Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon 13: The Finale... or is it?

Finally some me time. (-.-") The subbed came out just before New Year so I wasn't able to give this some time. Anyway...  Final episode... or is it?!

The deed is done and horizon is under the protection of the Musashi Academy. All the while Innocentius gives chase. I still can't get over the fact that they abruptly changed his character type, I thought he'd be a foe to fear and not some clown they just deemed as an enemy. But then again he isn't even the only enemy we have in the whole of the story.

Nenji to the rescue!

Nothing much to mention here but things get good when the main battleship of Innocentius tries to bring down Musashi. This is where we see Horizon use a sin armament. Oh, and we get to see Nenji (the poring with 3 hp) in action.

One of the things I loved the most about the episode is that we get to see Horizon regain and show one of her emotions from using the sin armament of Sloth. Its really nice to see how she went from an emotionless automaton to being a human (kind of). Her transition just makes her a more loveable character. Not to mention her chemistry with Toori is just perfect, they don't necessarily agree with each other but they just flow well together. I'm unable to clearly describe their chemistry since I'm not good at explaining things through words. But since you've come this far in the series I expect you to be able to read between the lines in this controversial series.

Apparently Tooris power to support others through the power of Musashi is permanent and now he has to be happy forever or he dies. Not a very comforting thing to know but I guess a king must always sacrifice something for his people.

The second half of the episode is really just a prelude to the next series. And he first thing we see in this half is the Nikyou crest. I was wondering what became of that crest and its significance in the story. We only got to see the crest once before this episode and were never mentioned again before this episode as well.

Along with the reappearance of the crest is the introduction of new characters! And to no surprise its new bad guys from the faction “P.A. ODA”. Judging from their silhouette their character types seem to be similar to our heroes’ character types with diversity in shape, size and design. Well, it’s to be expected since we got to see a whole lot of diverse characters from episode 1.

From the beginning of the series some people complained about how the story would use such a large amount of characters. Naruto, One Piece and Bleach also have a vast number of characters but they were each given their own time through the extent of each series. Thing with Koukai senjou no Horizon is that they don't have that same number of episodes to give each character some time. But with the introduction of the second series and the implementation of more enemies it gives our characters some purpose throughout the story. Yes, the episode number might still not be long enough and there are just too many characters. But it should already be very clear that the story is capable of handling each character perfectly. Hope you understand this “not very important” paragraph.

Moving on to the festival, which was surprisingly small, we see Masazumi Honda in women’s clothing, well not really, she just got tighter clothes (-.-), disappointing. Anyway, we also get slapped with the fact that the owner of the Blue thunder store is the mother of Toori and Kimi, not a very big deal but not something I think any of us expected.

The third half of the episode is where Testament Union attacks Musashi. This made it clear that it’s going to be some sort of cliff-hanger ending. Good thing it wasn’t a “what hell will happen next, I have to find out!” kind of cliff-hanger. But then…  Testament had to attack with the weirdest kind of characters. Sports players! Really? They are attacking Musashi with sports players! Now this is a very face-palming moment cause the first characters introduced by Testament were not at all similar and the new enemies introduced earlier by P.A. ODA were very different. Either way I didn’t take their attack seriously which in turn didn’t make this last episode a cliff-hanger.

We end the episode and the season with Musashi transforming into something and Aoi Toori being... himself, while naked.

Too bad it'll air in summer and not now...

YES! Second season confirmed! I got that feeling half way in the series because I felt there was just too much being thrown as us at a slow pace. Yeah, that’s all I’ll say about the second season cause all I want is for it to come out NAOW! But it won’t, so wait ~ wait, patiently.

Conclusion: Good ending, well directed and organized. Toori X Horizon was well placed in my heart. Nuff said. Can’t think too much about this conclusion since my head is set on the series conclusion instead.

Season One Conclusion----------------------------------------------------------------------

The series started out bad, unorganized and all over the place without any proper explanation of either the main story or the back story. So it didn’t look good as far as we “the people who don’t know Japanese history” were concerned. Because of this a lot of people hated it and practically dropped it. But half way through the series things were better explained and the story became a lot easier to swallow, well for me it was, I don’t know about those who continue to watch it despite not understanding it.

Like I’ve always said despite looking like a battle series this was more of a “war of the words” kind of story. You also have to be knowledgeable of Japanese history and able to read between the lines to fully understand the series. But I gave the series a chance and now understand it, for the most part. I understand if there are haters, but I love the series, it appeals to me and what I like so deal with it.

Anyway, in the end this is an anime series with a diverse amount of characters and character types, well designed mechs and sceneries, and an awesome way to combine magic and mechanic arts. All if these elements and more are combine and directed into what should have started out as an awesome series from the beginning if only they had properly explained everything. None the less, this series deserve its own place, is a worthy watch and should be given a chance. I look forward to what the story has in store for me in the second season!

(/^0^)/ *banzai!*