me or Rho up and we can optimize your build to one these (or maybe a third...). Would really like to have at least one decent PVP gunner on server - and let's face it, with the "intelligence" of EN population, even a gunner can sit at top ranks. (You're on a server where it's okay to not be efficient and be down right useless... Compare this to Jap Server, where you get shunned for being even slightly useless.)

Last bit of random fun: how cheap does a company need to be to use Photobucket for the pictures they upload of stuff they're selling...?


Rho is Avoiding Work~!


Rho on drugs! ...and FCs~
Red Rider~

Green Angel~

Got Fasolts last night~ Thanks to Pearz!

Rho on PVP~
This is not edited! I have more kills than the rest of the players combined but lost by more than double. >_>

Yes~yes, NOW I know how Fate works, but c'mon... You'd think after I put the other team through a grinder, my team would have an easier time =_=

But it's okay~ There is still plenty of love in the world for Rho~

~*+ Rho

New FCs + Some Fun In The Sun Randomness

Since I love walls of text, this entry will be nice and long.

Starting off with the FCs.

Beach FC:
The sets are nice but completely overshadowed by other FC sets. Ignoring that, it's not a bad FC. You can get some really good rings, and those consumables always useful (and still has resell value). The only junk here is the earrings. 7/10

Angel FC:
The top prize sets are just wow - too bad the fillers are junk. I mean, almost everyone walks away with the 2xEXP + damage incense. Who the hell still uses 2xEXP when 3xEXP prices are rock bottom?! Low odds on top prize is always bad, and coupling it with bad fillers only makes it worse. People are only seeing the top prize and then wasting huge AP failing at it. 4/10

Also they added Restats for 300k in-game Macca. That is a huge plus. Everyone should take this chance to fix their stats.

So, now the fun time. Fun Stuff #1:
Lets start with this. This is how I waste all my money, Lething in 1.9 Spin just to do the video and then removing it afterward. Long live the Village Idiots that believe "gosu" teams can only do 6-7 runs on one incense, so me doing a run in 5min is IMPOSSIBLE. :O (Speed runs, I mean, not full runs. >.>)

Here's the video I frapped:

So, Fun Stuff #2:
Me and Rho have a disagreement. I own an NDS, while Rho has a PSP. We both agree that each has its ups and downs. The problem lies in which system seems more "azn", so there's a new vote up for it. XD

So Fun Stuff #3:

Good news for me. Luckily, I have fun receiving PMs like this, which satisfies why he believes we should play games. It brings joy to my life that I have a stalker that goes far enough to follow all my randomness in all I do. lolz. It's okay, my stalker-ish friend - even though this PM probably is report material, I won't report you in the hopes that you send more of these to brighten my day with.

Rawr. At least spell the Pokemon's name right:

On a last note, since my stalker-ish friend brought it up, my blog failed to win the $200 AP thing - probably 'cause it's not optimistic enough about Aeria. Maybe I should have been all, "Aeria iz da beztiest!!!111!1!!1!" (Cynical Aaro Note: I wanna know who won. That's all.)


PVPing, New Synthesis Formulas, And New FC

So, our story starts at night, when I'm matched up against Effon in a Fate match. This match ended ugly; nothing special, so I didn't get a screenshot of it. The fun part was what lay waiting for me after that match.

I joined thinking that it was just another match, only to open up the player list and see five 8xs on the Chaos side. At that point, Effon tells me that it was a setup, all to watch me lose. :O

To a point, they succeeded. They got me 3 times. First one was with all 5 of them near Point 10, though I managed to get Effon first before dying. XD Second death was with just 3 of them, and I failed to take one of them with me. D: Third death... I didn't even see it 'cause I was lagging. T_T

Though, end result: Law still wins. :O

So, good news for me 'cause my team was busy capturing points while I was being hunted. Notice how vastly different the levels in the teams were. D: Clooud was in it, too, but I think he DCed mid-way.

So, Match 2: nothing much to it; they decided to split up into smaller groups to secure points so they could win the match. With smaller groups, I had no fear. Nothing much here; I killed, I captured points, and then the match ended.

End result: Law still wins. :O

Near the end of matches, both teams got that stupid Wind Buff. The only difference was that I'm melee, so I couldn't do any damage to the other players while mages could hurt me. There was no third match 'cause it was almost Full Moon and Xay wanted me to kill Nyarlathotep for him. End result: I win. ^_^ Since the matches were deliberately stacked to make me lose, I felt the need to share a win. So, bragging/ego boasting aside, here's those Synthesis Formulas, if anyone cares:
Elememental blade (machetes, Wind God, Flame Blade, etc)
Soul Fuse: Elementine, Tarot: Crystal Sublimation
Result: Elemental Orb (with element based on your base blade element)

Sorrowful Storm (lvl 86 req, Wind God upgrade)
Wind God Soul Fuse: Elemental Orb (wind version), Tarot: Crystal Sublimation

Sorrowful Thunder (lvl 86 req, Thunder God upgrade)
Thunder God Soul Fuse: Elemental Orb (thunder version), Tarot: Crystal Sublimation

Weapons With Relic Soul Fuse:
Relic (weapon), Tarot: Crystal Sublimation
List of weapons possible: Jiabo, Fan of Exorcism, Steelslicer, Magnus Spear, Axe of Pluto, Headhunter Spoon, Reaper's Colt, Gram, Crimson Red Dusk, Sol Blade, Lunar Blade, Kamudonotsurugi, Valhalla (don't know where the relic drops from, though),another formula for Ogre Thunder (but doesn't matter, since no one has one, anyway)

Poseidon Spear (lvl 81 req, ice-boost spear)
Trident Soul Fuse: Aquan, Tarot: Sublimation

Phlegethon (lvl 81 req, fire-boost spear)
Magma Spear Soul Fuse: Flammies, Tarot: Sublimation

Jack Frost's Wonderful Hat
Jack Frost Hat Soul Fuse: Sublimation, Tarot: Jack Frost stone

Cait Sith's Wonderful Hat
Cait Sith Hat Soul Fuse: Sublimation, Tarot: Cait Sith stone

Pyro Jack's Wonderful Hat
Pyro Hat Soul Fuse: Sublimation, Tarot: Pyro Jack stone

Wonderful Aello Helmet
Aello Helmet Soul Fuse: Sublimation, Tarot: Aello stone

Raven's Mask of Shadow
Raven Mask Soul Fuse: Sublimation, Tarot: Yatsu stone

Lastly, the new FCs. Since the GMs were too lazy to post it, here is the player-posted version.

Anti-Demon FC:
From what I heard, with a 600AP price tag, the rates on these Vouchers are still extremely low. The Fillers are decent, as those items are actually used a lot in PVP and levelling now, but the quantities are slightly lower than Macca:AP ratio. Weapons are just...junk. I'd rather get those fillers than those garbage stuff. So, low % top prize, decent fillers, crap supposedly middle prize = 5/10. (I mean, even the super rare sets' stats aren't amazing enough to make it a must-have.)

Seven Sisters FC:
With all the consumable flood and prices just PLUMMETING to the ground, do we really need more? The Hourglass and Lethe Bottle was a nice touch, but with almost pure consumables as fillers, do we really need more? The two vouchers are old rares, and I assume the rates on those are as horrific as always. So, low % top prize, horrid fillers that are so flooded in the market (you're better off buying them in-game) = 4/10. (I mean, the quantities on the consumables are still high enough to meet Macca:AP ratio, but how long will that last if it gets spammed more...?)

There. All the new formulas that I promised. Also, corrected the info a bit from Finella's comment on last post. Oh yeah, last note - Bleach chapter is finally out, so I can sleep now. D: (Though, I don't know why I bother anymore; it's been going downhill since the balance of power is getting more and more skewed.)


Some Info On New Content

FIRST OFF, I TAKE NO CREDIT FOR THIS. This was taken directly from another post here. (And then Aaro!edited.)


He appears in Nakano at these coordinates: X18 & Y23/24, but only around New Moon from 0:00 to 6:00. So, if you want to take him down, you have to be quick. He's one of the easier boss fights. His minions consist of Mutated Spectres and Mutated Shadows, both of which are aggressive. Lightning/Hama are the main elements to use here, as they are all weak against them.

You can also get the Phantom plug-in from an NPC in Ueno or Souhouzan (don't remember which), but it's from a quest. To activate it, you need a Surt or an Immature (Inexperienced) Surt. You must have either devil summoned if you want the quest from the NPC.


He appears in Shibuya at these coordinates: X20 & Y23, at "supposedly" random times (since there doesn't seem to be an exact time that he appears). The only weakness he has is Mudo, so he can be difficult if you don't have a gunner or a melee with a mudo-based weapon with you. Avoid using Wind, since he nullifies that element. When he enters, he looks like he has the Confused status-ailment. Even with that, he is still a major threat since his attacks can heavily damage you. His minions consist of Mutated Powers, Avatar of Form Angels (stronger than the normal form), and Avatar of Form Powers (that know Megidoron!). Raphael and all Powers can detect you from far, far away, so be prepared.

You can also get the Raphael plug-in from an NPC at the Arcadia Gates in Shinagawa, but it's part of a quest. To activate it, you need Uriel or Immature (Inexperienced) Uriel. You must have either devil summoned if you want the quest from the NPC.


There are actually "two" bosses, but the 2nd one has a 20% chance of appearing. (Aaro!note~ : I don't know what Pearz plans on doing to "correct" this 20% error. But read the comment.) Both of these fights are rather difficult if unprepared, as both bosses have anti-knockback.

Both of them appear at Nakano at these coordinates: X21 & Y24, during full moon (the entire phase.) However, you need a "Shining Trapozehedron" to summon him. The first phase is "Burning Three-Eyed" Nyarlathotep, and he has no weaknesses. Avoid using Maryoku-based (Aaro!note~ : "maryoku" is Japanese for "magic") attacks (it absorbs), and Hama/Mudo-based attacks ( it resists). However, any elemental weapon is fair game. His minions consist of Nightmare Black Oozes (weak to Lightning and Hama), ones that can use Fog Breath and the Area Counter (so watch out for those). Use Grand Curse (Aaro!note~ : Rho says this is probably Erosion Hex) for the Oozes since they can be rather troublesome.

If you're lucky, "Crawling Chaos" Nyarlathotep will appear (with the same resistances and weaknesses). The minions are smaller, weaker versions of the main boss minions. Make sure to avoid using magic-based weapons/skills/spells, as they can absorb them, and avoid Hama/Mudo-based weapons as well.

"Crawling Chaos" Nyarlathotep is the most important one, as he drops a special item that is needed to give you the Nyarlathotep plug-in. There is no need to activate a quest for the plug-in (probably due to the fact that it's a real pain to get the Shining Trapozehedron).

Credit goes to: Demigod_Guyra.

Second thing, here's a very useful guide about rebirth, by Glocker. Cheers to him.

I'll add in all the formulas later, of all the new synthesis stuff.

About PVP:

Valhalla - This system is simple. Kill a player for 2 points, and kill a pet for 1 point. The problem (or maybe it's a good thing) is that the match is small (max 5v5), so the winner is almost always pre-determined, by which team has the "best" player. This makes a lot of people quit the second they join, knowing it's hopeless and there's no point in losing GP. You must do these matches to get over 1100GP, as Fate matches cap at that. The BP gain is small, so it's not worth your time to do this for BP.

Fate - This system caps your GP at 1100, but gives amazing amounts of BP for the winning team.

Since it's just easier to explain with the map, here you go.

The numbers represent how many points you gain per tick (each tick is exactly 30 seconds). When you initially capture a spot, you get whatever point number is there instantly. As you hold a spot longer, the points you gain will increase. The bars beside the number signify how much points extra you get per tick. So, for example, with the #5 spot on this map, you would gain 5-8-11-14, and so on (also making it the best spot to hold in this match). Basically, the longer you hold the spot, the more points it adds up. If you lose the spot even once, it resets back down to beginning, so it's important to defend these locations.

Other small notes: the surprise events in Fate are stupid events that cause more harm than it supposedly helps.
You can buy the 1k HP cures for 5BP each, and so it's worth investing in.
The 600kBP weapons are nearly impossible to obtain, as supposedly the top BP player on the JP server is only at 191kBP.

Last Note about PVP: If you see Xay, then run - he will 2-shot you (Delorean then Agi shot). D: ^_^


Wah? I'm Not Dead, And Neither Is This Blog

So, to start, *points at last update* My last update was almost over a week ago. Since then, we've gotten the new big, big patch - and, according to my poll, the sun has exploded, which has lead to such a lengthy wait for a new post.

So, gonna be lazy and do a super-short review of last week's Fortunes:
The incense/whatever one, remake of an old fortune with small twists. Nothing noteworthy, so 4/10 for recycling work. The other Fortune Card has the Doc/Agent Voucher. It's a sub-par set, with crappy fillers - 6/10.

So, the new BIG stuff added to our version was PVP, demon rebirth, some random new bosses, the new Sugi plate, new demons to fuse, crystal sublimation and...oh yeah, and PVP. So, I've been playing a lot of PVP matches and, in near future, I'll post some sort of small guide to the PVP matches and such (as I'm too lazy atm). Demon rebirths are nice, since then you can have uber growth rates on your demons. I haven't seen the new bosses or tried the new plate run (which I will do soon as PVP dies down a little). The new demons like Pallas Athena are nice to fuse.

The new sublimation is really spiffy. You can make some of the best items in game with them, like the Dead West, Giant Steelslicer and Demonic Ice Fan. The new Wind God and Thunder God are nice, but I don't break 5% making it and not gonna try (and the level requirement even makes it so only a select few can use it).

So, tons of new content to play with. I'll post more about it later, and you can find me if you go join a couple PVP matches.