Korean Zombie Desk Car In Review [7.5/10]

I think this is first time I've made 3 posts in under a 24-hour span. Owelz, should always be pushing the limits...

So, I had a pleasant surprise today when I found Episode 12 floating around already, even though it probably won't show up on Crunchyroll until next week. I duess I'll mix in the ep12 review right here as a small blurb instead of separating them into two posts.

Episode 12 was really purely a fanservice episode, where the characters even changed costumes about 2-4 times (to show off). I guess a secondary thing was to also sell their character song CDs. This was pretty much the epitome of selling out...and the worst part is that I was fine with this episode. I guess I just serve to contribute to the death of anime. D:

They aren't even trying to pretend it isn't fanservice.

Story (non-plot)
I'm now splitting this section up in half to make things "neater". I really enjoyed the setting (as I mentioned in earlier posts). They did set-up of the setting very nicely, with a very diverse set of characters to thrive in the environment. They even did a good job with the delivery - at least, at the start. They had amazing comedy that I did enjoy a lot. Each episode introduced at least something new to the plot, so it wasn't just mindless humour. There was some flow to the story.

New character for a possible Season 2?

Story (plot)

Herein lies the problem: with the stage nicely set, there were many unforeseeable elements, leaving a hint of mystery for the future. I had some good prospects based on how well the humour was done, at least. The first big plot-based episode (with Kyoko) wasn't even so bad, since it served more to set the stage for the big final boss. The real problem was the rushed ending; it felt like zero-effort was put into this. I can only hope the light novel was butchered horribly here, because they fit all of this into one episode. This is a prime example of how you can start off strong and screwed it up royally at the end. Heck, this almost felt as bad as Chaos;Head, though I doubt anything can top that horrible ending. In the end, plot ratings are hugely based on the impact of the ending, and this was bad. This made me super sad, since I felt it had so much promise.

I do love small touches like these in anime.


I actually really liked this. I may not be an excellent judge of this, but even I could tell that a bit more effort was put into small things like the backgrounds (that I pointed out in earlier posts).

I may not have liked each character's personality archetype but at least it was diverse, right? Each character fit into their own cliche role, so everyone could have a character that they liked (for me...Yuu :3). The characters did poke fun at his pseudo-harem, which helped the cause. What I enjoyed most was that the main character was not a idiot, like every other harem-ish show these days. He had clear awareness of his amazing situation and was even seen abusing (or, at least, attempting to) such a situation. The characters seemed to weaken near the end, though it wasn't like a huge plot point. It loses points for inconsistency near the end, but at least they were good for most of the show.

I do like side characters getting screentime.

Personal Satisfaction

I am very split on this one. It was my favourite anime of the season for the better part of the season. I guess the biggest thing was the great letdown near the end. I had such huge expectations and none of them were met. If I were to look at the smaller picture (as in, the enjoyment from each episode), this would be a pretty high score, since only two episodes really let me down. The problem is that those two episodes are probably the most important ones, so I guess I'll take the middle ground between those two extremes.

Even if she was for fanservice only.

I am very conflicted about this anime. I guess my standards were set too high, based on how it started. If I take it for what the biggest genre was (comedy), then this definitely succeeded in entertaining me. It was the dabbling with a plot that tainted it greatly, which almost overshadows the humour.

Final Score: 7.5/10