Mawaru Penguindrum 04 - DESTINY!

You gotta love the penguins...

SEIZON SENRYAKU!! Actually, it didn't happen this episode and that made me sad. No screentime for the sister... There was too much Ringo on-screen; she's too stalkerish to be fun to watch. The penguins were the highlight of this episode, with all their wacky antics.

I actually liked this kind of fairy-tale depiction, which they had all episode of how Ringo envisioned things going. I guess the main appeal to this anime is the various artistic styles they keep throwing in to make it different than your average anime. It is gimmicky, but it works! Kinda like how the penguins do the most random things on-screen while the cast is talking, so you have something to watch instead of staring at two faces or the sky as they talk. It makes things more enjoyable.

I found it funny that the other girl knows Ringo likes the teacher, too. She got shut-out hard, though it's not like Ringo really has a chance. I mean, how can a school girl compete with a model? Oh, wait, she is a childhood friend; that changes everything in the world of anime, where childhood friends always win!

They are really pushing for that diary to be the Penguindrum, which I don't believe it is. The destiny stamps look more likely, if anything. They did open up the plot a lot for the next episode to try and give more insight about the Penguindrum that they have been chasing after. If you watch the railroad track image they have every episode, in the next episode it splits off the path. Is that implying that it will be a big episode? They certainly have set it up to be one.

I love their subway awareness ads.

This is definitely the highlight of the new anime airing this season. It is keeping me watching every week and wanting more. The different style in direction is really helping them show that you don't need to follow the same model for filling up "talking time". I wonder if the blue-haired brother will fall in love with Ringo by the end; it seems like it might happen...