[C]ontrol: The Money of Soul and Possibility In Review [2/10]

This is a spoiler-free review of the anime, in case people decide that they don't want to get spoiled with the amazing PLOT that they had going. You can see my thoughts on the final episode here, if that was what you were looking for. Suffice it to say, I enjoyed this anime in a way that was not intended, which included bashing all the problems.

So, anyway, onto the review:

Where to start? How about with the large amount of plotholes? The story is filled with them, which are then patched up with other plothole-filled devices. Many large questions remain unanswered, even by the end of the anime. They seemed to try and stick way too many plot points into this anime, with no resolution to many of them, just to keep people hooked in. It was a very poorly-weaved story; I mean, any story that makes use of a Dues Ex Machina instantly loses a few notches in this department. They decided to use it more than once...
~ 0/10

This is probably the only place that the anime did well. They created a wonderful setting with amazing pacing. It was clear that they put a large amount of effort fleshing out all the rules of the world, with very strict boundaries. However, the bounds kept getting broken to suit their needs. The flow was also extremely well done; there were things happening every episode with huge progress at all times. That was probably the most attractive point of this anime; no matter how bad it was, at least things kept moving fast.

There is nothing to say here. Every character can be defined in one sentence. On top of that, they didn't change even the slightest throughout the entire series. I see stories by kindergarten students with more character put into them than this anime. Maybe if they had spent some time delving into some characters, this anime could already be much better.

This will be easy: you won't go one episode without seeing multiple animation fuck-ups. They skimped out on the budget here and it shows. I haven't see such a poorly-animated anime in quite a long time; it feels like they were only looking to make a quick buck. To be in the Noitamina slot with this kind of quality is laughable.

Personal Satisfaction
This is rare. With such low scores around, this one doesn't reflect it. I had endless fun pointing and laughing at all the fail economics within this anime. It is like that slow kid in the schoolyard that everyone pointed and laughed at. As wrong as it was, you still had fun. I see this anime in the same light. Hey, at least I had fun watching it for all the wrong reasons.

The only real thing they have going for them was the good flow and the setting. The story bounced around everywhere with horrid consistency. They succeeded in sticking as many plot devices as they could, in the hopes that you might like one of them and stick around. This anime should have focused more on one point. The writers should have actually done a bit of studying of economics before they made an anime that was based on it. The horrible economics may not be noticeable to some people, but it is blatantly obvious to me that they have zero basis, generally. Anyone thinking this anime was deep and well-thought should be shot. This was a failed try-hard version.

Final Score: [2/10]