Legend Of Edda (And Some Random Stuff)

I'll start off with the random stuff before my Legend of Edda review.

1) The subbed version of Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Bladeworks finally came out, after waiting half a year for raws. I really liked the story, but if only they could make it longer. I hope they can do the third universe too, with Saber going rogue. I think 8/10 for this, but you should watch the original anime or it might not make as much sense.

2) So, the new anime have started to air. So far, I'm watching MM (for being funny enough) and Oreimo (though it's borderline too weird for me). Let's see if anything else catches my eye as the week goes on.

3) So, the current list of new MMOs is:
Allods patch = Oct 5th
Dynasty Warriors = Oct 14th
Vindictus OB = Oct 13th
Kitsu Saga = open already, but I don't think it is good enough to even be worth downloading

4) So, I noticed Royce got a community all-star award for Megaten. I'm hopping I can somehow win, too, without even logging in. Go here and nominate me plox. XD If I win, you can have a Loli in a Can.

So, finally, onto the Legend of Edda Review:

I reached level 18 on my Archer. The current cap is level 30.


This is probably the best feature. They stress PVP with realm vs realm matches every hour, with a message every time it opens up. The Open PK on maps are fine, since they have one non-PK channel if you really want to get out of it. I think it's well-balanced between PVP and PVE.

Despite having large numbers of players duking it out in the realm vs realm matches, it is perfectly smooth. It's rare to find this, since almost every huge fight suffers from huge lag spikes, so it was surprising to find it lag-free.


Lack of customization
There is quite literally none. I thought at first that with skill points, you're build might be different, but then it turned out that you get more than enough points to get pretty much everything. There's no real separator of your level 30 and everyone else's level 30, other than how deep your pockets are.

It is very, very, very, mind-numbing. If I'm not watching or doing something else, I'll fall asleep like instantly.

Item Mall
For sure the Item Mall will cost a fortune. Just how much cash shop items everyone spams for upgrading will show how much cash shop you're going to need. Basically, this game looks like it will be heavily dependent on the cash shop.


The game was fun until I realized that the customization was near zero. It's too bad, since the PVP was very fun. For now, the game is done for me.

Side note: It's the first time I'm using the Megaten tag.